Best Mattress Of 2020: PlushBeds Review + Buying Guide

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Plushbed Mattress Bed

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PlushBeds Mattress Price

Twin $2,499
Twin XL $2,799
Full Size $2,899
Queen $2,999
Split Queen-size $3,398
Split King-size $3,498
King-size $3,299
California King Size $3,299
California King-size $3,498

Other Specifications

The Plushbeds mattress is known for its eco-friendly manufacturing materials that come in dual firmness options with three thickness selections. The PlushBeds mattresses are guaranteed durable, efficient, comfortable, and produce discreet motion isolation with no odor or noise when sleeping.

It is made of all-natural materials such as organic latex, organic wool, and organic cotton. What is special about Plushbeds is that you can instantly customize its firmness to match your sleeping preference. This adjustment enables you to custom-fit your latex foam on certain areas that won’t affect the side of your partner or co-sleeper.

With a tough 25 years of warranty, no wonder this mattress is a tough wall to break. Plus it has incredible features that you’ll be impressed at a reasonable price worth your health and well-being. Sleep with comfort and adequate support knowing that your bed will be there for years to come.

PlushBeds Mattress Overview

This California-based mattress manufacturing company has debuted the market through excellent mattresses and specially customized luxury beds since 2007 directly to every consumer. The Plushbeds has a myriad of mattress products that cater to a variety of models for specific needs. From latex mattress models to hybrid ones, sofa beds (three models), memory foam (three models), and even RV’s (4 models) for a comfortable outdoor experience.

In addition to the wide array of choices, Botanical Bliss mattress produces adjustable beds, mattress toppers, sheets, pillows, bed frames, and a whole lot more! A Botanical Bliss mattress has three options for thickness based on your demand (9″,10″ and 12″). The firmness settings can be between 5.5 (Medium) or 6.5 (Medium-Firm).

One of PlushBeds famous mattresses, the Botanical Bliss is made of an all-latex bed model. This mattress is strategically constructed with all-natural materials, consisting of an organic layer of wool from New Zealand, an organic cover made of cotton, and a multi-layer of Dunlop, a natural latex. The Botanical Bliss, with 2 firmness settings can be adjusted at the comfort of your home by turning the foam layers to your preference.

This in-depth review of the PlushBeds mattress enables you to fully understand the product and helps you decide whether this mattress suits your needs through its performance, construction, pricing, features, and benefits. Besides, investing in a premium-quality bed is essential to your mental and physical well-being. With the right information from company policies, shipment, warranties, and return, it will be a lot easier for you to compare and see how Botanical Bliss mattress stands out among competing brands and why it gains credibility to their consumers.

What Is The PlushBeds Made Of?

Dunlop latex is known to provide comfort layers that affect the height and firmness of your mattress. However this can vary for configuration use ranging from 2″ latex layer (9 inches), 3″ latex layer (12 inches), and two 3″ latex layer (10 inches) comfort systems.

Foam firmness is measured through IDL (impression load deflection). Botanical Bliss mattress medium setting’s upper comfort layer has around 20 ILD. The second comfort sheet has around 23 ILD. This upper layer of medium settings is known for its soft feels. On the other hand, the second sheet is relatively firmer.

The medium firm’s upper comfort layer has around 25 ILD and the second comfort sheet is around 30 ILD. This second comfort sheet has a firmer feel. When you receive your mattress comes with layers that you can reposition by opening its cover. Though Cal king sizes and King sizes mattresses have split layers. This enables you to customize the layers by repositioning each side. This way, you can adjust the layers based on you and your partner’s preference for bed firmness or softness.

The Botanical Bliss mattress support layers differ from the mattress firmness and height selections.

If you have 9″ and 10″ medium firmness settings, the mattress 3″ support sheet has 24-26 (ILD) Dunlop latex. While a medium firmness setting mattress that has a 12″ height mattress has two 3″ support sheets of a 24-26 (ILD) Dunlop latex and a 29-31 (ILD) Dunlop latex sheet.

