Purple vs Zenhaven

purple vs zenhaven


Purple Mattress

Better Cooling

Greater Buoyancy

Those people who are shopping for a new mattress may get overwhelmed with the choices that they can find in the market. The shopping task can become more difficult if you don’t have any idea about what you need and want with the mattress. Ironically, the same goes for those who are looking for a specific factor in a mattress.

But you don’t have to stress yourself with the details, especially if you can narrow down your option to a few mattresses. One great example is this Purple vs Zenhaven, which are great deals when it comes to getting a new bed at home.

The Purple mattress is known for its airflow, which is a major plus point for hot sleepers, and it comes with a variety of thicknesses. The Zenhaven mattress comes with four layers of thick layer topped with a cover that is made from organic wool.

These two brands of mattresses are known to offer top-of-the-line comfort. But choosing which mattress is the best will depend on the needs of the sleeper.

What is a Purple bed?

Purple Pricing

Twin XL $699
Queen $999
King $1,299
California King $1,299

Other Specifications

Purple is a brand that manufactures mattresses and bedding and it was first launched last 2015. While the company is offering three individual models for their mattress, in this review, we will focus on the company’s flagship product which is the Purple Mattress or also known as Original Purple.

For a little background about Purple mattress, this is the first model that was constructed with the Purple Grid comfort layer and it consists of hyperelastic polymers that were molded into a grid pattern. This is a proprietary material which is conforming to the body like memory foam but still feeling more responsive and absorbing less heat.

Some components that were included in the Purple mattress are the cover that was made from a polyester-viscose blend and the transitional and support layers of high-density polyfoam. This mattress has a thickness of 9.5 inches. According to different honest purple mattress reviews, the firmness level is considered as medium-firm or 6.5 on the firmness scale of 1 to 10.

Purple Mattress Features

In this section, we will talk about the different things that you need to know about Purple mattresses and why it is a great choice if you are looking for a new mattress.


If you are looking for a mattress that will serve you for years, then this Purple mattress is highly recommended. The estimated lifespan of this product is around seven years and can even last longer with proper maintenance and care.

This projected lifespan is way better when compared to other mattresses. Since this mattress has Purple Grid, this bed has a highly durable material compared to poly foam or memory foam.

The only thing that you should watch out for with Purple mattress is the risk of deterioration that may happen in the transitional and support layers. This deterioration may result in body impression on the surface of the sleeper and excessive sagging.

These two things will affect how supportive the bed feels for sleepers. Good thing there is a solution to this concern. Mattress owners can prevent their Purple mattress from impressions and sagging by simply rotating their bed head to foot every 3 to 6 months.

Motion Isolation

When testing the motion isolation capacity of the product, we discovered that Purple mattress does an excellent job with motion isolation. The sleeper will feel very little motion transfer since the surface absorbs most of the movement. Many reviews will also support these findings as well as those who own Purple mattress.


Sleepers who chose Purple mattresses have noticed an initial odor as they unboxed the product. But the smell easily fades away after a few days and they found out that the off-gassing smells had completely disappeared.

The reason behind this is the open-grid design found in the comfort layer since it does not trap any unpleasant smells like solid foam. Owners’ reviews also say that they experience low odor potential with Purple mattress.

Tale not that it is natural to experience off-gassing odor when the mattress is new. But if you have a model with foam components, they tend to be smellier when compared to other types of mattresses.

Most of the mattresses that are available in the market do not produce excessive odor after the unboxing stage, but some products also carry a persistent and noticeable smell.

This is why Purple Mattress is a great option especially for those sleepers who find even faint off-gassing odor offensive.

Pressure Relief

Measuring pressure relief is done by lying on a sensory pad that is monitoring reduced blood circulation in the hips, shoulders, and other areas that are pressure-sensitive.

Changing positions is also done to determine if the pressure is increasing or decreasing on the stomach, side, and back.

For a sleeper who weighs 230 pounds or less, Purple mattress can offer adequate pressure relief. While for the heavier sleepers, they will experience more added pressure.

The pressure-relieving ability of the mattress will also depend on the sleep position. With the Purple Grid material, you will feel a good cushioning for the shoulders and hips and this can help in improving the spinal alignment of slide sleepers.

