Nectar vs Leesa Mattress: The Ultimate Battle For Your Bedroom

Nectar and Leesa


Nectar Mattress

Best for Side Sleepers

Trial Period: 365 nights

Amidst all the online mattress suppliers that are taking the commercial bedding space by storm, Leesa and Nectar are said to be two of the most prolific contenders.

The Nectar mattress brand is relatively new, while Leesa has been around for quite some time. However, Nectar has still managed to make a place for itself in the market and has been rising in popularity.

Because Nectar and Leesa have great features and excellent user reviews, it can be tough to make a decision.

We are here to help you chose the perfect brand for you by making side-by-side comparisons of each brand. Now, all you have to do is review this article and decide which mattress is best for you. Here we go!

Nectar Mattress Pricing

Twin $500
Twin XL $650
Full $700
Queen $795
King $900
California King $900

Other Specifications

A Complete Nectar Review


Nectar primarily focuses on using memory foam for user support and comfort. In fact, even a bit of this foam is quilted into the cover for optimum comfort levels. This type of design emphasizes the relief of pressure points and provides a good sleeping experience for customers.


This mattress is designed using two layers of memory foam underneath an additional layer of a gel-based foam thats stitched into the outer cover. In the middle layers, the upper part of the foam is placed to perfectly respond to the pressure and evenly distribute weight. This, along with the gel-based memory foam, gives the perfect body contour shape. The lower part, as mentioned above, is another layer of foam that acts as a transition layer. The last layer of this mattress is the foundation layer (per usual) and is comprised of high-density poly foam.


This brand’s cover design is comprised of a nice blend of Tencel and soft cotton. Tencel is a soft material that is known for its breathability and is made from trees, and hence, is very eco-friendly. This brand is unique because it consists of a 1 inch gel memory foam that is stitched directly into the cover, helping contour the body and maintain comfortable temperatures.

In regards to color, Nectar mattresses are white with gray colored sides.


The firmness of a mattress is determined by the impact of the weight distribution of the user along with the size of the mattress. Nectar has a score of 6 (6.5 at the most) on a firmness scale of 1 – 10. Due to the memory foam in the cover, the initial feel may be soft, but eventually it gets firmer due to the transitional layer, giving it an overall medium firmness ranking.

Feel, Motion Transfer, and Sinkage

Nectar is amazing for those people who prefer sleeping on their sides because of its excellent pressure relief system. Side sleepers can usually alleviate the pressure from this position by using a Nectar mattress.

And, if you are planning on sharing this sleeping space with a partner, the mattress has minimal motion transfer due to its memory foam being capable of isolating impacts. This mattress maintains overall low disturbance levels, which is great if you have a fidgety sleeping companion.


Nectar starts at a price of $500, which is not much different from Leesa, but if you are looking for a larger sized mattress (like King or California King), it comes at a relatively lower price of around $1,000.

Leesa Mattress Pricing

Twin $525
Twin XL $625
Full $790
Queen $940
King $1,070
California King $1,070

Other Specifications

Leesa: A Complete Review


The Leesa brand is famous for their hybrid foam mattress. This design usually uses a combination of different mattress types in order to maximize comfort levels while minimizing the negative effects.

Leesa utilizes both Avena and memory foam layers to achieve this so-called effect and provides users with fantastic sleeping experiences.


This manufacturer uses three layers of foam for the mattress, two of which are very unique (memory foam and Avena foam). The uppermost layer consists of 2 inches of Avena foam, which is known to provide excellent comfort and cooling effects for the sleeper.

This type of construction is much more durable than any of its latex contemporaries, because there are an additional 2 inches of memory foam that relieve pressure while still providing incredible support for the body. The bottom and final layer consists of a basic foam base that serves as the foundation of the mattress.


This mattress cover is typically a subtle gray and has seamless, minimalistic, and an aesthetically pleasing 4-bar design. The mattress only has visible threading in the corner, and the lycra-polyester blend of the cover gives it excellent breathability, durability, absorption, and stretching.


The Leesa brand is known for their medium level firmness, ranking a 6 on the firmness scale.

Feel, Motion Transfer, and Sinkage

When lying down, a user can experience a sinkage of approximately 2.0 – 2.25 inches on a Leesa mattress. Since the firmness of the mattress is about neutral, theres excellent buoyancy which prevents the user from hugging the mattress.

In terms of motion transfer, users of the Leesa mattress will only experience this in small quantities. There is minimal motion transfer intensity, which is a great quality to have when sharing the bed with a partner.


A Leesa mattress can be purchased anywhere from $500 – $1,000, depending on the size of the mattress. The company also frequently provides decent sized discounts that make these mattresses more affordable.

Leesa vs Nectar: A Side by Side Comparison

If these reviews weren’t enough for you to determine which is the ideal mattress, don’t worry! We are going to place the important specifications of these mattress alongside each other to help you make your decision.



