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When it comes to mattresses, you want something that is eco-friendly but provides the most optimum body support to relieve pressure points for quality slumber. Zenhaven is known for its flippable latex bed that is constructed from natural materials. These materials are known for their durability and have great spine support.

The Zenhaven enables you to adjust the firmness of your mattress to meet your preference and health needs. It provides a cozy feeling cover that is made with organic cotton sheets. Since it is made of organic cotton, rest assured of its cooling surface and extreme breathability. While the layers of Zenhaven are all made of Talalay latex.

Since latex mattresses are known for their bouncy feel that enables good spine support. It is suitable for combo sleepers. Since you can flip the Zenhaven bed, you can select for the firm side or the soft side. These two sides can provide ideal support for every sleeper’s needs.

Whether you are a back, side, stomach or combo sleepers, Zenhaven has the perfect mattress firmness level to support your body needs.

Zenhaven Mattress Overview

Saatva, the manufacturer of Zenhaven bed, launched its products and mattress retail in 2011 at Austin, Texas. The company first ventured with traditional mattresses that come with innerspring coil beds which you can purchase online. With the positive reviews and feedback, the company later upgraded with innovations and produced their eco-friendly types of mattresses made with memory foam such as the Loom and Leaf.

While Zenhaven beds are the product of providing excellent customer satisfaction that promotes using all-natural and organic materials that are made with Talalay latex beds, thus Zenhaven is introduced to the market. This product, since then, has received positive reviews, feedback, and top recommendations.

Zenhaven even offers its consumers a free white glove delivery option for excellent comfort and convenience. This means if you order your Zenhaven bed today, if it is delivered to your doorsteps, perfectly placed in your room, unwrapped, installed, the delivery team will remove your old mattress and take care of disposing of everything. How cool is that? Plus the fact that Zenhaven is one of the most excellent premium-quality organic mattresses in the market today.

Zenhaven is known for its flippable features. It’s an all-latex bed that has two sides to flip for your preference. You can check if you’ll like the Gentle Firm or the Luxury Plush. The mattress is made of all-natural Talalay latex that promotes sufficient body support for all types and a pressure relief point that contours to your body’s demand.

Zenhaven’s high mattress profile consists of 10-inch latex support. The 6″ latex core is surrounded by a 1.5″ comfort sheet of latex and half-inch padding made of premium-quality New Zealand wool on each side. With a cooling and extremely breathable organic cotton top sheet.

With the help of this unbiased and comprehensive review of Saatva’s Zenhaven, you’ll easily weigh things out and decide that you need one. Plus understanding how the product is constructed, what benefits and features it offers and why it stands among other competing brands of mattress right now.

Plus an insight from consumers’ personal experience and expert review to help clear things out. Read and learn more about these amazing products for your well-being, mental, and physical health.

What Is the Zenhaven Mattress Made Of

Zenhaven is made of 100% all-natural latex, with organic cotton sheets, wool layers on each side of its latex base. The mattress can be flipped over to adjust its firmness to support individual needs. You can select between the variety of firmness levels the bed has to offer, either for Gentle Firm or Luxury Plush.

What makes Zenhaven stand out among its competing brands is how they construct their beds. The sheet is made and woven from organic cotton cover. It is quilted from organic wool from New Zealand that is 100% all-natural.

That is why the cover is extremely breathable and cooling. The mattress is known for its hypoallergenic features, mold, mite, and dust-resistant. Plus this bed is fire-resistant due to its wool layers that are completely non-toxic and antimicrobial.

This sheet is made with 1.5 inches of luxuriously soft Talalay latex. The Talalay latex is known for its soft and smooth to touch feels. It is also supportive and bouncy while keeping you ‘on’ top of your mattress.

The soft side of your mattress has a 14-19 ILD. While the firmer side has 20-24 ILD or indentation load deflection, the unit measures the firmness of the bed. The Gentle Firm relieves pressure points while laying down on the bed.

When it comes to proper support from your latex bed. You’ll have a 1.5-inch of firmer latex for excellent lumbar support that ensures proper spine alignment. This site may not be as cozy compared to the plushy side. The gentle firm may provide minimal sinkage and won’t relieve pressure instantly but it will have good overall body support.

The Zenhaven support layer core is made of a 6-inch Talalay latex which provides stability to the base while promoting softer sheets for both sides. The firm side has a 3-inch latex foam that has 30-34 ILD and the soft luxurious side consists of a 25-29 ILD firm mattress.

The distinctive firmness of these sides provides the bed with a unique supporting core associated with the comfort side that you have selected. This way, you can choose a side whether you prefer a softer or a firmer one.

