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Have you been sleeping soundly lately? Does your mattress give you relief from the pressure and pain of the whole day’s work? We think you deserve more than just a good night of sleep but a mattress that will enhance the quality of your slumber without compromising quality and comfort. Why you need to prioritize your sleep is as essential as your overall well-being.

This Puffy mattress comprehensive review will help you decide why this product is suitable for you. It is made with an all-foam medium firmness, low-density, and great pressure-relief memory foam. It is ideal for lightweight sleepers with an excellent luxuriously soft surface for side sleepers that have great spinal comfort and alignment.

The support that this mattress has to offer is beyond exceptional. A complete balance of healthy benefits for your overall well-being, ideal spinal and back alignment support and promotes quality sleep that enhances your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Puffy Mattress Overview

The Puffy mattress is a US-based manufacturer that was launched last 2017. It caters and is known as one of the most excellent producers of a myriad selection of sleep products and all-foam beds and mattresses. This company is known for producing two of the finest mattresses in the market today. The medium firmness, 10-inch Puffy mattress is the company’s flagship model.

One of the overall-excellent qualities of Puffy mattresses is their two comfortable layers that measure about 4inches that is underneath a detachable and machine washable polyester cover. The first of these is the top layer that is made with high-quality memory foam that is gel-infused. While the next one is a heat-resistant polyfoam. This second layer plays an important factor as it serves as a transitioning layer. What is so special about Puffy is their exceptionally awesome support core that provides comfort to every sleeper with its 6 inches premium-density polyfoam.

With this comprehensive buying guide and an extensive review about the company and its product, you can guarantee an exceptionally unbiased review that will enhance your knowledge about the process of manufacturing, sleep performance based on individual experience and will properly walk you all the way to deciding why Puffy mattress is a must-have which is worth every buck that you’ll pay in return for comfort and well-being.

As a consumer, we value your opinion and in return, we also included product comparison versus Puffy mattress to help you explore options. Included in this review are the best features and benefits, warranty coverage, shipping/return process.

What Is The Puffy Mattress Made Of ?

We don’t just settle for second-hand guesses or word of mouth coming from a ‘reliable’ friend but with experts that know what your mattress is made of. The Puffy mattress is made with premium-quality materials that provide an excellent source of comfort and convenience that is guaranteed to last for years of service.

There are two layers of foam which consist of 2 inches deep is the key secret of the Puffy mattress comforting system. The top layer is made up of a gel-infused layer of memory foam. This top layer provides the pillowy deep pressure relief and a soft feeling from its low-density 2.5PCF rating.

The gel infused foam provides a much better temperature regulation with cooling cloud peculiarity compared to traditional memory foam offered by other manufacturers. The Puffy mattress second layer has a dual purpose that provides a unique transitional layer and a comfortable layer in one. Compared to memory foam, this has the denser quality and it is temperature-resistant. This layer offers initial comfort while it prevents sleepers to sink through the firm support core.

This layer is made up of 1.5 PCF high-density (6 inches) polyfoam. It meets the standard for traditional foam mattresses. Compared to softer comfort sheets, the Puffy mattress’s dense foam is known to be stronger. It stabilizes your bed and prevents it from sagging.

Puffy mattress is known for its 100% polyester stretchy-kit, softer fabric. It is lightweight and extremely breathable. It’s convenient and easy to clean which supports machine wash and has stain-resistant features. You can fully unzip the cover and throw it in your washer. This is one of the benefits that Puffy mattress offers which you can find with other competing brands. 

The Puffy mattress is 10 inches in height, follows traditional measurements for most foam mattresses. This mattress is perfect for lightweight sleepers or those that can easily stand on the edge of their beds. It has an ideal support core to prevent you from sinking as you sleep.

How Firm Is The Puffy Mattress ?

The Puffy mattress is known for its outstanding firmness with a medium scale feel. With its two-inches memory foam that is a low-density comfort sheet. It provides a highly contouring deep sleep surface which enables you to feel its soft and cradling medium-firmness foam much upgraded compared to competing brands and quality of materials used.