Foam Layers

  • 1.0” Gel memory foam knitted into the cover for softness, 3 inches of memory foam for support, an additional 1.75 inches of memory foam as a transitional layer, and 5.25” support foam for the foundation
  • 2.0” Avena foam for comfort and relaxation, 2.0” memory foam for support, and 6.0” support foam for the foundation


  • 11”
  • 10”


  • Lycra-poly blend, 4-bar design, thick, nearly seamless (seams only at the corners)
  • Blend of Tencel and soft cotton.


  • 6.5 out of 10
  • 6 out of 10


  • Very good
  • Very good

Motion Transfer

  • Very minimal
  • Very minimal

Country of Manufacturing

  • China
  • United States of America

No. of Sizes

  • 6
  • 6

Price Range

  • $500 – $900
  • $525 – $1,070


  • Lifetime
  • 10 years

Trial Period

  • 365 days
  • 101 nights


  • Compressed in a box
  • Compressed in a box


  • Free – takes 1 to 5 days. White glove service is also available
  • Free – takes 1 to 5 days

Refunds and Returns

  • Available. Pickup and disposal are free
  • Available. Pickup and disposal are free


  • Yes
  • Yes

The Final Verdict: Which is Best for You – Nectar or Leesa?

Okay, here we are, trying to get a verdict based on the reviews and comparisons mentioned above. If you’re still not sure which mattress to get, the next section should help you out. But, if you are already inclined towards one of these, then you should definitely listen to that feeling. If anything goes wrong, remember, you can always return it.

So, let’s begin again by saying both of these are simply exceptional mattresses with unique qualities to provide users with a good nights sleep. However, they also have quite a few differences that have been pointed out in the above review. If you can relate to any of the below content, we believe that you should chose Nectar:

You are a Side Sleeper

As mentioned above, side sleepers are typically prone to a lot of stress due to their uneven weight distribution. This mattress works best if you sleep on your side, because it has excellent weight distribution and effectively relieves stress. So, if this sounds like this could benefit you, we think you should give it a try.

You’re a Big Fan of Memory Foam

We get it – you like memory foam. While Leesa does use it, Nectar takes memory foam to the next level. They use not one, not two, but three layers of memory foam to give you incredible support while you sleep. And don’t forget, this extra foam comes with a lot of extra comfort. So, if you want to feel as though you are being embraced by your mattress, Nectar could be the one for you.

You’re looking for Excellent Breathability

We have two words – Tencel and gel. Tencel and gel memory foam are enough to ensure that the mattress will have great temperature regulation. Memory foam is known absorb heat, which is why this brand’s designers sought out an alternative kind of foam in combination with Tencel to create the perfect blend.

Trial Period

The brand offers a 365-day trial period, unlike most of its competition. So, if you are indecisive, this could be the best way for you to make a decision.

You’re a Sucker for Warranty Period

Obviously, who doesn’t want a lifetime warranty period? That’s exactly what this company offers its customers; even if there’s an impression that’s just 1.5 inches deep, they will replace it for you. Amazing, isn’t it?

Keeping this in mind, we recommend reading the finer qualities of Leesa mattresses before you make your final decision. If any of the below reasons are ideal for you, we firmly believe that Leesa could be the best option.

Back Sleepers

Unlike Nectar, which is known to support side sleepers, Leesa mattresses are known for providing support to those who like to sleep on their backs. The build provides excellent support and alignment of the spine, and rest assured, you won’t feel any pain in your back when you wake up.

You have a Habit of Changing Positions

If you’re constantly twisting and turning in your sleep, Leesa mattresses ensure minimal disturbance, thanks to their perfect body controlling and adjustability technology.

If you get Hot too Quickly

Leesa’s cooling effect ensures that you don’t get too hot while sleeping. The breathable nature of the mattress allows the mattress to maintain a constant, comfortable temperature.

You like a Balanced Feel

Before we go further, let us reiterate the fact that Tuft & Needle is an “okay” mattress. The feel of the mattress isn’t atrocious, but it isn’t exactly great either. Since it sits somewhere between latex and memory foams, the mattress doesn’t feel entirely complete. If that’s not an issue for you, you can go for it without any further thought.

You are into Charity

What we find interesting about this mattress company is its philanthropic initiatives. From planting trees in exchange for the sale of mattresses, to donating parts of their profit to those in need, Leesa is involved in many social drives. They also donate one mattress for every ten sales, totaling to over 26,000 donated mattresses. Their passion for giving back to their community is definitely a positive attribute that should be considered.

Final Thoughts

Overall, both Nectar and Leesa have great qualities that make them both very suitable choices. Nectar is great at providing deep pressure relief and isolating motion during your sleep.

It is also great at providing maximum comfort and support for sleepers. Leesa gives you deeper sinkage, instant comfort, and excellent responses, all thanks to its Avena foam.

But ultimately, when it comes to zeroing in on the mattress that best suits you, the choice can only be made by you. So, just consider the above review and choose the mattress that will make you the most comfortable. Happy buying!

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