What sets Zenhaven among other latex beds is taller than traditional ones. With a 10-inch mattress height, it may seem a challenge to flip it over due to the extra height and weight it accommodates. However, this is not a challenge for most consumers.

How Firm Is The Zenhaven Mattress?

Since this mattress has two sides that differ when it comes to firmness and softness, you can select which one suits you better based on your sleeping position and body type. The Luxury plush has a close conforming side that gives adequate softness when touched. Though you won’t feel like sinking more or laying on top of your bed. It is cozier and a little sinkage. The soft side is suitable for lightweight side sleepers. With great shoulder and hip support and pressure relief.

The other side, which is the Gentle Firm, provides even weight distribution for most heavyweight sleepers that prefer back and stomach sleepers. Though side sleepers find the firmness of this mattress too firm. However, overall, it is suitable for most stomach and back sleepers.

Overall, most sleepers will go for a bed with a firm-level that is close between five and seven. The great news is, Zenhaven beds fall perfectly into this category. With Talalay latex, you ‘ll have excellent support for your spine and adequate pressure relief points. Since Talalay latex is known to be bouncy, it’s easier to move around the surface of the bed. It will bounce back immediately.

Zenhaven Mattress Review of Features & Benefits

There are a lot of health benefits that you can get when purchasing a Zenhaven bed. Aside from its health benefits, there is more to this bed than meets the eye. Here are some of the benefits that you need to take advantage of.

Conforming And Elevating

It provides a natural way to sleep properly with the right body-conforming support. This way, you will have less risk of developing heart disease and other physical illnesses due to a lack of quality rest.

Relieves Pain

Your mattress will relieve any possible pressure points that affect your capillaries. This can affect the blood circulation and you may wake up with body pains or pins and needles due to lack of nutrients and oxygen your muscles need. With Zenhaven, you won’t feel these things but quality sound sleep.

Natural And Extremely Breathable

Since Zenhaven beds are made with all-natural latex and organic cotton cover materials such as cotton and wool. These materials have a natural way of circulating airflow for a cooling and extremely breathable cover for excellent comfort without unwanted odor or toxins.


One of the best peculiarities of natural latex is they are antimicrobial. They are resistant to any possible mold, bacteria, or mildew build-up. The natural latex is free of allergens, especially the organic latex proteins known to be water-soluble. With the 5 washing cycles of Talalay latex, these won’t ever grow to your mattress at all. 

Dust And Mite Resistant

One of the best characteristics of rubber trees where latex is derived is due to their ability to protect themselves naturally from any insect invasion. With these natural properties, rest assured that your bed is free from mites and other bugs or unwanted insects and dust.

Mold Resistant

Zenhaven’s natural latex mattress means there is no way mold will ever grow into your bed. Plus its antimicrobial characteristics make it an excellent choice. With its intensive planning and strategic innovation, your Talalay latex is simply free from molds or mildews. Guaranteed premium-quality.

Premium-Quality, 120 Days Free Trial

Rest assured that your mattress is made with the highest quality materials that are toxic and chemical-free, unlike most synthetic mattress cushions. It is also fire-retardant through its 100% organic and all-natural wool from New Zealand. It has 120 days of free trial for you to decide whether or not this bed is what you’re looking for.

Warranty And Free Shipping

Zenhaven beds are made in Canada And US with a 20-year limited warranty and it offers free shipping on selected areas around Canada and contiguous US states. With a white glove option for delivery, your mattress can be right at your doorsteps into your bedroom with excellent assistance from Saatva staff. You can even select options for your old mattress to be removed upon delivery and installation for free.


Zenhaven is known to be one of the best latex mattresses and has won a lot of awards for its excellent performance and reliability when it comes to providing great quality sleep. Like any bed, it is essential to know which factors and features matter for you to decide properly.

Motion Transfer

When it comes to motion transfer, Talalay latex beds are known to be buoyant and bouncy. You can still move easily on your bed without disturbing your co-sleeper or partner. However, most light sleepers may still feel the movement at some point. This does not mean that they will get disturbed. Overall, Zenhaven’s motion transfer is above average.


Zenhaven was introduced to the market in 2016 but this does not mean that the mattress has not yet established quality products. Saatva is known to provide premium-quality services and products through its wide array of products. Zenhaven is made with highly efficient and durable materials such as Talalay latex that is known to be firm and won’t sag over time compared to memory foam or polyfoam.


Your mattress doesn’t have an unwanted odor coming from synthetic foam manufacture. There will be a rubber-like smell but this is less and will dissipate sooner when your bed is installed. Your mattress is VOC-free and has no chemicals that can be flammable. The mattress is not compressed when delivered to you. So expect no off-gassing process. 