The mattress robust polyfoam layers offer even support and weight distribution for back sleepers.

For stomach sleepers who weigh 130 pounds and more, they found that the mattress tends to sag more which is not recommended since the sagging can cause the body to sink too deep on the mattress and it can lead to neck and shoulder pain.

Temperature Neutrality

The open construction that comes with the Purple Grid is allowing more air to flow through the layer.

This means that the mattress is absorbing minimal body heat and sleeping exceptionally cool, especially if you will compare it to the beds with memory foam or polyfoam comfort layers which are known to trap a fair amount of heat.

To those who find the all-foam beds too hot, we highly recommend the Purple mattress.

Edge Support

When you love sitting on the edge of your mattress, you may find it uncomfortable when doing it with the Purple mattress. This is because a significant sinkage can be felt by any weight groups, especially those who are weighing more than 230 pounds.

For those who like lying along the edge of their bed, sleepers who weigh 230 pounds or less have found that the edges of the mattress are relatively stable. But for those heavier sleepers, they feel less secure.

So when it comes to the edge support, we can rate Purple mattress with a fair at best.

Purple Design

purple mattress feature

Here are the different features of Purple mattress that you need to know.


The top cover of the Purple mattress is made from a knit blend of 67% polyester, 29% viscose, and 4% Lycra spandex.

This material is known to be very soft and has a stretchy feel. The mattress cover also comes with a slip-guard bottom that is made from 100% polyester.

If spills occur, it is highly recommended to spot-clean the cover using mild detergent.

Comfort Layer

Every Purple mattress comes with a 2-inch Purple Grid comfort layer which is a unique material to Purple models.

The hyperelastic polymer layer is buckling where the sleeper’s body is exerting pressure while the rest of the surface will never compress.

This is creating a floating feeling of sleeping “on” the mattress which is very different from those beds that are forming a pressure-relieving cradle around the body of the sleeper.

Since the mattress has an open grid design with its comfort layer, it can promote steady airflow so the surface can be kept very cool.

This means that you will get better temperature neutrality with Purple mattress when compared to other models that come with poly foam or memory foam comfort layers.

Transitional Layer

This mattress comes with a 3.5-inch transitional layer of 1.8 PCF high-density polyfoam.

The component is acting as the buffer between the denser support core and Purple Grid and preventing the sleeper from sinking too deep into the mattress.

The Purple mattress’ medium-firm feel is partially attributed to its transitional polyfoam which is known as denser and thicker compared to the transitional layers that can be found in the most compelling all-foam beds.

Support Layers

Under the transitional layer is the 4 inches of 2.0 PCF high-density polyfoam. This denser material is responsible for stabilizing the entire bed so the even surface for sleepers can be maintained.

Though the layer is shorter than the polyfoam support cores from the other models, the Purple mattress’ transitional layer is thick enough to provide aid with the reinforcement of the mattress.

Mattress Height

Combining all the layers of the mattress, its thickness is 9.5 inches. If we will consider the average height of mattresses, this profile is slightly shorter.

The 7.5 inches height of the mattress is composed of the support layer and high-density polyfoam transitional. Purple mattress is sacrificing a thick comfort system for a firmer feel and more overall support.


While looking around for a good deal of bed to replace your old mattress, you must know the different benefits that you will get from the product. Right here, we will talk about the various benefits of Purple mattress that you should check out.

The Purple mattress is a good fit for:

For those who love sleeping on their back, this mattress can provide the perfect amount of support and comfort. The Purple Grid of the mattress will collapse under the hips and butt as it maintains its support to the rest of the body.

Although the bed is a bit too firm for light side-sleepers, those heavier side-sleepers will experience more pressure relief on their hips and shoulders.

This is because the heavier weight will collapse the mattress’ gel grid which will lead to creating a cradling effect of the material.

This mattress can offer enough to every stomach sleeper. Since the Purple grid will never collapse at all, it can provide even support to the entire body of the sleeper.

We all know that sleeping hot is the worst feeling at night. Good thing you need to worry about this if you have a Purple mattress at home. The Purple Grid of the product is giving an extreme amount of room for airflow.

