Nectar Mattress vs Quatro Mattress – Which One Comes Out On Top?


Nectar Mattress

Best for Side Sleepers

Trial Period: 365 nights

Thinking of getting a new mattress or upgrading your old one?

Today, we’re going to have a battle between two of the most popular online mattress brands, Nectar Mattress and Quatro Mattress.

Both brands have made their mark in the mattress industry and possess features that are bound to be universally appealing.

So, if you have either of these mattresses in mind but are unsure of which one to pick, just read the article below.

Nectar Mattress Pricing

Twin $500
Twin XL $650
Full $700
Queen $795
King $900
California King $900

Other Specifications

Nectar Mattress: A Comprehensive Review


This memory foam mattress is designed to maximize comfort and support for its users. The produce emphasizes relieving various pressure points to provide a comfortable and satisfying sleep.


Nectar is known for stitching a thin layer of gel-based memory foam into their cover to provide users with optimum comfort levels. Underneath that, you find not one, but two layers of memory foam that are responsible for evenly distributing the user’s weight and quickly responding to pressure.

These layers, when combined with the gel layer on the top, can contour your body very well. The second layer also acts as a transition into the final foundation layer which is made of polyfoam and serves as the base and support frame for the mattress.


As we mentioned already, a thin layered gel-based foam is stitched into the mattress cover to provide additional comfort. The cover itself is consists of a blend of soft cotton and Tencel, which is an eco-friendly material produced from trees, thus having an added environmental benefit. Also, it is known for its excellent breathability.
This rare combination of the foam layer and airy white fabric contours your body well, and maintains a suitable temperature so you can have a cool night’s sleep.


Usually, the impact of user’s weight distribution determines the mattress’ firmness. The size of the bed might also contribute to its rating.
So, how firm is Nectar mattress on a scale of 1 – 10? We’d say it’s around 6 on an average, and at most a 6.5. In the beginning, the memory gel foam at the top gives you a slight sinking feeling, but as you hit the transitional layer the mattress usually gets much firmer.

Feel, Motion Transfer and Sinkage

If you’re used to sleeping on your side, then Nectar might be a fantastic choice for you because its pressure relief system eliminates pressure you might experience by sleeping on the side position,
For those who share a bed with their partner, they wouldn’t have to worry about experiencing high amounts of motion transfer because the mattress is really good at isolating motion, thanks to the memory foam layers in its build.


Nectar mattress is available in six different sizes, varying in price from $500 to $900

Quatro Mattress Pricing

Twin $350
Twin XL $350
Full $450
Queen $600
King $700
California King $700

Other Specifications

Quatro Mattress: A Comprehensive Review


Quatro aims to appeal to a wide user base because its build focuses on ‘universal comfort’. They also support the sleepers who suffer from bad backs with their special tri-layer memory foam mattress design.


The mattress has three different memory foam layers varying in respective lengths of one inch, two inches, and seven inches.
The first layer is a plex air memory foam, which helps you sleep better by letting the mattress mold to fit your body perfectly. Its soft texture also gives the sleepers responsive support and decent pressure relief. There’s also plenty of ventilation in the mattress, which enables customers to remain a consistent and comfortable temperature.

The plex air memory foam transitions into another foam layer to reinforce the comfortable feeling of the mattress and provide the support required by sleepers. This layer aligns your spine and neck perfectly and distributes your weight evenly across the mattress.
The final layer of the mattress works like a foundational base, similar many other mattresses in the market.


The brand’s cover is a very simple blend of high-quality cotton and polyester. Quatro’s cover allows for breathability within the mattress while the zipper in the cover makes it easy for you to remove and clean


One of the first things we mentioned about Quatro is that they strive to provide universal comfort to a variety of sleepers. In order to achieve this goal, the firmness of the mattress needs to be upgraded.
Quatro managed to design a mattress with a firmness of about 6, but some find it to be a little too far on the softer side.

Feel, Motion Transfer and Sinkage

The memory foam in the mattress ensure that the sleepers experience optimal comfort levels, thus adding to the overall feel of the mattress.
Quatro is also excellent at isolating the motion, making it easier for those sharing their bed to sleep peacefully.


You can get the Quatro mattress in 6 sizes, with the cost ranging from $350 to $700.

Nectar vs Quatro: A Side by Side Comparison

If these reviews aren’t enough for you to single out the ideal mattress for you, then don’t worry. We are going to place the important specifications of these mattresses alongside one another. And that should help you make a decision.



Foam Layers

  • 1.0 inches of gel memory foam knit into the cover for increased softness, 3 inches of memory foam for support,
    an additional 1.75 inches of memory foam as a transitional layer, and finally, 5.25 inches of support foam
    for the foundation
  • 3.0 inches of plex air foam, 2 inches of a transitional foam layer, and a 7 inch layer of foam for foundation.


  • 11”
  • 10”


  • Tencel and cotton blend, with thin layer of gel-based memory foam.
  • Poly-cotton blend


  • 6.5 out of 10
  • 6 out of 10


  • Very good
  • Very good

Motion Transfer

  • Minimal
  • Minimal

Country of Manufacturing

  • China
  • United States of America

No. of Sizes

  • 6
  • 6

Price Range

  • $500-$900
  • $300 – $700


  • Lifetime
  • 10 years

Trial Period

  • 365 days
  • 100 days


  • Compressed in a box
  • Compressed in a box


  • Free – takes 1 to 5 days. White glove service is also available
  • Free – takes 1 to 5 days

Refunds and Returns

  • Available. Pickup and disposal are free
  • Available. Pickup and disposal are free

The Final Verdict: Nectar vs. Quatro – which one’s the best for you?

Both Quatro and Nectar are memory foam mattresses that are designed to give their sleepers a comfortable experience. While Nectar focuses on pressure relief, Quatro is known for its ‘universal comfort’ technology. However, only you can decide which one to purchase, but we’re here to help with that.

Nectar would be a good option for you if:

You are a Side Sleeper

Since the mattress provides excellent pressure relief, side sleepers wouldn’t experience as much pressure as they would from a regular mattress.

You’re looking for Breathability

The tencel and cotton cover, along with its gel-based memory foam layer, makes for excellent air circulation and maintains a cool temperature.

You want an extended Trial Period

In case you’re indecisive and prefer longer trial periods, you should probably go with Nectar because it offers a 365-day sleep trial.

You Love Warranty Periods

Nectar advertises their lifetime warranty period, and the company replaces the mattress if the impression is deeper than 1.5 inches. Now, that’s convienent, isn’t it?

On the other hand, you could go with Quatro if:

Your Bed is Shared

If you have a partner with different sleeping preferences, then this mattress might work best, as Quatro’s universal comfort concept caters to many different types of sleepers.

You’re looking for Back Pain Relief

With about 9 inches of total support, Quatro is excellent for sleepers with bad backs. The responsive memory foam in the mattress manages to mold itself into your body, thus helping align your spine and neck. This makes you experience minimal soreness when you wake up in the morning.

You want a Cheaper Option

At any given size, Quatro is almost $200 cheaper than a Nectar mattress.

Final Thoughts

Overall, both Quattro and Nectar mattresses have many of their own advantages. Quatro is a formidable memory foam mattress with medium-plush firmness and layers of foam for support, while Nectar is great for comfort, pressure relief, and support.

But, ultimately, you have to figure out your priorities and pick a mattress that best fits your needs and your budget. Hopefully, our guide will make things easier. Till next time!

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