Purple Mattress Review – Overview, Comparison, Benefits, and Features

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Purple Mattress Review

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The Purple mattress was launched during the year 2015 to provide a quality and premium mattress that will be available online and direct to the consumer. The company behind the Purple mattress wants to showcase a kind of product that will stand to its cost. They have been famous for their commercials about reinventing the idea of building a mattress, and they offer three models of individual Purple mattresses that are fairly equal when it comes to popularity. With this Purple mattress review, we will get to know more about this brand and why you should consider getting your new Purple mattress.

One of the common questions about the Purple mattress is its color. Yes, derived from its name, the mattress comes in a Purple shade. But you don’t have to worry about matching with your room’s interior because it has a knit cover. Every material used to create the Purple mattress supports softness and ventilation, and it is uniquely manufactured with a grid. Purple has made another mattress that is made from foam and coils. This is considered a hybrid mattress, and together with the other product, the company can accommodate the complete range of Australian sleeping styles.

Purple mattress is not an ordinary bed that you can find online. The company behind this excellent product offers a variety of mattresses that are more innovative and experimental. With its design and grid, you can enjoy a mattress that relieves pressure while you can feel cool as you sleep.

Purple Mattress Overview

The Purple mattress was the pioneer product that was constructed using the Purple grid comfort layer. It consisted of hyper-elastic polymer and was molded into a grid pattern. Due to this proprietary, a body like memory foam was achieved with a twist – a more responsive bed that absorbs lesser body heat.

Since the original Purple mattress had been launched, the product had gained a ton of devotees. The unique Hyper-Elastic Polymer of Purple is the key to its divisive nature, and it feels completely different from the other mattresses available in the market. Up to this date, the company behind the original Purple mattress had launched another revamped version of the original mattress, and it uses the same polymer and grid pattern.

The men behind the Purple mattress are two brothers – Tony and Terry Pearce. Both of them have backgrounds in engineering, and they developed the Hyper-Elastic Polymer™. This material is described to be soft-yet-strong because it provides pressure relief while redistributing the pressure to the other areas. For a couple of years, they tried licensing with different brands and improving their designs. When Tony and Terry decided to go live on Kickstarter, that’s when they realized that there is no turning back.

Today, Purple features three excellent models, which are the original Purple, the Purple hybrid, and the Purple Hybrid Premier. Every mattress model is proudly made in the USA. 

What is the Purple Mattress Made Of?

In this part, let us review the materials made with the original Purple mattress and why they were chosen to be part of this innovative product.

The knit blend top cover of original Purple mattress is made from 67% polyester, 4% Lycra spandex, and the 29% viscose. The material will give combo sleepers a soft and stretchy-like feeling. The mattress cover also comes with a slip-guard base, and it is made from 100% polyester. For those who are worrying about stains, spot-cleaning using a mild detergent is the recommended way to clean the cover.

Purple mattress was constructed using a 2″ Purple Grid layer – a material unique to every Purple model. With the layer of hyperelastic polymer, other surfaces will not get compressed due to the sleeper’s body pressure. 

Because of the open grid construction of the comfort layer, you can expect a steady airflow with your Purple mattress. The surface will maintain its coolness as you sleep. With its better neutrality of temperature, the Purple mattress comes stronger than the other beds, which are made from polyfoam or memory foams comfort layers. You can also expect great pressure relief as you sleep. 

Purple mattress comes with a 3.5″ transitional layer (1.8 PCF high-density foam). This layer acts as a barrier between the denser support core and the Purple grid, preventing the sleeper from getting sink too deeply into the bed. The transitional polyfoam is the reason behind the mattress’ medium-firm feel. This is thicker and denser compared to the other transitional layers of the competitor’s all-foam beds.

Under the transitional layer of the Purple mattress comes a 4″ of 2.0 PCF density polyfoam. The support layer acts as the bed stabilizer, making sure that an even surface is maintained for combo sleepers. You may find that the support layer of the Purple mattress is shorter compared to the edge support system found in other models, the transitional layer is thick enough to strengthen the bed. The edge support layer comes with an exceptional review as well because it contributes to the pressure relief of a side sleeper. 

