Loom and Leaf vs Saatva Mattress

Saatva and Loom-leaf


Saatva Mattress

Great for Back Sleepers

100% real cotton

When it comes to mattresses, very few live up to their hype.Sure, the mattresses may sell like hot cakes owing to the rising demand, but all it takes is a bit of critical analysis to reveal their MANY faults. Luckily, the mattresses were going to talk about today don’t fall under the category of “all hype; no substance.” Saatva and Loom & Leaf. Today, Saatva and Loom & Leaf will battle it out for the crown of the most snuggle-worthy mattress.

Let us warn you though: the battle will be tough and any preconceived notions you might hold about either of these two might get dispelled.

Aside from being similarly priced, both mattresses have competitive features and have already reached the height of their popularity.

But which mattress will win?

Let’s jump right into the review to find out!

Saatva Mattress Pricing

Twin $599
Twin XL $699
Full $849
Queen $999
King $1399
California King $1399

Other Specifications

Saatva (Hybrid Mattress): A Comprehensive Review


Saatva has always been known to use environmentally friendly materials when making its mattresses and this one is not an exception. The mattress is constructed with four layers, including the comfort layer, compression layer, support layer and the base layer. They are combined together to offer support and incomparable comfort to the sleeper(s).


Like we mentioned previously, Saatva innerspring is a combination of four distinct layers aka the comfort of top layer, the compression layer, the support and the base layer. Each one serves a purpose of its own and comes together to give this mattress a distinctive feel.

The cover is made of quilted cotton and just below it lies the comfort layer. It has a wavy texture that allows the mattress to breathe, keeping the temperature under control. This one is the soft barrier between the cover and the strong coils situated below.

The first layer of coils is a part of the compression layer. Each of these coils is individually wrapped to give the mattress a beautifully bouncy feel for all your sleep and playtime needs. Located just below is the comfort layer, which is pretty good at isolating movement.

The support layer is the thickest one of the lot. It is made up of steel coils, designed to provide support and springiness to your mattress. This is the layer that gives the entire mattress its durability and support.

Adding to the strength and support is the base layer which is made up high density. polyfoam This layer offers cradle-like support to the mattresses’ coils and gives the entire thing durability.


Like in all of Saatva’s mattress covers, this one too boasts aluxuriously soft feel of 100 percent real cotton. Foam is used to quilt the cover, specifically in this model, keeping your body temperature regulated and relaxed.


Perhaps it can easily be deduced that the Saatva innerspring offers a medium level of firmness. When you sleep on it, you realise the strength and support it provides while the springiness allows you to easily get out of bed whenever you want to. But this one is probably more suited to people who sleep on their backs.

For people who sleep on their side or chest, they might want to consider going for a softer mattress.

Feel, Motion Transfer and Sinkage

The extra supportive steel coils of the innerspring mattress is designed for support. So, it is not surprising that it does what it is supposed to. When compared to the Loom & Leaf, it has pretty lowsinkage levels and provides maximum support to the sleeper.

Perhaps, not a lot of users will be surprised when we say that the Saatva innerspring does not offer very good motion transfer. Its extra support spring coils are built for just that; support, that is. This obviously makes it motion absorption qualities very low, even compared to the Loom & Leaf along with its cooling gel.


Although offered at six different variations, the prices for the 14.5” and the 11.5” mattresses remain the same. The prices shown are exclusive of any adjustable base or frames.

Loom and Leaf Pricing

Twin $699
Twin XL $799
Full $949
Queen $1099
King $1499
California King $1499

Other Specifications

Loom & Leaf (Memory Foam): A comprehensive review


Constructed with your comfort in mind, this mattress too is made up of four layers that not only provide for comfortable sleep time, but also support your body. The first layer is made of very high-quality gel foam that conforms to take your body shape. The other three layers, that is, the compression layer, the transition and the base layers serve different purposes to enhance the luxurious feel of the mattress.


As we mentioned before, this mattress is made up of four distinct layers that have been designed in particular ways to provide maximum support and comfort.

First comes the comfort layer. Situated just below the high-quality pure cotton cover, this is two inches of beautifully conforming gel foam. It does not succumb easily to pressure and gives your lower back the maximum amount of support possible.

The gel also comes with cooling properties and includes a kind of swirl tech that causes the gel to be evenly spread across the entire area of your mattress. And as if that’s not enough, an extra layer of laminated gel placed near the top of the lumbar region gives your back additional support and relief.

Right below the comfort layer is the compression layer. It is made up of memory foam of the visco-elastic kind. Its density is quite high, making it respond well to and cradle the curves of your body.

