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puffy lux mattress review

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Imagine sleeping on a bed as soft as a cloud, perhaps you wouldn’t want to get up anymore and would look forward to every sleeping moment. This kind of mattress is no longer a dream as Puffy had already produced something like this in the original Puffy mattress. But since they wanted to offer so much more, they came up with a Puffy lux mattress which is an even softer version of the original, and with a feel of lux. This article will provide a Puffy Lux mattress review to give information about the product.

You will love the lux if you:

  • Are into the memory foam experience, and with this mattress overheating is reduced as well because of its cooling gel.
  • Love having that feel of luxury as it has added layers to make you feel comfortable.
  • Are looking for pressure relief as its foam allows pushback to offer more customized comfort.

You might not like the lux if you:

  • Prefer to float on top of the bed
  • Have mobility concerns

Construction (Materials and Quality)

Puffy lux mattress is a memory foam bed-in-a-box type of product that works well in any flat surface and an adjustable frame. It also comes with a cover that is made from polyester, which makes it breathable and feels plush. This stylish cover can be removed easily for machine- washing.

Puffy lux mattress is 12 inches in height where:

First Layer

The 1st layer is made of Cooling Cloud Memory Foam with 2 inches in height.

Second Layer

The 2nd layer is to provide a customized pressure relief through its 2 inches of Body Adapting Dual Cloud Foam.

Third Layer

The 3rd layer contains Climate comfort Foam that is also 2 inches in height.

Fourth Layer

The 4th layer is intended to offer solid support for the entire bed through its Puffy Firm Core Support Foam that is 6 inches.


Based on the firmness scale of 1 to 10, where one is softer than a cloud, and ten is hard as a rock, this lux mattress comes in a 4.5 rating, making it a perfect choice for those who like the soft- medium feel type of mattress.
Puffy mattress’ deep hug memory foam feature offers enhanced pressure relief and a truly comfortable body contouring, and along with its cooling properties, this lux mattress is a sleeper’s dream come true.
Back sleepers would enjoy its solid lumbar support through its conforming foam layers, while side sleepers would love the enhanced pressure relief through its adaptive foam that compresses in heavier areas like the hips and the shoulders.
The medium-soft feel is the best option for almost any preference.
The Puffy mattress weight limit is around 350 pounds for one person or 700 pounds total weight for the whole mattress.

Motion Transfer

This lux mattress makes less sleep disruptions as it has very little motion transfer because the dense memory foam absorbs movements.

Edge Support

Puffy mattress’s edge support is noticeably high performing than any other brand.

Other Considerations

  • Puffy mattress offers a 101 night trial period
  • This lux mattress comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Puffy products come with free shipping within the continental US
  • Its layers of foams are certified to be free from harmful materials like lead or formaldehyde
  • Puffy lux mattress is Oeko- Tex Standard 100 Certified
  • Puffy is committed to donating a mattress to children in need for every ten new social media posts of customers jumping on the Puffy mattress

Puffy Lux Mattress Review

This 12-inch lux mattress provides the total experience of pressure relief, superb support experience, and highly comfortable sleep.
Puffy lux is made up of 4 special layers to offer great comfort as you sleep. These layers include a gel-infused Cooling Cloud, a plush of Cloud Comfort Foam, layers of Climate Adaptive Regulation Foam, and a solid support foam to give a very restful sleep.

Puffy Lux Review

Puffy Lux mattress is an enhanced version of the original puffy, but it uses more and upgraded materials to offer much comfortable sleep for any type of sleeper. It has an additional 2-inch layer that comes between the thick, dense support layer below and the contouring top layer that gives you something in between to ease into the mattress.
Puffy offers a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the product.

Puffy Lux Mattress Reviews

This lux mattress can be considered as the luxury version of the original Puffy mattress, which is an equally popular product. The difference is that its materials are of higher quality and an enhanced version of what is already a very good product.

Puffy vs. Puffy Lux

Construction and Materials

Puffy Mattress

The original Puffy mattress is 10 inches in height and comes in 3 different types of foam layers. The 1st layer is made up of 2 inches of gel-infused memory foam, while the 2nd layer, which is also 2 inches in height, allows the feel of the mattress to be consistent no matter the temperature. The 3rd layer is a 6-inch foam that offers spinal support and alignment.

Puffy Lux Mattress

Puffy lux mattress, on the other hand, is a 12-inch mattress with four different foam layers. The 1st layer is made up of Cooling Cloud Foam that is 3 inches in height and has an airflow that is 8x more than that of a regular foam bed. 2nd layer contains 1.5 inches of Cloud Comfort Foam that is designed to contour the body and naturally adjust to each pressure point. The 3rd layer consists of 2 inches of Climate Adaptive Regulation foam, and the 4th layer is a 6-inch solid support form.