Although Purple mattresses cannot give you a cool feeling as you sleep, it can at least offer a neutral temperature which is enough to make you comfortable.

When you got the chance to check the prices of other memory foam, bed-in-a-box competitors, you will know that Purple mattresses do not cost more. Aside from its price, the durable hyper-elastic polymer of the bed is long-lasting, thus making it a great investment.

Purple Mattress Price

Now, if you are planning to get a Purple mattress for you and your family, here is the pricing list of the product.

Twin XL $699
Queen $999
King $1,299
California King $1,299

Free Gift Up to $158 in Value

What is Zenhaven?

Zenhaven Pricing

Twin $1,199
Twin XL $1,249
Full $1,299
Queen $1,399
King $2,498
California King $2,498

Other Specifications

Those who have heard about this brand may have been familiar with all the great things about the Zenhaven mattress. This is a natural later bed that is made from layers of material that were processed from the sap of rubber trees.

Please take note that the trees were not harmed during the process. Zenhaven mattresses are highly recommended to those who are avoiding as many chemicals as possible and placing a high value on environment-friendly manufacturing and products.

The flipped design of this bed makes it unique and each side comes with different comfort levels. The manufacturer of Zenhaven mattresses refer to one part as “luxury plush”, while the other is “gentle firm” and they claim that there is an 18 percent difference when it comes to the softness of the two layers.

Some reviews may tell that there is a subtle difference when the two sides will be compared. However, the difference is enough so the stomach sleeper will prefer the bed’s gentle-firm area and the side-sleeper would love to experience the best spinal alignment that can be offered by the luxury-plush part.

We all know that flippable mattresses are very rare these days and this is making Zenhaven mattress a really great deal.

Zenhaven mattress has a thickness of 10 inches and comes with a support core that is about 5 inches of latex. The bed’s top and bottom are lined in one inch thick piece wool from New Zealand, which is acting as the natural fire retardant (chemical retardants can be found in other mattresses, which are required by law), and is encased in an organic cotton cover with sturdy and substantial feels.

This mattress can be considered as quick-responding. Although Zenhaven mattress looks like memory foam, it will never behave like one. Instead, it will spring back to its original shape immediately, making the mattress one of the great choices for those sleepers who are very sensitive to their partner’s movements while sleeping.

Zenhaven mattress is doing a great job when it comes to motion isolation since movements from one side of the mattress can be barely felt on the other part.

Zenhaven Construction

Zenhaven mattress can be classified as a 100% Natural Latex construction type. The mattress is 10 inches thick and it comes with organic wool fire-retardant layers and organic cotton cover. Here are the layers of the bed that you can find from top to bottom:

  • 1” organic wool layer
  • 1.5” latex comfort layer
  • 2.5” latex support layer
  • 2.5” latex support layer
  • 1.5” latex comfort layer
  • 1” organic wool layer

The flipped design of this bed makes it unique and each part comes with different comfort levels. The manufacturer of Zenhaven mattress refers to one side as “luxury plush”, while the other is “gentle firm” and they claim that there is an 18 percent difference when it comes to the softness of the two layers. This means that the sleeper has two choices with this mattress.

When the luxury plush side of the mattress feels a bit soft, he or she can flip to the other part of the mattress which is a gentle-firm.

To promote airflow and adjust the density of the later, each later layer is pierced with pinholes. The company chose to have a wool layer that is natural fire retardant as required by the law, rather than going with the chemical additives that are commonly used on other mattresses.

Another great thing about wool is its great heat-regulating properties which you may have experienced if you are using wool socks.


The cover used in Zenhaven mattress is made from organic cotton treated with Guardin which is a plant-based antimicrobial compound.


Always remember that what refers to be “firm” or “soft” by bed manufacturers is purely a preference. The goal of every mattress is to provide support and promote healthy spinal alignment.

To accurately determine the softness and firmness of the bed, it will solely depend on the person’s needs and preferences when it comes to sleep.

Since Zenhaven mattress is known as flippable, every part of the product offers a different softness. But many reviews will tell you that there is no significant difference with the softness of the two sides.