One of the peculiarities that you can enjoy with Puffy mattress memory foam quality is its low-movement transfer and excellent pressure relief that are both the results of its higher point of elasticity. This peculiarity enables you to compress straight any point where your applied weight, rather than focusing around and over the pressure.

Most customers who have their Puffy beds describe it as the feeling of slipping into the mattress and not staying on top of your bed. That is why, if you will compare the Puffy mattress to its competing products, the quality of the foam used is guaranteed to be responsive. The feeling of sinking through your bed may not be suitable for people who have mobility issues. You can always check with the firmness of every mattress as each is strategically designed to cater to everyone’s needs and health preferences.

On a scale of 1 to 10, the unique firmness of the Purple mattress will fall between the range of 6 to 6.5 rating. This is an ideal firmness rating that comes with an innovative design. The Purple mattress meets every sleeping requirement and need of many combo sleepers, making it more popular than the other mattress brands in the market. 

Whether you are a back sleeper or side sleeper, the bed never fails to provide a great job with supporting the overall body and providing pressure relief. If you are a light sleeper or someone who weighs 130 pounds, you will experience a floating feel like above the mattress while enjoying a little body contouring.

If you are a medium weight sleeper or someone who weighs between 130 to 150 pounds, the Purple mattress, Purple hybrid, and Purple hybrid premier will give you a bit of a hug feeling because those sleepers who will fall in this weight class will sink a little deeper into the combination of foam and polymer.

If you are a heavy sleeper or you weigh more than 150 pounds, you will love the greater level of sinkage and contour, which comes together with better pressure relief and hug feel. 

Puffy Mattress Review of Features & Benefits

Puffy cushions are known as one of the most excellent bed-in-the-box products that provide luxurious comfort at an affordable price. Here’s what to expect with Puffy beds. 


The Puffy mattress enables perfect temperature stabilizers due to its memory foam qualities and cooling cloud innovation. It may feel warmer compared to competing brands but it has great breathability fabric that neutralizes temperature for comfortability and convenient cloud foam.

Relieves body pressure

Pressure relief is an important factor when selecting a mattress. This enables you to have a more immeasurable quality of sleep that won’t have aches or pains when you wake up the next day. With most side sleepers, the Puffy mattress is an excellent choice as it provides perfect spinal support and alignment.

While this can be a challenge for sleepers weighing 230 lbs or more. Aside from that, Puffy beds are known for the best pressure relief.

Guaranteed durability and longevity of use

One of the things that you will love about Puffy beds is their guaranteed durable products. The mattress is made with synthetic foam mattress and low-density memory foam (2.5PCF) that enables you to sleep better and guarantees the longevity of the product.

Ease to clean, premium-quality materials

There are only very limited mattress manufacturers that offer both machine washability and stain-resistant covers. with your Puffy mattress, you can have the best of both worlds. It is essential to have a fabric that is stain-resistant for people who want to stay in their cozy bed while eating and binge-watching. At the same time, if you feel like the cover needs to be cleaned, this bed-in-the box beddings enable you full convenience to unzip the cover and just toss it into your washer for cleaning. That’s easy!

Perfect size suitable for the price range

The Puffy mattress comes in a variety of sizes suitable for every preference. With this luxurious comfort and excellent support comes affordability and durability of materials to provide complete customer satisfaction. For the price range and guide, you can check the complete pricing list below.

Excellent mattress for stomach sleepers

The Puffy mattress is strategically designed to provide the best support for combination sleepers. If you tend to shift positions when you sleep, then a Puffy mattress is your most suitable bed. Whether you are a back, side, stomach or the famous combination. You can effortlessly switch to find that perfect spot until your body gives in to quality slumber.


One of the things that you have to consider when buying a mattress is the peculiarities that make them different and above their competing brands. What you can expect with a Puffy mattress is excellent quality and here are some of the features to ponder about.

Adapts All Sleeping Types

The Puffy mattress enables perfect temperature stabilizers due to its memory foam qualities and cooling cloud innovation. It may feel warmer compared to competing brands but it has great breathability fabric that neutralizes temperature for comfortability and convenient cloud foam.