The combined layers make the Purple mattress a 9.5″ thickness. Yes, this is a little shorter compared to an average bed, but that doesn’t make the product less than its competitors. The bed’s 7.5″ height is composed of support layers and high-density polyfoam transitional. Purple mattress prioritized the firmer feel and overall support, sacrificing a comfort system. 

How Firm Is the Purple Mattress?

Every sleeper can enjoy the feel of medium-firm while using the Purple mattress. There is no deep pressure relief cradle like that of the memory foams. Side sleepers will enjoy the adequate cushioning, which will keep their spine aligned while those back sleepers will never feel like they are sinking too deep because of the sturdy transitional layer. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, the unique firmness of the Purple mattress will fall between the range of 6 to 6.5 rating. This is an ideal firmness rating that comes with an innovative design. The Purple mattress meets every sleeping requirement and need of many combo sleepers, making it more popular than the other mattress brands in the market. 

Whether you are a back sleeper or side sleeper, the bed never fails to provide a great job with supporting the overall body and providing pressure relief. If you are a light sleeper or someone who weighs 130 pounds, you will experience a floating feel like above the mattress while enjoying a little body contouring.

If you are a medium weight sleeper or someone who weighs between 130 to 150 pounds, the Purple mattress, Purple hybrid, and Purple hybrid premier will give you a bit of a hug feeling because those sleepers who will fall in this weight class will sink a little deeper into the combination of foam and polymer.

If you are a heavy sleeper or you weigh more than 150 pounds, you will love the greater level of sinkage and contour, which comes together with better pressure relief and hug feel. 

Purple Mattress Review of Features & Benefits

Free Air Flow

Due to the Purple’s column design, the air can flow freely without any issue. With this, moisture trapping can be avoided, the bed life can be extended, and the sleeper will feel a cleaner and more comfortable sleep.

Cool Sleep

If you are looking for the official coolest mattress with excellent edge support, then you are looking for Purple. This judgment was not only based on the company and some consumers. One leading independent consumer publication did a review and tested some mattresses, and it came up with the same result and conclusion.

Pressure-releasing Comfort and Support

Because of the patented technology of Purple, every sleeper can enjoy spine support of a hard mattress and a pressure relief of a soft mattress. You are free to feel a deep and beautiful sleep at night.

Durable and No-Feel Motion Transfer

Every Purple mattress is durable enough that it can last a decade in any home. It also buckles under specific pressure, which makes it great motion isolation. You will not feel the motion transfer from your partner as you sleep side by side.

Allergen-Resistant and Non-Toxic

The material used to make the Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ is recyclable, and it came from food and food-contact-grade ingredients. You can feel and enjoy a sound sleep at night because the Purple mattress was made with utmost safety and security.


The Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ found in every Purple mattress is a material that is great with pressure relief. You will find it organized in a grid formation, and it creates walls that can fold or support, depending on the amount of pressure it gets.

Purple mattress has low-price points, making it a product with a high-value pick.

Every couple would love to sleep in a Purple mattress because it is great in isolating motion transfer and doesn’t produce any noise.

The Hyper-Elastic Polymer mattress can give your back and side the pressure support of a firm mattress and can cradle your shoulders and hips like a soft mattress. It is way more supportive and cooler than any memory foam you can find in your local store or online.

When you purchase your Purple mattress from Amazon seller Purple Innovation, you can try Purple for 100 nights for free!


While Purple is a new company that is making a great entry in the market because of its gel technology mattress and Smart Grid comfort layer, Tempur-Pedic, which is currently known as Tempur-Sealy, is an established company that has been around in the industry for many years. The business had made its name in the memory foam mattress category.

While Purple continues to increase its popularity, many consumers have been asking what the similarities and differences between these two mattresses are.

Purple Mattress Vs. Tempur-Pedic

Purple has three different products, which are all created with the cooling Smart Grid comfort layer and excellent edge support. The Purple Mattress, the Purple Hybrid, and the Purple Hybrid Premier.

On the other hand, Tempur-Pedic has hybrid and all-foam mattresses that were made from premium and pressure-relieving memory foam and durable support system materials.

