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Nectar Mattress

Best for Side Sleepers

Trial Period: 365 nights

Nectar Pricing Pricing

Twin $499
Twin XL $569
Full $699
Queen $799
King $999
California King $999


  • Great for small and average sized people
  • Good edge support
  • Great value for the money
  • Lifetime warrant


  • May not suite heavier people
  • Not recommended for people who want “springiness”
  • Some reported delivery issues

Nectar Mattress Review Summary

Have you thought of trying a memory foam mattress but never actually went through with it because you were too worried about finding the perfect balance?

Nectar has gone the extra mile to incorporate both aspects into their mattresses, all the while cutting out the middleman to provide the product at prices you can afford – and that is one of the main reasons why the Nectar Mattress is in our top overall picks!

Nectar’s goal is to ensure their consumers get the best rest possible. The product comes with a Forever Warranty and an impressive 365-day sleep trial, which means that there’s virtually no risk in you trying out the product. And the interesting thing is that they stand behind their claims.

In this review of the Nectar mattress, we will expand on the specifics from cooling features to pressure relief. Hopefully, you will see why this product is such a great value!

Nectar Shipping, Warranty, Returns and Unboxing

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty of this review, let us start by looking at the company’s policies.

It is worth noting that the Nectar mattress is shipped for free and arrives rolled up and compressed in a unique Nectar protective bag.

However, do note that we’ve received several complaints from people who’ve bought the mattress about it taking a bit longer than expected to arrive.

Side note: When ordering the Nectar mattress, do not expect it to arrive the very next day. It could take a week or two for the mattress to get delivered.

After unboxing and unrolling the mattress, give it about two days to decompress and fully inflate before using it.

From the moment the mattress is delivered, you have a 365-nights trial period to put the bed to the test.

Yes, you read right, a full year. That is 265-days more than most “bed in a box” companies have to offer.

If at any point during this period, you decide that you do not like the mattress, contact the company’s customer service.

They will arrange to have the mattress picked from your residence at no extra cost. The return and refund process typically takes about a week or two to complete.

The company also backs their beds with something they call the “Forever Warranty.”

This is what they mean: If within 1 to 10 years, the mattress has any defects, they will replace it no questions asked.

For mattresses over ten years old, Nectar will either re-cover or repair the bed and will cover the cost of transporting.

However, the mattress must have material failures or manufacturing defects. For more on Forever Warranty, visit Nectar’s official website.

One more thing (I know that this is important to some people.) From what we can gather, these mattresses are made overseas, even though the company does have inspection facilities all across the United States.

It is also worth noting that the materials (foam) used in Nectar mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified.

This means that they do not contain harmful chemicals such as lead, ozone depleters, and mercury.

How Much Do Nectar Mattresses Cost?

nectar mattress cost

One of the best things about Nectar mattresses is their price tag. These memory foam mattresses are quite affordable and are $100 to $200 cheaper than most of the mattresses within the same category.

Here is how their pricing breaks down according to size.

Twin $499
Twin XL $569
Full $699
Queen $799
King $999
California King $999

The exciting thing about Nectar is that they also tend to throw in two pillows as a gift when you purchase a bed.

Check out the discount box to the top of the page to see if this promotion is still on.

Nectar Complaints and Compliments

The Nectar Mattress is a ‘mattress in a box’ bed which gives you good support while still feeling soft and comfortable. It can help give you a good sleeping surface even for those struggling with back or other body pain.

But it is not for everyone, so here is a quick overview of what we love about Nectar, and also what we don’t like:


  • Good pressure
  • Little movement transfer
  • Great support for most sleepers
  • Superb value overall


  • Not springy
  • Has a smell upon opening
  • Issues with delivery time

You’ll Love a Nectar Mattress If You:

Need Pressure Relief

Nectar mattresses deliver exceptional comfort to the entire body, especially around the hips and shoulders, where it’s needed most.

The mattress contours to curves, reducing the pressure exerted on different parts of your body.

This tends to work wonders for people who sleep on their side a lot.

Love Memory Foam

A Nectar mattress is excellent for you if you love to feel like slowly melting into your bed. You are almost feeling like it is hugging you.