Medium/Firm Comfort level

One of the things that set Puffy apart from other mattresses is how you can control the plush level that supports your body when you rest. The Puffy has comfort level from medium until firm but not that much as it’s a very supportive bed for everyone.

Temperature Regulation

The cooling cloud foam innovation regulates the perfect temperature for complete comfort. With a stabilized temperature surface, this promotes ease for you to slumber easily and less the tossing and turning just to find a cozy spot. 

Adaptable Climate Materials

The materials used on this type of mattress adapts to your body needs. You won’t feel warmer or cooler as it automatically shifts to the most pleasant temperature for optimum comfort.

Balanced Contouring And Support

Even weight distribution enables you to sleep better with excellent contouring and body support. You don’t need to worry about sinking or stiff surfaces as the mattress evenly balances your weight that won’t alter every single time you slumber.

Relief Pressure For Comfort

One of the things you will enjoy with this mattress is how it can provide comfort to your body with optimal support that won’t pressure your joints through the shoulders and the neck.

Puffy Mattress Review: What To Expect With This Mattress

Evaluating the benefits and features that you can get with the Puffy mattress is essential. Aside from its affordable price range suitable for a variety of users. You can safely say that each of them promotes a healthier sleep experience that yields to improve physical and mental health.

This unbiased and comprehensive review will help you weigh things to the fullest by determining what to expect on your purchase and how to expect things as part of the most important investment in your life. Remember that for you to have proper sleep for you to be healthy. Your body needs quality rest to function properly during the day.

  • It’s practical and comfortable, giving you all the control and effortless motion when you slumber. 
  • The temperature regulation and climate control technology promotes better sleep through cooling cloud foam innovation. 
  • It is suitable for any sleeper. This promotes and relieves pressure points from your body to aid with aches and stiffness. 
  • Motion isolation technology guaranteed to provide convenience even when sharing the bed with a heavier person. 
  • It’s low-maintenance and easy to clean. The machine washability cover is also stain-resistant. 
  • Has better spinal alignment and edge support.
  • With guaranteed durability and a lifetime warranty.
  • It comes with a 101 free trial or returns the product back if not satisfied. 
  • The company offers a full refund if you’re not happy with the product’s quality. 

Puffy Mattress Sleepers Rating Guide

One of the key metrics that you have to consider when investing with beddings is the required weight and what sleeping positions you are most comfortable with. That way, you can easily determine which mattress meets your preference based on your weight and sleeping style. We’ve got three categories to select. Check which one are you from based on your weight and sleeping style/positions.

Lightweight Sleepers (If you are less than 130 pounds)

The Puffy mattress is suitable for this type of sleepers as it provides excellent comfort and support through their body, neck, shoulder, and spine. With medium firmness and a luxuriously softer memory foam, it is most suitable for lighter body weight sleepers.

In addition, it relieves possible pressure points that cause stiffness and aches when you sleep. With back sleepers or a side sleeper, you’ll have the optimum level of support needed when you hit the bed and wake up energized.

Average Weight Slumbers (130 pounds to 230 pounds)

The support that Puffy mattress provides to average back and stomach sleepers enable you to have quality rest that gradually relieves pressure points. With proper support into your shoulder and hips, you’ll also get the optimum spinal support when sleeping with this mattress.

People who want to sleep with a softer bed will greatly appreciate this mattress compared to people who like their bed to be firm and with a stiff surface. Nevertheless, the Puffy mattress has peculiarities suitable for every individual need, be it for back, stomach, side or a combination sleeper.

Heavyweight Sleepers (230 pounds and more)

Since the Puffy mattress is known for its medium-firm level, constructed from a memory foam that is low-density, it offers an additional soft and a luxuriously smooth surface suitable for excellent sleeping. Though most people under this category prefer firm beddings, the Puffy mattress is also an excellent option.

Whether you are a heavy sleeper that prefers to rest with your stomach, back, side, or a combination, you’ll surely find one Puffy mattress suitable for your needs.

Where To Buy Puffy Mattress

Since Puffy mattress is one of the most popular and best seller bed-in-box types of mattresses, you can only buy them online. These premium quality products can be purchased online on selected stores to accommodate the demands for this excellent product.