From various mattress reviews, both companies are offering free White Glove delivery for their selected models. 

The Purple mattress is best for:

  • sleepers who prefer to sleep hot
  • Couples who want to minimize the motion transfer feel
  • sleepers who experience frequent pains and aches in their sensitive areas due to body pressure

The Tempur-Pedic mattress is best for:

  • sleepers who have chronic pains and aches in various sensitive areas due to body pressure
  • sleepers who prefer to sleep hot
  • sleepers who love the body-hugging-like sensation of an adaptive memory foam

Purple and Tempur-Pedic have the following key similarities:

  • they both offer an excellent pressure relief
  • they both use quality and durable materials with their mattresses
  • they both did a great job with motion isolation (great for couples), so you can feel like you are sleeping alone

Purple and Tempur-Pedic have the following key differences:

  • The Purples is way cheaper compared to every Tempur-Pedic model
  • Purple only offers one mattress, while the Tempur-Pedic offers a full line which comes in different firmness
  • With Purple, you get a bouncier and more resilient feel, while with Tempur-Pedic, you get a slower-moving and memory foam feel

Sleep Position

Purple – when it comes to the hybrid model and hybrid premier, the experiences and mattress reviews may vary with the sleeper’s weight and the selected thickness or firmness. The highest satisfaction rating for hybrid and hybrid premier models came from those combo sleepers whose weight is between 130 to 230 pounds, or they are considered to be the average weight group. For those individuals who are lighter or heavier, the mattress offers a good quality of body-conforming and sleeper support.

Tempur-Pedic – since the company offers a wide selection of mattresses, every sleeper can find the most suitable option without considering the weight or sleeping positions. The models of Tempur-Pedic have been designed to meet different weight categories or groups.

For those who prefer ‘Medium’ settings from all-foam beds, some of the great choices are the 12-inch TEMPUR-PRObreeze°, 11-inch TEMPUR-Adapt, and 12-inch TEMPUR-ProAdapt. Because of the good balance of conforming and support, these models are best for people who weigh between 130-230 pounds, or they are also called the average weight combo sleepers.

The other all-foam options offered by Tempur-Pedic are TEMPUR-LUXEbreeze° and TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt. These mattresses are 13 inches thick and are both great when offering a luxurious sleep to every individual. For lighter people and side sleepers, the ‘Soft’ setting is the most preferred choice. Both for those who have heavier stomach sleepers and back sleepers, the ‘Firm’ setting is the best.

Mattress Construction

Purple – the signature ‘Smart Grid’ was used to construct every Purple mattress. This is a top comfort layer that is made up of buckling-column gel, which dispersed fairly over an elastic polymer grid and came with great edge support. Purple mattress has a material that alleviates pains and aches the same way with the other mattress materials like foam or latex. The only difference is Purple can withstand wear better, and it cannot deteriorate quickly. You will also find transitional foam layers in every Purple mattress, so added support could be given to the sleeper.

Since Purple mattress has a high-density polyfoam base layer and excellent edge support, every bed is reinforced, and you don’t have to worry about sagging in the sleep surface. Aside from giving edge support, strong air circulation is also expected with the coil layers. This allows the Purple mattress to stay exceptionally cool, and you can feel comfortable while you are side sleeping.

Tempur-Pedic – the company, is one of the first mattress manufacturers which contributed to the popularity of memory foam as a comfort layer component. This is the reason why every model of this brand has used at least one memory foam layer in their comfort system.

The five mattresses of Tempur-Pedic are available in all-foam designs. With TEMPUR-Adapt, you get core support that is made from high-density polyfoam. While the other four mattresses have the same layer, which comes with a convoluted polyfoam base to boost support. The TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt, TEMPUR-Adapt, and TEMPUR-ProAdapt come with a dual-layer SmartClimate cover. The TEMPUR-LUXEbreeze° and TEMPUR-PRObreeze° share the same cover with an added cooling using the infusion of the phase-change material.

The other three models, which are TEMPUR-PRObreeze°, TEMPUR-Adapt, and TEMPUR-ProAdapt, also come as a hybrid. You will find these models identical to their all-foam counterparts, but there is an exception with the support cores. Tempur-Pedic made guaranteed that every model that comes out in the market has something in common, but has their unique features as well. 