On the other hand, a medium-firm firmness sheet (9″ and 10″) usually uses a 3″ support sheet consisting of 34-36 (ILD) Dunlop latex. While if you go for a 12″ height medium-firmness setting, it uses two layers of 3″ support sheets. One 29-31 (ILD)and one 34-36 (ILD) Dunlop latex.

The Botanical Bliss mattress is made with an all-natural hypoallergenic and breathable cotton cover that provides a luxuriously soft to feel knit. This organic cotton covering is one of the key factors that enable you to feel dry and cool during a night’s slumber.

Under your botanical bliss mattress cotton cover is an organic wool layer from New Zealand. With an approximately one-inch thickness wool layer. Every botanical mattress consumes about 10lbs of organic wool. This layer works to provide the utmost supportive layer to guarantee that the temperature is properly regulated while asleep. The wool layer traps the heat during colder seasons and wicks heat out during warmer weather.

The Botanical Bliss has three mattress height (9″,10″, and 12″) options for consumers to select. The first two models (9 and 10 inches) are traditional height mattresses and the 12 inches is considered a high-profile bed. The latter needs additional deep layers.

Every mattress, regardless of their height, has a Dunlop latex comfort system ranging from 5-6 inches and 1 inch of organic wool. With an excellent comfort mechanism, this promotes pressure relief from certain points while enhancing its cradling support. Plushbeds are made to provide excellent stability and adequate support to reduce pain points that hinder quality slumber.

How Firm Is the Plushbeds Mattress?

There are two main selections for firmness with a Botanical Bliss mattress. You can go for medium or medium-firm. On a scale of 1-10 to firmness, these two selections; medium (5.5) and medium-firm (6.5) can also be adjusted based on your preference for bed firmness. It’s as easy as unzipping the covers of the mattress and rearranging the slabs of the foam.

Based on consumer experience through mattress firmness, you will feel less cradling or hugging and sleeping on the bed. The pressure is compressed into a wide area. Though you will feel less of a hug, the firmness creates an excellent pressure relief.

Plushbeds Mattress Review of Features & Benefits

Selecting a mattress is not as comfortable as it may sound, especially if you are choosing one p[erfect fit from bricks and mortar shops. You need to check every single one of them, feel their comfort for a few minutes and go on to the next option. It’s not cozy at all.

What bed-in-a-box offers is convenience, comfort, and helps you find the perfect fit less the hustle and bustle of the tiring process. You would also want to save time and money. Not to mention the promotions, free shipping, and warranty associated with online shopping.

Though not all welcome the idea but honestly, more and more people are doing the path with a complete review you can rely on. With every unbiased review, shop and expert recommendations, you can easily find astounding mattress benefits that will perfectly fit what you need. Here are some of the interesting benefits that you can achieve.

It helps you save money through online shopping

One of the benefits of a bed-in-a-box mattress is you are in complete control of what you need and want to purchase. This means you can always choose to save, especially if you find great deals and promotions. This mattress offers free shipping in contiguous states in the US. You can always check the website for more information at any time of the day.

Convenient product comparison

Enables you easy to compare products through given categories and check features from one product over the other. With online reviews, product descriptions, and buying guides, it will be a lot easier for you to find which new mattress suits your preference, support needs, and recommendations based on your physique and demands. 

Most product reviews, especially ours, have a comprehensive buying guide and what to expect in the products and services. With our unbiased expert recommendation and honest customer service and feedback, you are just one click away for that perfect mattress to complete your sleeping routine.

Better customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of the key factors to be successful through online stores. It understands the need and enhances its services to make sure that every purchase is worth the money invested in their beds.

Latex mattresses have great feedback when it comes to satisfying consumers. With an adjustable layer to suit the support your body needs to lessen pressure points and stiffness, more and more are indulging in Plushbeds and the health benefits that it provides. 