Edge Support

When it comes to edge support, most heavyweight sleepers may feel like they might fall off the bed. You may feel this especially if you are using the luxury plush soft side as it is less firm compared to the gentle firm. On the contrary, if you are a lightweight sleeper, there won’t be any secured problems.

Pressure Relief

It is suitable for all body types and sleeping positions. It alleviates pressure points to make sure you have excellent body contouring support. Unlike memory foam, Talalay latex is known to reduce developing body indentations which affect individuals in the long run.

The luxury plush side provides excellent pressure relief. While the gentle firm side is suitable for people who prefer to sleep on their tummy or back. Heavyweight sleepers are recommended to sleep in the firmer side for complete spinal alignment support.

Temperature Neutrality

When it comes to temperature regulation and neutralizing functionalities, the materials used with Zenhaven are known for wicking moisture and with excellent breathability. Just like most hybrid and innerspring beds, this mattress enables satisfying airflow between its coils. It prevents any possible heat traps that are typical for traditional synthetic cushions.


This mattress is ultra-quiet when it comes to motion transfer or moving around it. Just like most latex beds, it does not have any spring coils that usually produce creaks and squeaks.


The gentle firm side of your mattress provides an adequate surface to accommodate movements. Talalay latex is bouncy and regains shapes quickly when the pressure has been lifted off. The materials respond faster compared to a memory foam bed. Though it’s not as bouncy as most hybrid or innerspring beds. You can select between the two firmness options of this mattress and see which side offers best when it comes to amorous activity. However, this mattress, either of the two firmness options provides silent motion transfer.

Zenhaven Mattress Review: Sleepers Ratings And Performance

When it comes to checking for the latex mattress performance based on body types and sleeping position, you cannot get one similar response. That is why you need to create a variety of sleeping categories based on individual preferences and demands.

With the two firmness options, either you go for the gentle firm side or the luxury plush side, each has its ups and down for side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and combo sleepers. Not to mention if they are light or heavy sleepers too. Here’s a quick summary sleep rating for your reference.

Lightweight (Sleepers 130 Lbs or less)

The Luxury plush side of the Zenhaven mattress is suitable for lightweight sleepers. It provides the most excellent contouring level that relieves pressure points. The luxury plush side has great spinal alignment support. While pressure points in the shoulders and hips may vary for side sleepers. Overall, this mattress serves its purpose for providing excellent body support for lightweight sleepers of any body type or preferred sleeping position.

Average (Sleepers between 130-230 lbs)

Individuals under this category find the mattress evenly weight distribution through its mattress density comforting and provides the support needed by average sleepers. It is suitable for all sleeping positions. The gentle firm side is suitable for stomach sleepers.

Overall, back sleepers find comfort with the gentle firm side, while side sleepers prefer the luxury plush side as it alleviates pressure points through shoulders and hips. The mattress provides the right support needed for all types of body and sleeping positions.

Heavyweight (Sleepers 230 lbs or more)

For heavyweight back sleepers, they find the gentle firm side to have excellent lumbar assistance. This is particularly efficient for all sleeping positions. However, sleepers over 230 pounds have a particular need for body aid and the gentle firm side can promote that assistance but may differ for every individual preference and their sleep position.

Zenhaven Mattress User Recommendations

Zenhaven is one of the leading mattresses when it comes to providing excellent features and stunning benefits. Knowing if this mattress is suitable for you is as easy as it may seem. If you break it down and summarize the wonderful benefits of this bed, it will be as follows:

  • Zenhaven beds are suitable for back sleepers. The mattress provides an excellent balance of conforming and supporting pressure reliefs suitable for most back sleepers and every body type.
  • This bed is ideal for hot sleepers. This means those people that sweat more than average but want to have that contouring feeling coming from an all-cushioned mattress. The Talalay latex is known for its extreme breathability and excellent airflow circulation.  
  • If you are the type of shopper that is conscious about what they buy, then the Zenhaven mattress is ideal for you. The bed is made of all-natural and organic durable and sustainable materials that provide excellent assistance and firmness needed for quality sleep. 
  • Though Zenhaven has minimal assistance on the edge due to the materials used, it still provides the perfect aid for spinal alignment and adequate contouring support for your shoulder and hips. This will still depend on every individual sleeping preference and body type.

Now all manufacturing mattress brands get an award every time. However, Saatva’s Zenhaven is an exemption. They are known for producing only the finest quality products and consumers are satisfied with every mattress that they purchased. 

Zenhaven has established its brand with excellence. Here are some of the awards that these mattresses gathered since they first introduced to the market, and until now, continue to win more homes for their unbeatable comfort.