Purple Mattress Vs. Saatva

Saatva was first introduced to the market during the year 2011. This is the brand’s flagship bed that is designed as a coil-on-coil innerspring mattress. It comes with a foam-padded Euro-top cover, then a polyfoam and memory foam comfort layer, and a pocketed coil transitional layer. With Saatva, you can choose between the 11 1/2-inch and 14 1/2-inch thickness profiles. It has three different firmness settings, which are medium-soft (4), medium-firm (6), and firm (7.5).

While Purple was established in the year 2015 and had the company’s first hybrid mattress – the Purple hybrid – in the year 2018. The hybrid showcases the brand’s signature, which is ‘Smart Grid.’ This is a top comfort layer that is made up of buckling-column gel, which dispersed fairly over an elastic polymer grid. The support core was designed with pocketed coils. When you get the 11″ hybrid mattress, you will get the chance to enjoy a medium-firm bed.

The Purple and Saavta are both popular when it comes to consumers’ reviews, and they are both gaining great success with online selling. At first glance, you may find many similarities between Purple and Saatva. But if you check closely, you will discover the big difference between the two brands.

Similarities of Purple and Saatva

There is no argument whether Purple and Saatva have their unique points. But before we get to that, let’s check out the similarities of these mattresses, which may also be the reason why they are popular with various reviews.

  • Medium firmness – you will be surprised by how these two brands balanced the mix of lift and give. To achieve this, Purple have their HD poly foam, while Saatva has two layers of coils.
  • Bounce – many sleepers love the bouncy feeling that they get from a Purple mattress and Saatva mattress. They may have different ways to achieve this, but you will enjoy the buoyancy of both mattresses.
  • Luxury styling – you don’t have to stress yourself with choosing which among these mattresses can suit your sleeping style because both of them can do it. Purple and Saatva will give you a great feeling during the initial touch, and this is all because of the quality of materials of both mattresses.

Differences between Purple and Saatva

The differences between Purple and Saatva can help you determine which among these mattresses is great for you.

  • Purple and Saatva use different materials by making their mattresses. The Purple has a hyper-elastic polymer foam, while Saatva uses two layers of coils that come with a pillow top. 
  • Purple and Saatva can offer different feelings. The Purple will give you a feeling of unique and squishy-but-firm gel, while Saatva will provide you with the feeling of a traditional innerspring.

The Purple hybrid mattress is best for:

  • sleepers who wish to have an even firmness that comes with moderate conforming
  • side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers from any weight category
  • sleepers who commonly sleep hot
  • sleepers who want a thicker than the average bed

The Saatva mattress is best for:

  • any sleepers, regardless of their preferred position and weight
  • sleepers who commonly sleep hot
  • sleepers who experience pain with their hips, lower back, and/or shoulders
  • sleepers who want a thicker than the average bed

Sleep Position

Purple Hybrid – since the hybrid comes in a medium-firm, this is best for back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and side sleepers who weigh from 130 to 230 pounds. It’s also good for heavier sleepers or stomach sleepers who want softer surfaces and those lighter side sleepers who seek better alignment of the spine. A heavier person will also like the hybrid’s thicker than the average profile because they don’t have to struggle with getting on and getting off the low-profile mattress.

Saatva – since Saatva offers three firmness settings (ranging from medium-soft to firm) and two thickness profiles (11 1/2-inch and 14 1/2 inch), the brand can accommodate the majority of the sleepers despite their sleeping positions and weight. For those light side sleepers, they can go for the softest choice since it can support their shoulders and hips and promote better alignment of the spine. While for those sleepers who have heavier stomach and back, they would prefer a firmer and thicker mattress so they can receive an even and sag-free support.

Mattress Construction

Purple Hybrid – the comfort system of hybrid comes with a buckling-column gel which dispersed fairly over an elastic polymer grid. The material supports the sleeper’s body and alleviates pains and aches the same way with the other mattress materials like foam or latex. The polymer grid is highly durable that it can prevent sagging or sinkage with the mattress. The hybrid also comes with a support core that was made from a durable and quiet pocketed coils.