Updated price to match your budget

One of the benefits of a bed-in-a-box is its straightforward and simple buying process. Unlike physical brick and mortar shops where you need to guess or feel guilty negotiating prices or ask for discounts. Online shops and affiliated stores have everything you need to conveniently find the perfect product you need.

With online purchase, you will just pay for what the suggested retail price. No additional charges and it’s even free shipping right into your doorsteps.

No pressured sales

Online shopping provides you with all the details that you’ll ever need. You can take the offer and have a convenient life or go into a physical store and have the hustle and bustle of commissioned staff that will talk you to all the way to buy this promotional new mattress. With Botanical bliss, you get to decide on your own.

If you like total comfort, excellent support, convenience, great health benefits, guaranteed durability, and customized settings, well just click that button and you’ll have your mattress delivered to you. As simple as that.

Don’t settle for things that you have second thoughts. With our PlushBed review, you get your certified organic latex mattress into your doorsteps delivered free. What are you waiting for? Buy it today!


The Botanical Bliss Mattresses are known for their certified organic cotton cover materials. These latex mattresses provide unique comfort that enables you to have better sleep quality and has excellent body support to relieve pressure points. It rejuvenates your soul, physical and mental well-being.

Aside from that, Botanical Bliss mattresses have great edge support and discreet motion transfer. Here are PlushBed Botanical Bliss’ excellent features.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is essential if you are co-sleeping. The quality of your sleep may affect when you feel movements through a companion. With Botanical Bliss, you can rest assured that you get to sleep soundly even if you are a light sleeper.

Pressure Relief

Botanical Bliss has evenly distributed support for pressure points to your shoulder and hips. This peculiarity provides optimum body support with minimal conforming that may result in stiffness and pressure. Though most side sleepers need to check the pressure relief of the mattress that they purchase. Overall, Botanical Bliss offers less conforming compared to other memory foam beds.


One of the features that you can enjoy with Botanical Bliss is the materials that they use. Latex mattresses are known for their durability. Dunlop latex is known to be denser which does not easily deteriorate for a longer time. With a 25-year limited warranty, Botanical Bliss has optimum durability compared to traditional mattresses.


It is normal to detect natural wool and latex odor but will diminish within 24 hours after unboxing the product. Just like any bed-in-a-box, may have this foamy smell due to manufacturing but give it a rest for 24-48 hours to make sure that they are good to go. 

Edge Support

The edge support is essential for you to feel secure when laying down on your bed. You may feel sinkage if you weigh 230lbs or more. However, the mattress is ideal if you have a different firm preference for your partner. You can easily adjust this to accommodate your needs.


Botanical Bliss is known to have no mattress noises or sounds. This is particularly essential for light sleepers that get disturbed with simple mattress noise when moving. 

Temperature Neutrality

One of the most effective temperature stabilizers is wool and natural latex. Plushbeds are known for their all-natural organic cotton cover that helps eliminate moisture off the beds. Wool layers regulate temperature and are known for optimum breathability.

The aerated latex from Botanical Bliss is known to provide excellent ventilation and airflow through its foam layers. This results in a dry, comfortable, and cool night of slumber.

Intimacy Level

Since Dunlop latex is known for its fairly springy sensation, this feature has a great advantage for amorous couples’ activity. The Botanical Bliss has discrete motion transfer which helps couples to enjoy intimacy. Though the edge support may not be enough there are far more advantages than you can have. 


PlushBeds offers a myriad of selections from its wide array of bed choices. It may cost more than competitive brands but it surely is worth the benefits, efficiency, and durability that you can get. Plus it has a 25-year excellent warranty coverage making sure that you have a good investment. 

PlushBeds Review Summary And Recommendations

The Botanical Bliss is known for their eco-friendly materials which are made with hypoallergenic and all-natural organic latex, organic cotton, and organic wool. With two firmness selections on their mattress and three options for your preferred thickness. It comes with an ultra-silent motion transfer that is odorless when you unbox it.