It is made in the US and is free shipping to 50 states. With a lifetime warranty service that is non-prorated. You can order your mattresses online and it is delivered wherever you are in Canada or the United States. A puffy mattress cannot be found on any brick and mortar shop near you.

Puffy Mattress Price Range

What’s interesting about the Puffy company is its excellent marketing strategy which enables you to completely take advantage of promos and discounts all year round. However, checking for the suggested retail price for every size can be deceiving at times but has great deals you’ll surely grab because of the benefits enclosed to the products and services.

With a myriad of size selections, you can check which one suits your preference. You can go for twin size ($795), twin xl (825), full size ($995), queen size ($1,150), king ($1,350), and cal king ($1,350). 

These MSRP can still have discounts and exciting deals to enjoy. You can check for promotions that enable you to have great deals ranging from $250-$300 from its suggested retail price.

Puffy Mattress Rating

When it comes to checking for Puffy mattress ratings, you can break it down into two categories. The performance rating which you can check with how the consumer feels about the product’s services and experiences. Next is the sleep rating that can be accustomed to what type of sleeper you are. With a puffy mattress guaranteed responsiveness and pressure relief points. You are one step closer to an excellent product that has a lifetime warranty features for great customer satisfaction.

From the puffy firmness rating ranging from medium to firm level., It is suitable for lightweight sleepers with a combination of sleeping positions. Performance rating can breakdown into the following:

  • Motion transfer. Motion transfer is an essential factor especially if you are co-sleeping with your partner or your kid(s). The isolation of movement enables you undisturbed sleep even when you’re co-sleeper and moves out of the bed. That is why a Puffy mattress is ideal for light sleepers to promote quality sleep. 
  • Durability. When it comes to checking for durability is knowing the materials that your bedding is made of. You can also check for a sleep trial period to know if the mattress is right for you. Determine what type of sleeper you are to find the most suitable mattress for your needs. 
  • Off-gas odor and unboxing. You may experience an unpleasant smell upon unboxing your mattress. This is not harmful and will fade after a day (24hours) or give it a rest until 48 hours to make sure it’s all set for your great slumber. Off-gassing comes from the VOCs (volatile organic compound) that are common to most foam products and manufacturing. 
  • Pressure relief. The mattress puffy has great motion transfer capability that helps with pressure relief while sleeping. Ideal for side sleepers and combo positions. The memory foam has great cuddling support to promote quality sleep without the stiffness when you wake up. 
  • Edge support. The mattress puffy has the most excellent edge support suitable for light and average sleepers. It provides them an effortless motion transfer whenever they need to and does not sink or sag when sitting on its corner with adequate edg support.  
  • Noise. Mattress puffy are known for their ultra-silent peculiarities. Whether there is a motion transfer or your co-sleeper needs to get off the bed, this mattress offers incredible discreet sounds.  
  • Neutralize temperature. The memory foam and polyfoam (temperature stabilizer) infusion promote better sleep experience with a puffy bed. 
  • Intimate moments. One of the benefits that you can get with this mattress is its ultra-silent motion transfer. That means you can enjoy ‘quality’ time with your partner without squeaky sounds from bed coils and springs. 

For a sleep rating guide and to help you determine what type of sleeper are you, you can find the guide from above.

Puffy Mattress Weight Limit

The Puffy mattress is known to be most suitable for most lightweight side sleepers and almost any combination of positions when sleeping. Though most all-foam beddings have that cuddling effect, you can still use puffy beddings even if you are 250 lbs or more.

Though heavyweight sleepers may find the beddings less supportive, it still depends on how every individual wants their beds to match the support that they need. Regardless, you can enjoy the quality of a puffy mattress ranging from less than 130 pounds to over 230 pounds.

Competitors Over Puffy Mattress Quality

When it comes to buying something that will affect your well-being and health, admit it or not, you always go for something to compare for the top products. Finding features that are different, upgraded, and similar is essential. Here are some of the products to compete with Puffy beddings.