The transition layer lies between the compression and the final base layer. It is made up of polyfoam and gives the sleeper support. The memory foam on top is pretty soft and, in need of the support this one gives to it before connecting to the heavier and stronger base layer.

The base layer is made up of almost five and a half inches worth of polyfoam of very high density, giving the mattress all its shape, durability and anchorage.


Sleep cool and safe in the arms of this mattress that features soft thistle leaves that are also resistant to flames.


The Loom & Leaf provides distinctly less support than the Saatva one does. It may have said to offer low to medium levels of firmness when someone is lying on their back or on their stomach. You will feel way more support if you switch to your sides, though.

But that does not mean that you will have trouble getting out of bed. The mattress is springy enough to make getting out of it easy and the lush softness of the memory foam is slightly more comfortable than the springiness of the innerspring. You can, of course, opt for the firmer version of this, which is also available in the market.

Feel, Motion Transfer and Sinkage

The levels of sinkage on the Loom & Leaf are of course higher than the innerspring one. The innerspring’s support coils reduce sinkage while the soft memory foam on the Loom & Leaf seems to encourage it.

Neither the innerspring Saatva nor the Loom & Leaf seems to provide good motion transfer. This is unfortunate but not surprising because,even though the latter should have the absorption capabilities of memory foam, the gel tech on top works to disperse its effects. Which means you are pretty much stuck tolerating your annoyingly fidgety cousin whenever he visits from out of town..


Loom and Leaf comes in six different sizes, ranging between $749 to $1,499.

A Side by Side Comparison

Now that you are informed of the individual specifications and reviews of Purple and Tuft & Needle mattresses, let’s do a comparison by placing them side by side for a better understanding of the similarities and differences between these mattress brands. This might help you decide if you were unable to make a final decision from the detailed information above.


Loom & Leaf

Foam Layers

  • Pillow style cover followed by 0.5 inches of thin memory foam and 4 inches of wrapped contour coils
  • Two inches of conforming gel foam Two and a half inches of memory foam that is visco-elastic in nature


  • 11.5 or 14.5″
  • 12″


  • Quilted 100% pure organic cotton
  • Pure organic cotton and fire resistant soft thistle layer


  • 7.5 out of 10
  • 6 out of 10


  • Very good
  • Could be better for back and stomach sleepers

Motion Transfer

  • Very minimal
  • Very minimal

Country of Manufacturing

  • United States of America
  • United States of America

No. of Sizes

  • 6
  • 6

Price Range

  • $500-$900
  • $525-$1070


  • 15 years
  • 15 Years

Trial Period

  • 120 Days
  • 120 Days


  • Compressed in a box
  • Compressed in a box


  • $99, includes white glove delivery service
  • $99, includes white glove delivery service

Refunds and Returns

  • Easy 100% refund within the trial period
  • Easy 100% refund within the trial period

Verdict: Which one should you buy?

While the decision almost completely depends upon what kind of sleeper you are, here are a few points to guide your decision:

If you are a Side sleeper

The Loom and Leaf is probably a good one to go for if you are specifically a side sleeper. In case you sleep on your back sometimes though, you should remember that it provides a little bit less support than its innerspring cousin.

If you sleep on your Stomach

Again, Loom and Leaf is a good one to go for if you sleep on your stomach because people who sleep on their stomach need beds that are softer while providing support.

If you Sleep on your Back

Close your eyes and go for the Saatva. This springy mattress is designed to give you maximum back support while allowing you to get out of bed with relative ease. The Loom & Leaf is pretty decent too, but the former kind of takes the crown here.

If you tend to get too Warm

Again, the Loom & Leaf is what you need. Its cooling gel tech spreads body heat over the surface and keeps you relatively cool. But the wavy design of the Saatva does allow air to pass, keeping body heat low and comfortable. So maybe a tie?

If guests come over often

Neither are excellent when it comes to motion transfer. While the Loom & Leaf is a bit better than Saatva thanks to its memory foam tech, it still wouldn’t be the ideal choice if motion transfer is what you put above all else.

If you are a sucker for softness

Loom & Leaf, hands down. It is soft while providing support while making it easy for you to get out of bed.

Final Thoughts

No matter which one you end up going for, we hope this review will help you make an informed decision. While Loom & Leaf is a great choice for side sleepers and those who sleep on their stomachs, Saatva caters to the more common, back sleepers. Both are priced almost similar and have excellent cooling properties to help you relax.

In the end, all we can say is that both are excellent mattresses in their unique way and you’re bound to get many beautiful nights of sleep after bringing one home. Let us know about your experience, down in the comments below.