Feel and Performance: Puffy vs. Puffy Lux

Puffy Mattress

The firmness of the original Puffy is around 6- 7 out of 10, which makes it a bit on the firmer side. This is a good option for combination sleepers as it conforms very well to the lumbar region, and the sleeper will not have that slow sinking feeling.

Puffy Lux Mattress

Puffy lux mattress has a rating of 5-6 out of 10, and its firmness depends on the weight of the sleeper. This lux mattress has a very nice overall foam density giving it a feel of a real foam bed.
This Puffy lux is perfect, most especially for side sleepers and also for combination sleepers, but may not be a good choice for the stomach sleepers.

Response and Motion Transfer: Puffy vs. Puffy Lux

Puffy Mattress

This Puffy mattress has a reasonably fast-reacting memory foam and will not give you a hard time changing from one position to another, but this might not be a good match for those with mobility issues.
Its motion transfer is also good as sleep disruption is reduced, which makes it an ideal mattress for couples.

Puffy Lux Mattress

This Puffy lux has a faster-reacting foam than its previous version making it a perfect mattress for combination and side sleepers as you can easily change positions, and its Plush Cloud Comfort foam removes the pressure points.
Motion transfer is so great for this Puffy lux.

Edge Support: Puffy vs. Puffy Lux

Puffy Mattress

As for the edge support of this 10-inch mattress, it is not very ideal as it sinks a little bit.

Puffy Lux Mattress

This 12-inch Puffy Lux has pretty good edge support as opposed to the previous mattress, and it has an excellent dense memory foam that will help in holding you up.

Pricing: Puffy vs. Puffy Lux

Puffy Mattress

Twin $595
Twin XL $625
Full $795
Queen $950
King $1,150
California King $1,150

Puffy Lux Mattress

Twin $1,245
Twin XL $1,295
Full $1,395
Queen $1,595
King $1,795
California King $1,795

Customer Service: Puffy vs. Puffy Lux Mattress

Both mattresses provide the same service.

Free Shipping

Mattresses are delivered without a fee within 2 to 5 working days.

101 Night Sleep Trial

You can test the mattress for 101 nights to see if it is perfect for you.

Lifetime Warranty

Puffy mattresses all come with a lifetime warranty.

What is the Puffy Lux Mattress Made of?

This latest and more improved mattress called Puffy lux is made up of quality materials which consist of 4 distinctive foam mattresses that offer a specific purpose.


The top layer is made of a thin polyester blend that allows proper airflow.

Comfort Layer

It comes with a 2-inch Cooling Cloud foam that offers a truly soft feel with a slow response to pressure making the sleeper sink deep into the mattress for good pressure relief.


Its 2 inches of soft memory foam makes the sleeper experience a nice pressure relief, hug, and contouring.


This 2 inches of solid polyfoam hinders the sleeper from sinking too deep into the mattress.


Its base comes with a 6 inch HD polyfoam support material that provides shape to the mattress while at the same time giving solid support to the sleeper.

How Firm is the Puffy Lux Mattress?

When purchasing a mattress, its firmness level is usually the 1st aspect that is considered. Buyers will determine if it is the right bed for them after their experience when they lie down on the mattress and feel its firmness and comfort level.
With Puffy lux, it features a slow push back that gives a deep compression and provides the sleeper a nice hug, while its solid bottom layer offers a very good foundation to the bed’s surface level.
Puffy lux has a rating of 5.5, which categorizes this mattress in the medium-soft group. Meaning it focuses on contour and hug, making it a perfect option for sleepers who sleep on their side as its contouring and soft foam will protect their shoulders and hips.

Being an all-foam mattress, Puffy lux is a great choice to sleep with a partner as motion disruption is greatly reduced in this product. Its exceptional technology features using Climate Comfort foam and Cooling Cloud foam creates an increased airflow and controls the temperature, thus reducing heat.
Its dense and long-lasting foams create a mattress that is completely usable from edge to edge. Even with a highly superior product with excellent materials, Puffy lux is priced very reasonably.

A good mattress is something that is able to support the sleeper’s back as much in the same way as when he or she is standing. This mattress’s ability depends on the sleeper’s body shape, sleeping position, and weight.
Puffy lux was tested on a 200-pound individual who is a back sleeper, and this mattress gave very good support. This product also works very well for the side sleepers as it can offer nice support to their hips and shoulders.
Though this mattress is a great option for most types of a sleeper, it is not highly recommended for the stomach sleepers as their hips can sink too deep into the mattress.

The 3-inch soft memory foam of Puffy lux provides a very good pressure relief, which eliminates the pressure points issues of side sleepers, thus giving them a restful and comfortable sleep.


Puffy lux undeniably offers great support and comfort to the sleeper giving it an edge over all the mattresses available.

For those who are in search of a mattress that will give them a feeling of luxury, Puffy lux is their best option as it will make the experience that extra plush. More than comfort, this mattress is also perfect for those who usually encounter some discomfort in their pressure points and bones when they sleep as it provides a soft cushion which removes these issues.