For those people who normally sleep hot, the hybrid is an excellent choice. The design and construction of this mattress maintain a comfortable temperature while you sleep. It is one of the best choices when it comes to couples because it can isolate more motion transfer compared to other average hybrid mattresses.

Saatva – this mattress comes with a distinguished design that made it better from the other competing innerspring. Aside from the foam-padded Euro top cover, Saatva also has polyfoam and memory foam comfort layers and a pocketed coil transitional layer. These are the components that are responsible for cradling the sleeper’s body and alleviating the pain and aches in the different sensitive areas. To reinforce the bed and prevent the sagging and sinking of the edges, it has a support core that is made of durable and steel-tempered Bonnell coils. 

Despite the innerspring standard, Saatva can offer great temperature neutrality to every sleeper. Through the coil layers, the air flows freely, and it cools off the bed’s interior and controls the temperature of the surface. Another reason to like about the Saatva is its breathable organic cotton cover. 

FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Purple Mattress?

The Purple mattresses are among the top sleep innovation products which have been proven to reduce pressure while sleeping significantly. The patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer is used to make every Purple mattress, and it helps in preventing shoulder, hip, and back discomfort. The material comes in a grid formation, and it creates walls that can be folded or supported, depending on the amount of pressure it gets. Because of this flexibility, a Purple mattress can offer a better sleep for those side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers.

Mattresses Purple may have been in the market for a few years, but no one can deny that many consumers prefer these products because of the design, construction, and quality.

Is Purple Mattress Worth it?

For those people who are looking for a long-term investment, you should consider a Purple mattress. This mattress comes with a lower price compared to the majority of memory foams and bed-in-a-box competitors. The patented durable hyper-elastic gel polymer will make every Purple mattress long-lasting, making it worthwhile for those who are planning to get one. 

How Much does a Purple Mattress Cost?

You can expect the price of Purple mattress of $899 for its queen size. This price also comes with free shipping, a 10-year warranty, and a 100 nights sleep trial. Since Purple mattress falls under the $1000 mark, it is very competitive when it comes to the price point. This mattress is a great value, especially if you are looking for a unique feel that Purple can offer.

For those who enjoy sleeping cool and need aid with pressure relief, a Purple mattress is an excellent choice. But for those who are seeking for a most consistent feel, a minimal motion transfer, and more support, they may consider other mattresses. 

What is the Purple Mattress price range?

Since Purple only sells its products online, you can expect a quality mattress that comes with a cheaper price. The price may range from $699 for the twin XL up to $1299 for their California king size. If you can find Purple mattress being sold in a retail store in your area, you may find their price range between $2000 to $2500. With these figures, you can see the huge price difference when it comes to online stores and retail stores.

Purple Mattress Review Conclusion

Purple mattresses may have been in the market for only a few years, but many consumers can tell that the product has proven its worth and quality for a mattress. It may not have the firmness and pressure-relieving as everyone wants, but it’s not bad at all. You need to remember that personal comfort varies from one person to another. Sleepers from different weight groups may interpret the mattress firmness in different ways. Your experience may not be the same from the person who weighs 120 pounds, or to a back sleeper who weighs 165 pounds.

You may think that Purple is a common direct-to-consumer mattress, which you can see from many ads online; it has many special features that are making the mattress unique and worth the price. If you give Purple mattress a try with their 100 nights sleep trial for free, you will learn that it’s a great investment for you and your family.

The patented Smart Grid Comfort, together with the dual foam layers, will offer you a mattress that can adapt to your body’s needs and provide you the most comfortable rest at night. You can skip worrying about your back pains and your co-sleepers motion because Purple mattress can solve these issues for you.

To sum up this Purple mattress review, it is safe to say that this mattress is perfect for every sleeper who is looking for pressure relief and support since Purple is doing a great job with distributing weight. This is also a perfect mattress for those sleepers who are worrying about getting wet from their sweat in an overheated bed. The created air pockets found in the grid structure encourage a great airflow so you can stay cool as you sleep. Purple is a great mattress for side sleepers. This innovative and great product must be part of every bedroom inside your home.

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