When we rate each side with their firmness level, we can say that the plush part is Medium, while the gentle firm side is medium-firm.

Zenhaven Features

zenhaven features

Here are the different features of the Zenhaven latex mattress that you need to know.

Motion Isolation

After testing the motion isolation feature of this mattress, we can say that Zenhaven can do a great job with isolating motions between sleepers.

If you are looking for a bed that will never make you feel the motions and movements of your partner, then we highly recommend the Zenhaven latex mattress as it performs exceptional motion isolation.


For those hot sleepers or women who experience hot flashes, the effect of the mattress to their body temperature is an important thing.

Since latex can retain heat less when compared to memory foam, you will get natural advantages from latex if heat is your priority.

Every Zenhaven latex bed comes with pinholes through each layer of latex and these pinholes are helping with the airflow promotion.

The natural heat regulator of the mattress is the 1-inch layer of wool that can be found on either side.

Edge Support

For those who like sitting on the edge of their bed or sleeping on the edge of the mattress would love to have a model with great integrity and stability around the edges.

With Zenhaven mattress, although the product does not claim any specific features on edge support, you will still feel stable as you sit on the edge of the mattress.

Though you will feel that you are sinking as you sit, the amount of sinkage is not the same as what you may experience with memory foam.

You will also feel very stable as you sleep on the side of the mattress. If you are sleeping with kids or pets and you need to bring yourself on the edge, the edge support of Zenhaven is a great option.

Ease of Repositioning

If you are one of those sleepers who moves often as you sleep, Zenhaven mattresses can be a great choice for your bed. This is one of the highlights of the product.

When you are moving from one side to another, it will feel like you are rolling down the hill. That is how effortless it feels when you are moving at the top of the Zenhaven mattress.

Green Features

Those who are shopping for latex mattresses would want to have environment-friendly features, avoid the presence of off-gassing as well as the contact of chemicals.

We all know that latex is an all-natural material that was made from rubber trees’ sap. With the latex that was used in the Zenhaven mattress, it is known as a higher quality Talalay type of latex.

Every mattress is 100% natural latex as claimed by the company, but they also added some treatments to follow the requirements of the law.

However, you should know that the material used with this mattress is not an organic latex. Yes, organic latex mattresses are available. But they are more expensive when compared to the price of a Zenhaven.

The organic parts of the mattress are the wool layers and the cotton that was used for the cover.

Adjustable Base Compatibility

One of the great things about the Zenhaven is the manufacturer is selling its own adjustable base which is known as Lineal. So you don’t have to worry about looking for the best base for your bed.

However, if you have an existing adjustable base, this mattress is compatible with your choice.

zenhaven description

Zenhaven Benefits

Some of the great benefits of a Zenhaven mattress.

If you are one of those who love sleeping on your side, Zenhaven will give you the perfect balance of support and responsiveness, especially if you are lying on the side with a higher firmness level.

Since Zenhaven mattress has a different softness on both sides, every side-sleeper can flip to the firm part of the bed so they can enjoy the sturdiness that they want and relieve their key pressure points.

Since Zenhaven mattress offers comfort and support, it ranks as one of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers. This is all because of the responsive design of the all natural latex.

Zenhaven Price

Here is the price list of the Zenhaven mattress.

Twin $1,199
Twin XL $1,249
Full $1,299
Queen $1,399
King $2,498
California King $2,498

Zenhaven vs Purple

Here is a quick overview of the highlights and features of this Zenhaven vs Purple review.

Purple Mattress

Zenhaven Mattress

Both brands offer white glove delivery. This means that your product is being handled carefully. Added to this white glove delivery are the guarantees and free sleeping of the mattresses.

If you find more Zenhaven vs Purple reviews, you will find more information about the free sleeping guidelines of these brands.


This Purple vs Zenhaven review will give you some hard time to choose which is the best mattress. These two products are great deals and they offer great features and benefits for every sleeper. But if you want to pick the right mattress for you, you need to determine your needs and preference for a mattress.

Once you have decided on these, you will never have a hard time deciding which on to pick.

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Up to

$158 in Value