This mattress also comes with a stretchy and breathable luxurious cover that keeps it cool and fresh. It is stain- resistant as well and can be easily removed for machine washing (if needed only).

Puffy lux is the most reasonably priced mattress in the market that offers a total comfort experience for the sleepers. It gives any type of sleeper the same level of plush and support when they sleep and as they turn.

This mattress regulates the temperature and adapts, whether it is winter or summer.

It features a pressure relief technology that eliminates all pressure points issues.

Its added 2-inch layers of foam allow the sleeper to turn comfortably while they sleep.


Puffy Lux vs. Nectar

Along with Puffy lux, Nectar is also an all-foam mattress that is made of high-quality materials and excellent technology. Both brands deliver exceptional pressure relief and support to sleepers.

How are the Mattresses Constructed?

Nectar Construction
Nectar mattresses consist of 3 layers of foams and use a technology called open- a cell that increases the breathability of the foam and prevents it from trapping too much heat.
The bottom layer of Nectar is 7 inches polyfoam in height and is composed of two types of high-density foams: memory and.

Comfort Layers
Its 4 inches of comfort layers are made up of memory foam at the bottom, and quilted gel memory foam on top.

Tencel Cover
Nectar’s cover is made of cotton that is blended with Tencel, which is a breathable fabric.

Puffy Lux Construction
Puffy lux is 12 inches in height and is made up of 4 layers of distinctive foams, including a gel memory foam.

Supportive Base
Puffy’s base is a 6-inch high-density polyfoam.

Comfort Layers
Puffy lux has three comfort layers that are composed of a temperature-resistant polyfoam.

Washable Cover
Puffy lux’s cover is made of polyester fabric that is stain – resistant.

Which Mattress is Firmer?

The firmness level of the mattress is very important, and a very soft mattress would not be a good choice as it will not give you the support that you need while you sleep. Instead, a medium or medium-firm would be a great option.
Nectar’s rating is 6.5, meaning it’s in the firmer end of medium, while Puffy lux is between medium soft to medium.

Which Mattress is Right for my Sleeping Position?
Your sleeping position is what will determine which type of mattress works for you best, as some factors will depend on it, such as pressure relief, firmness, and support.
Those who sleep on their side would need a mattress that has good pressure relief, while those who sleep on their back or front need a mattress with good support.
Nectar mattress is a good option for the combi- sleepers, while Puffy lux may work for many types of sleepers but is perfect for those who sleep on their side.

Which Mattress is Better for Back and Joint Pain?
Both mattresses work well for these issues.

Which Mattress Sleeps Cooler?
Nectar mattress uses gel memory foam, which allows air to circulate freely, while Puffy lux uses gel along with temperature- resistant polyfoam, which prevents trapping of heat, making it temperature neutral.

Price Comparison
Nectar mattress is an affordable gel memory foam that retails for $799, and Puffy lux at $1,795.

Trials and Warranties
Nectar has a sleeping trial of 365 nights, while Puffy has 101 nights free trial.
Both come with a lifetime warranty.

Both have a Certi- Pur certification.

Shipping Information
Both offer free shipping within the contiguous USA.

Where Can I Buy Nectar and Puffy Lux Mattresses?
Each can be bought from their respective company websites or through Amazon.

Puffy vs. Leesa

Puffy: Materials and Construction
Puffy is 10 inches in height and is composed of 3 various foam layers: Cooling Cloud Memory Foam, Climate Comfort Foam, and a Firm Core Support Foam.

Leesa: Materials and Construction
Leesa is a 10-inch mattress with three various foam layers where the middle section is composed of 2-inch memory foam.

Puffy vs. Leesa: Mattress Comfort

Sleeping Cool
Leesa uses an aerated foam that is breathable and responsive, which maintains its temperature neutral feature.
Puffy has a Cooling Cloud Foam and Climate Comfort Foam allowing sleepers to stay cool as they sleep.

Motion Transfer
Leesa has a responsive foam, while Puffy has memory foam on top, which greatly reduces motion transfer.

Edge Support
Puffy has excellent edge support, while Leesa has a regular one.

Overall Comfort
Both have a medium-firm feel, but Puffy has a more exceptional contour, support, and pressure relief than Leesa.

Leesa and Puffy Mattress Basics

Both have a similar delivery process. After you order online, product delivery will be after a few weeks.

Leesa retails at $999, while Puffy at $1,150.

Trial Period and Warranty
Leesa has a 100 night trial period with a ten-year warranty.
Puffy has a 101 night free trial with a lifetime warranty.


From this Puffy mattress lux review, we can say that a Puffy lux mattress would be the perfect choice as it provides great comfort and support, which fully utilizes its use of high-quality materials and advanced technology.

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