Apart from body-hugging you, Nectar mattresses are designed to be breathable, which reduces heat retention, an issue quite prevalent with traditional memory materials.

Want Exceptional Value for your Money

There are lots of high-quality materials in the material at a price you can truly afford. Nectar even offers you a full-year trial period so you can test the mattress and see if you feel rested. By Nectar, you get overall peace of mind.

Nectar is not for you if:

Have a Sensitive Nose

Even though the smell often dissipates quickly, there’s some noticeable ‘new mattress smell’ or off-gassing. This occurs when the mattress it is unpacked.

Off-gassing is quite typical in “bed-in-a-box” products and should completely disappear within a couple of days if the room is well ventilated.

Prefer that Traditional Innerspring Feel

The memory foam used to make these mattresses is designed to be comfortable and supportive. As such, Nectar mattresses do not have the same level of bounce innerspring mattress offer and feel quite different.


Nectar Mattress

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How Weight Affects a Mattress

As you continue reading through this comprehensive review, you must understand why weight matters when shopping for a mattress.

We are all different, which means we all have different opinions on how specific mattresses feel.

When writing our reviews, we look at things from the perspective of an average-sized person who weighs about 150 to 250 lbs; however, things change a bit for individuals who fall outside this range.

For instance, people who weigh over 250 lbs feel most mattresses are a bit softer than what lighter people think.

The reason behind this is because heavier people exert more pressure on a mattress and sink into the mattress’ top layers more than lighter people.

On the other hand, people who weigh less than 150 lbs generally think most beds are firmer than average-sized people.

People who are lighter weight do not exert as much pressure on mattresses. Therefore they tend to sleep on the mattress rather than sink into it.

Weight will also play a crucial role in how cold or warm a mattress is. As already mentioned, heavy-set people tend to sink more into the mattress.

This increases the chances of the mattress hugging or wrapping around them.

Heavier people tend to retain more heat compared to lighter individuals who rest on the top layers. More on this as we talk about firmness, temperature regulation, and feel.

Are Nectar Mattresses Beds For All Styles of Sleeping?

Yes, Nectar mattresses are great beds irrespective of the sleeping position you favor at night. Let us start by talking about side sleepers.

We believe that side sleeper should feel okay sleeping on this mattress. As mentioned earlier, do not let the initial firmness of a mattress fool you.

As you lay on the bed, you start to sink into it, and the top layers do a great job cradling your shoulders and hips.

This mattress should provide sufficient pressure relief.

It is worth noting that your mattress will get softer as time goes by, and will feel a bit softer in a warm room. The only limitation applies to incredibly petite people.

If you weigh about 100 lbs, chances are you might not sink that deep into the mattress to experience the pressure relief quality memory foam layers offer.

However, considering that Nectar is a budget mattress, it does provide more than enough support to your lower back, hips, and trunk.

While you sink into the bed, it is not so deep to the extent your spine is not correctly aligned.

Overall, we believe that this mattress is an excellent option for individuals who mostly sleep on their stomach or back.

Such sleepers generally prefer a mattress that is much firmer than most and Nectar certainly fits the bill.

Is Nectar a Mattress for Average and Small Size People?

Yes, it is. We even think that it is the best mattress for petite and average-sized individuals. Average-sized individuals, like those between 5’6 and 6’0 will find this mattress to be very accommodating and supportive.

Smaller-sized shouldn’t have a problem with the bed either; however, it is worth noting that it’ll feel a bit firm to people who weigh 150 lbs and below.

Is Nectar a Good Option for Heavier Individuals?

It is a bit tough to answer this question. On the one side, you could argue that the mattress is an excellent choice since it is a little firmer and thicker than the normal all-foam ‘bed in a box’ mattress.

However, the firmer and thicker a bed is, the less likely big sleepers will sink into it to the point they bottom out the bed or lose proper alignment.

On the other side, you could argue that heavier people should get a mattress with coils instead – and that a valid argument.

Spring and coil mattresses tend to be more supportive than those made of dense foam and are a bit more durable. If pressed, we would have to side with the coil argument.

We often recommend that heavier people go for an innerspring or hybrid mattress.

However, if you want to use a memory foam mattress, Nectar mattresses are some of the best mattresses on the market today.