The Puffy Vs Nectar

One of the similarities that Puffy and Nectar have is they are both bed-in-box. They both use memory foam for manufacturing mattresses that provide pressure relief to their side sleepers. The support that Nectar offers to most side sleepers is good but not as excellent with a Puffy mattress. Motion transfer is both into their features but more customers like the discreet features of puffy. Though Nectar can provide a slight difference in price, Puffy has undeniable great characteristics that Nectar is still trying to imitate. Puffy enables you to move around with ease at the surface of your bed.

The Puffy Vs Purple

These two mattresses have different material manufacture but provide the same pressure relief needed to have a good quality slumber. They target pain points and try to eliminate them as you hit the bed during the night. The Purple can be quite expensive when compared to the price range. The purple has a hyper-elastic smart comfort polymer grid that provides spring and bounce. Although for most side sleepers and combo sleepers, Puffy has an excellent surface bounce compared to Purple mattress.

FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions

A mattress is an essential investment that needs proper consideration, feature checking, benefits and feedback both from experts and consumers who have first-hand experience and encounter with the product itself. That way, these notes help you weigh things and decide whether a mattress puffy is suitable for you or not.

With all the different reviews and product recommendations, you can rest assured that a puffy mattress is one of the leading and trusted manufacturers of bed that makes you feel it’s the perfect mattress that promotes a healthy lifestyle and well-being.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about puffy’s.

Are Puffy Mattresses Good

It’s better than the mattress that does not provide any comfort but lets you feel stiff and unrest. The Puffy mattress has great body conformance that does not overwhelm any sleepers. It maintains a good bouncy level for most memory foam beds. It is a reliable selection suitable both for lightweight and side sleepers. The mattress makes you feel like you will sink but has an excellent body and spinal support.  

How Long Does Puffy Mattress Last

With integrated technology and innovation, your puffy mattress will last longer than you can imagine compared to other memory foam. About 13 until around 15 years of continuous use. But it should last longer than that. You also have a lifetime warranty with this product. 

Do Puffy Mattresses Smell

When unboxing your bed-in-a-box puffy mattress, it has a slight off-gassing smell. This smell dissipates after a few days. Give it 24 to 48 hours and this off-gassing smell won’t leave any trace. Most foam manufacturers and bed-in-a-box foam beds have this odor.

Is the Puffy Lux Better Than The Original

When we talk about how they feel like, Puffy Lux has these characteristics of an airier feel through its memory foam. While if you’ll check with the Puffy original mattress, it comes with a neutralized feeling of memory foam construction. While if you’ll check their firmness, the Lux has a slightly softer surface compared to the puffy original mattress. 

How Much Does A Puffy Mattress Cost

The price range can sometimes be tricky. With lots of promotions, great buying deals, and on-the-spot discounts, you might be surprised that you get your puffy at a great price. Usually, there is always a $250 to $300 price off to their suggested retail price. Plus, the puffy mattress offers free shipping and a lifetime warranty.

Since you cannot find the product in any bricks and mortar shops, they have a sleep trial of 101 nights or you can return the products if you are not satisfied. However, you will surely love this mattress! 

Here’s a comprehensive and updated price guide. You can select twin size ($798), twin xl ($825), full size (995), queen size ($1,150), king-size (1,350), and cal king ($1,350). 

Puffy Mattress Review Conclusion

With the details mentioned above, we can see why Puffy mattress is setting the trends when it comes to comfort, excellent support and an affordable price that has premium quality products and services.

The Puffy is versatile and accommodates all types of positions for a good slumber. It has top-ratings when it comes to performance, sleepers guide, and any possible factors you are trying to look for. What sets it apart is its unique materials that provide comfort and convenience to a side sleeper, back, stomach or a combo one.

This Puffy mattress review showcases aspects as to why the product is getting positive and popular reviews, feedback and recommendations from its consumers. The fact that it won’t cost a fortune but has premium quality material, excellent deals and benefits make it a must-have investment to support and improve your health and well-being. 

Don’t wait until you feel stiffness, never endure pain points every time you lay down. You deserve to sleep properly without compromising your budget. Sleep with ease and proper support. Order your Puffy mattress today!

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