PlushBeds are suitable for sleepers that have an inconsistent preference for firmness. With the adjustable firmness settings, you can easily transition your mattress to the firmness level that suits you best. The Botanical Bliss helps you accommodate an interchangeable mattress firm conveniently.

What is great about Botanical bliss is that they are intended for co-sleeping or couples that have different sleeping demands. With Botanical Bliss, California king and king size, you can easily reposition its latex sheets for firmness preference and body support.

The PlushBeds are also guaranteed to be durable. With an assuring 25 years of warranty making sure that every consumer has a great experience to last longer than expected.

  • It is constructed from all-natural materials.
  • They are guaranteed to last for a long time without sagging. 
  • Have a springy feel due to the latex mattress.
  • Have two firmness options.
  • With 3 height mattress selections.
  • They are noticeably silent, ideal for light sleepers.
  • With an adjustable firmness surface for comfort and convenience. 
  • Most suitable for back and stomach sleepers. 

Plushbeds Sleepers Buying Guide

One of the things that you have to consider when buying a mattress is what type of sleeper are you and your preferred position when sleeping. While some individuals have a certain preferred position, the mattress that you select should adequately support your body to relieve pressure points and stiffness.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to determining which category you are and what mattress is most suitable and recommended for your needs.

Lightweight (Sleepers Weighing Below 130 Pounds)

The Botanical Bliss are most excellent for stomach sleepers and back sleepers. The medium firm option performance is better compared to medium-firm selection due to its more contouring properties. The firm latex comfort sheets have a surface that is stable to avoid the midsection of your body from sinking.

What lightweight sleepers like about PlushBeds Botanical Bliss is its additional 1-inch layer of wool for additional softness and cushion.

Average (Sleepers Weighing 130-230 Pounds)

When it comes to average sleepers, PlushBeds’ Botanical Bliss is a crowd favorite. Regardless of the sleeping positions that you preferred, this mattress is suitable for you. It does not feel hard but won’t make you feel like sinking too. Even stomach and back sleepers appreciate both its selection of firmness.

With a stable and even weight distribution, it offers excellent pressure relief with incredible body support to provide good alignment to your spine. With an adjustable layer of latex, PlushBeds has to offer, you can conveniently reorganize its surface to fine-tune the firmness of your mattress.

Heavyweight (Sleepers Weighing 230 Pounds or More)

When it comes to heavyweight sleepers, the PlushBeds medium-firm has the best support and contouring balance. Side sleepers enjoy an excellent cradling from the latex layers from the 12″ mattress height. With additional thickness means exceptional support and prevents sinking. The durable Dunlop latex holds up the weight of most heavyweight sleepers.

While the stomach and back sleepers have found the mattress to have greater stability surface with average midsection support suitable for spinal alignment.

Botanical Bliss Mattress

Just like any bed-in-a-box mattress, Plushbeds Botanical Bliss has great deals for most consumers to try. Like the free trial of 100 days with a limited warranty of 25 years, the company makes sure that you have a long-lasting bed and is free shipping to your doorsteps.

The Botanical Bliss regulates temperature to provide a cooling sleep experience. This will help you sleep better without overheating during the night. It is also bouncy. If you are in the hunt for excellent buoyant support, the Botanical Bliss mattress will surely suit you best.

What sets it apart from other mattresses is its all-natural and organic construction. It is made with premium wool and super durable Dunlop latex sheet cover. With organic cotton, you’ll have that wonderful and greener bed with optimum body contouring support and relieves pressure points.

PlushBeds also offers an adjustable latex layer for both the California king and king bed sizes.


PlushBeds vs Zenhaven

This flip mattress, just like PlushBeds, has two firmness settings. They can both be repositioned and adjusted over individual preference for firmness. For firmness ratings, you are both on the same scale.

