Where Is DreamCloud Mattress Made?

Are you thinking of getting a Dreamcloud, but not sure where Dreamcloud Mattress is made? We take a look at finding out exactly where it is made…

Getting the proper sleep is something that people want to do and they want a mattress that they can count on. The DreamCloud Mattress is what they need and this luxury mattress comes with a forever-warranty.

People are excited about this mattress because of the return policy that is clear and concise with no questions asked.

DreamCloud also offers a full year sleep trial and people love this idea. They know that this is a great mattress and they love the way the company operates.

People are saying that this mattress is highly effective for giving them a great night’s sleep. It debuted in 2017 by Nectar Group and it has been going strong ever since.

The company receives orders constantly and they have great service if a person needs assistance at any time. Business is conducted online so people never have to leave their home to purchase the mattress they have been dreaming of.

Where Is The DreamCloud Mattress Made?

The DreamCloud mattress is a popular one for people that are interested in sleeping well. Made in China, this is a mattress that offers customers a tremendous amount of plusses.

It is manufactured by professionals using high-quality materials and every detail is looked at thoroughly for quality assurance. The company is so sure about its services that they will clean a customer’s clean and recondition it without any cost to the customer and this is partially what is driving the popularity of this mattress.

People love that they can have this type of backing on the quality of the mattress. They feel that it must be good and that is what Craig Schmeizer, one of the co-founder’s of the Nectar Group had in mind when the company first originated back in 2017.

He wants people to understand that they are getting a luxury mattress and one that they might never have assumed they could get at the price that is offered.

Why Is DreamCloud Mattress Made In China?

DreamCloud ships the mattresses free to the United States and they have moved the manufacturing aspects of the mattresses to the UK. China is known for its excellence in manufacturing, especially in the mattress industry.

The labor force in China has the exceptional abilities that create fantastic products for a lower price than a lot of countries do. That is why the company can sell a luxury item for a better deal for the customer.

The ultimate care is taken in manufacturing from when it was based in China and now from the UK. The manufacturing of the mattress has been expanded into the UK because of the popularity and increased demand in the product.

This is why there is a forever warranty on the mattresses for life. Customers really love this option because they want something that will last a long time.

DreamCloud is durable and made to withstand all type of activities and weights. Since it has memory foam, it is ideal for people of different sleeping habits, as well as for sex.

Where Are Most Mattresses Made?

Most mattresses are made in China and other countries but there are brands that are being made in America too. In most cases, wherever the mattresses are made it is with high-quality goods. This is not only because of the competition in the field but because customers are demanding it more and more.

DreamCloud is made in China with experts in every facet of the design and manufacturing of the product. Quality assurance is fantastic in checking any defects in the product before it is ever put up for sale. This company also backs their mattress forever from any type of manufacturer’s defect.

That means customers know that they are getting the best or they can return for any reason for as long as they own it. This is something other companies do not do, mainly because they can’t afford to back their products because of problems in the manufacturing end.

With the Nectar Group, manufacturing is at its best offering products that can be backed with an unbelievable warranty.

Does The DreamCloud Mattress Come In A Box?

If a person wants the delivery which $149 for the white glove service, the company sends someone to take their old mattress and sets up the new one. The DreamCloud Mattress comes in a sturdy bag. The mattress is compressed and when removed from the bag it is easily set up by one person.

It weighs 100 pounds and it comes with handles so that a person can easily transport it. Most people opt for the white glove service because it is so much easier for them, especially since the company takes care of taking the old mattress away.

For people that choose to set up the mattress themselves, they don’t have any problems with doing so. It is a simple and easy process and people are raving about the mattress as soon as they sleep on it.

From the foundation, the middle layer and the luxury, top portion this mattress provides them with the comfort they need in order to get a great night’s sleep.

What Is The DreamCloud Mattress Price?

The DreamCloud Mattress comes in four different sizes and people of all ages are enjoying the benefits that they receive from the mattress. Basing the size mostly on a person’s weight, height, whether one or two people are going to the mattress, and age or disabilities.

The mattress comes in four different sizes. Customers may choose from a full, queen, king, and California Kings. The prices are $1399, $1599, and $1699 for either one of the king models.

Other similar types will cost a lot more. They are getting a luxury mattress with all the benefits for the fraction of the cost that other company charge.

People are extremely happy with the price and the customer service that they receive from this company. If they have any questions at any time, they receive the answers that they need quickly and efficiently. Even though the is relatively new, they handle their customers in a way that is excellent.

The DreamCloud Mattress is a winner and people everywhere are finding out how great of a sleep they can get when they purchase.

Many people are buying mattresses for gifts for holidays and birthdays. It is also a great wedding gift for a couple that they know that are just starting out and need the best.

In the future, more and more people will buy DreamCloud mattresses because of the quality, price and the excellent service that they receive from the company. The reviews from satisfied customers are numerous and positive.

This looks to be just the beginning for a company that believes in what they offer to the public and backs it with a forever warranty. There will be many more people getting these mattresses used for luxury and at a reasonable price.

Sleeping for many of their customers was never so wonderful because the DreamCloud Mattress is allowing them to get a perfect sleep. At any time, this mattress provides the experience that customers want.