  • Best Organic Mattresses
  • Best Firm Mattresses 
  • Best Flippable Mattresses
  • Best Mattresses From Canada
  • Best Mattresses For Couples
  • Best Latex Mattresses

Zenhaven Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are known to have breathability features that enable you to sleep better because they are cooler than memory foam. This means you there is no excessive heating while sleeping with a latex mattress. Since latex mattresses are firmer, they provide better assistance for combo sleepers, especially back and tummy sleepers. 

Zenhaven latex beds, like most latex beds, are known to be aerated. They have small holes constructed throughout your cushion. These features showcase how soft or firm your bed would be. They are one of the key factors for determining how cool or hot your bed to sleep with. And lastly, these aerated little holes will help regulate and control the temperature so you don’t overheat while sleeping above your latex mattress.

Zenhaven Complaints And Their Solutions

You may have heard of it, one of the most common complaints that you will hear about Zenhaven is the edge support. Though not all consumers may feel this one way or another, it’s still up to your sleeping position and body type that the corner assistance will be a problem.

You may feel that feeling of rolling out of your bed but that is when you’re sleeping on the luxury plush side. The gentle firm side, based on most lightweight sleepers of any position has no problem when it comes to edge assistance.

Most heavyweight sleepers, not everyone, have a few issues when it comes to firmness. Some may find that Zenhaven mattresses do not have full aid, especially those that are 230 pounds more. This can lead to shoulder and neck pain due to a lack of assistance. However, this still varies for every individual and their body type or sleeping preference.

Every person has their sleeping preference based on their body types. While some sleepers may not find comfort on this mattress doesn’t mean you will feel the same. It’s all about how well you know what you need to get the right product suitable for your supporting and contouring needs.

Zenhaven Mattress Price (Updated Retail Price)

This review includes a comprehensive price update to make sure you get the most of everything. Since Zenhavemn can only be purchased online, it’s better that you have the complete suggested retail price list for reference.

You can select between twin size ($1,299), twin xl ($1,349), full size ($1,699), queen size ($1,899), king size ($2,499), and california king size ($2,499) mattress.

Competitors Vs Zenhaven

Zenhaven Vs Awara

The Awara is a hybrid mattress that is a combination of Dunlop latex and pocket coil zone supporting layers. Unlike Zenhaven that comes with dual firm options, Awara comes with one firmness setting. Though its manufacturing materials are standard and certified, Zenhaven is known to be made of all-natural materials for comfort and essential care.

When it comes to density and assistance, these two mattresses are close to giving excellent quality. Though Awara is just an inch ahead for edge support, Zenhaven has that excellent feature that most sleepers of any type and position benefit the most.

Zenhaven vs Saatva HD

If you are a heavyweight sleeper that is looking for excellent edge support, then Saatva HD is your best choice. The product has better spinal alignment care and edge support.

Zenhaven is suitable for sleepers that are lightweight and may find the product to be firmer than needed. The edge support is better for individuals that need to go out and into their beds.

Though Saatva HD has better coils that promote better ventilation and airflow. This mattress provides more bouncy features and better edge support which are better for amorous activity. However, Zenhaven is ultra-quiet and has better motion transfer than Saatva HD. That is what Zenhaven is preferred by most couples or with co-sleepers.

FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Zenhaven mattresses made

Saatva’s Zenhaven is made in the US and Canada.

How much does a Zenhaven mattress weight

Every Zenhaven mattress size varies with their weight. Here’s a complete breakdown of their weight to give you an idea. The twin size is 140lbs (38″x75″), twin xl weighs 147lbs (38″x80″), full size is 175lbs (54″x75″), queen size is 184lbs (60″x80″), king size is 147lbs if split per piece (76″x80″), and California king size is 140lbs if split per piece (72″x84″).

How thick is the Zenhaven mattress

Your Zenhaven mattress is 10 inches thick. It consists of 4 layers, a 6 inches Talalay latex as the supporting core. With two 1.5 inches Talalay latex on both sides that are either for the luxury plush side or gentle firm section and an inch of New Zealand organic cotton quilted cover. 

How much does a Zenhaven mattress cost

The cost of your Zenhaven mattress varies to what size of bed you are planning to buy. This can be your guide; for cal king size is $2,499, king-size is $2,499, the queen size is $1,899, full size is $1,699, twin xl is $1349, and the twin size is $1,299.

Zenhaven offers a free trial of 12o nights with free shipping to selected places in Canada and contiguous states in the US. With white glove delivery on every order. 

Zenhaven Mattress Review Conclusion

This in-depth Zenhaven mattress review is all you’ll ever need for a complete reference and buying guide. From updated pricing to features this mattress has to offer.

We also included FAQs about Zenhaven and additional performance ratings from our trusted testers and expert reviews and in-house team. Rest assured that this review will help you decide whether Zenhaven is the right mattress for you.

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