If you are a sleeper that demands pressure relief, you can count on both brands. Though Botanical Bliss mattresses have a closer mid-range for firm and softness. Zenhaven’s firm mattress can be a good option for heavyweight sleepers who are comfortable in a back position.

When it comes to material construction and durability, PlushBeds have a denser and last longer due to Dunlop latex is known durability compared to Zenhaven’s Talalay latex.

PlushBeds Vs Next Bedding (Latex Mattress)

One of the similarities that you can check with PlushBeds and Nest Bedding is their firmness selections. Both offer two firmness settings, medium, and firm. Though Next Bedding has a firmer mattress compared to the PlushBeds medium-firm option.

With Nest Bedding, you can select between certified organic or natural latex. The price may vary for its construction. The certified version of natural latex may cost you a fortune. So if you are on a good budget, taking the road for natural latex is already a great investment.

When it comes to motion isolation, Nest Bedding has a little bit of advancement but most consumers will still love the PlushBeds for pressure relief, comfort, and of course, durability. 

FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions

Is Plushbeds a good mattress

One of the things that you have to check when buying a mattress is to know how good they are. The PlushBeds are known to have excellent overall ratings. It is comfortable, bouncy, has the best body contouring support, and it regulates temperature for excellent cooling features. 

Where are plush beds made

The PlushBeds are manufactured in the US. It uses a combination of memory foam and polyurethane foam. With a certification from CertiPUR-US and GreenGuard, you can rest assured that the product does not have any VCOs and other hazardous chemicals and ingredients. That is why your PlushBeds won’t have any unwanted smell and any left-over odor after unboxing that disappear after 24 hours.

How Much Does A PlushBeds Mattress Cost

The PlushBeds mattress pricing may vary based on the height of the bed that you have selected. Because they are made with eco-friendly and all-natural, durable, comfortable, and soft materials, Plushbeds are considered one of the most excellent mattresses when it comes to the bed-in-a-box category.

The suggested retail price comes as follows.

For a twin size bed that is 9-inch tall ($2,199), while a 10-inch mattress ($2,499), and the 12-inches ($2,799) have slight differences in the price range.

PlushBeds twin xl with 9-inch height ($2,199), 10-inch height ($2,499), and the 12-inch ($2,799) height has different pricing too.

Full-size PlushBeds with a 9-inch (2,599) height have different prices compared to 10-inch ($2,899) and 12-inch ($3,399) height mattresses.

If you prefer a queen size Botanical Bliss PlushBeds that is 9-inch (2,699), a 10-inch ($2,999) or even the 12-inch ($3,399) height mattress, you can order it anytime you want to.

PlushBeds also offers split queen sizes with a 9-inch ($3,098), 10-inch ($3,398) and 12-inch ($3,898) height mattress. While you can also go for a split king-size with a 9-inch ($3,198), 10-inch ($3,498), and a 12-inch ($3,998) height mattress. 

There are a variety of options for a king-size bed that is 9-inch ($2,999), 10-inch ($3,299), and the 12-inch ($3,699) height mattress. You can even go for a California king size with a 9-inch ($2,999), 10-inch ($3,299), and 12-inch ($3,699) mattress of your choice. And lastly, PlushBeds offers the split California king size mattress that comes from a 9-inch ($3,198), 10-inch ($3,498), and 12-inch ($3,998) height mattress.

PlushBeds Mattress Review Conclusion

This PlushBeds review enables you to know the different benefits and features that you can take advantage of with the product and the services that it offers.

It is remarkably one of the most comfortable, durable, bouncy, excellent contouring body support, and has excellent cooling factors to promote better sleep quality. With a temperature regulating feature, you won’t feel overheated while sleeping during the night.

On a final verdict, the PlushBeds mattress is an excellent latex mattress that is suitable for any sleeping positions with a variety of categories under it.

Buy your PlushBeds and enjoy a comfortable, excellent body contouring support with cooling features that enhances your sleep quality. Remember that your health and well-being matters. Order yours today!

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