Is Nectar a Good Mattress for Couples?

There are two factors that couples should consider when choosing a mattress – edge support and motion isolation. We’re happy to report that this mattress does perform well in both of these categories.

The mattress does an excellent job in deadening movement. Movement dampening is a crucial subject for individuals who share a bed with someone who constantly moves at night.

Whether they are trying to switch their sleeping position, going to grab a midnight snack, or rolling over turn off the light.

When movement transference is minimized, the other person can get to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

Considering that it is an all-foam mattress, Nectar does provide a decent amount of edge support. While innerspring and hybrid beds are a bit more effective in this area, Nectar still does a pretty solid job – all things held constant.

As you move towards the edge of the mattress, there is minimal compression, and you will not feel as if you’re about to fall off the edge.

This situation often comes into play in cases where one of the individuals hogs the middle of the mattress, leaving the other marooned in a tiny area near the edge.

Do Nectar Mattresses Sleep Cold?

nectar mattress temperature scale

We generally rate beds as either neutral, warm, or cold. In this case, we would give the Nectar mattress a neutral designation.

From what we have learned over the years, memory foam mattresses tend to retain heat and sleep warm.

However, since this mattress utilizes gel-memory foam and is reasonably firm, we do not think that this is going to be a problem.

Overall, we do not think that you will grow too warm at night, nor will the mattress do anything special to keep you cool.

Honestly, this, to an extent, will depend on your weight. Individuals who are super heavy, and who tend to sink more into a mattress, might find that the mattress hugs them and retains more of their body heat.

Furthermore, your mattress is not the only thing that determines your sleeping temperature.

Several other external factors will affect how cool or warm you sleep.

Some of these factors include how often you run your AC, whether you use an electric blanket, and the climate you live in.

A Look at Nectar Mattress’s Construction

Now let us delve into reviewing the Nectar mattress. Nectar is a mattress made of nothing but foam and has three distinct layers which stack up together to create an 11-inch profile.

The most notable thing about the mattress’ construction is its enormous 4-inches of memory foam on the top that provides a considerable amount of sinkage and body contouring.

To understand how the Nectar stacks up, let us have a closer look at the mattress.

Layers of the Nectar Mattress

Cover – The mattress’ cover is made up of Tencel (an environmentally-friendly material known for its breathability and softness) and cotton.

It is also worth noting that there is an inch of gel memory foam quilted into the cover to provide sleepers immediate comfort.

The blending together of the gel infusion and Tencel fibers creates a super-cool layer that helps keep temperatures low through the night.

Comfort Layer – Below the mattress’ cover is 3-inches of memory foam. The material has a very slow response to pressure, which allows sleepers to sink in just enough to enjoy pressure relief.

As the memory foam contours to your curves, you will start to feel like you are sleeping “in” the bed rather than “on top” of it.

This can be a delightful feeling for people who sleep on their sides and are looking for cushiony support at the hips and shoulders.

Transition Layer – Immediately after the comfort layer, you come across a transitional memory foam layer that is a bit more responsive to pressure than the other layers above it.

The transition layer is designed to ease you into the firmer part of the mattress and helps extend the contouring factor of the layer above it even deeper into the bed.

Foundation Layer – The foundation layer is the last in the construction of a Nectar mattress.

This 6-inch high-density poly-foam is what gives the mattress its shape and stability, and provides a firm foundation on which the softer layers of the mattress can react.

nectar mattress firmness scale

Firmness (Feel and Support)

On the firmness scale, we gave this mattress a 6/6.5 out of 10 rating – 10 being the firmest. With such a rating, this mattress falls within the versatile medium range of mattresses that can accommodate lots of different sleeping preferences and needs.

One of the main things you will notice about Nectar that first time you come into contact with it is how soft and plush its quilted cover feels while providing an extra layer of pressure-relieving memory foam.

When you lay on this mattress, you’ll feel your entire body sinking into two upper layers for a deeper hug. These layers respond much slower to pressure than the layers at the bottom.

Nevertheless, the last two layers are remarkably firm, and Nectar has done an excellent job of combining comfort and pressure relief with support.

It’s also worth noting that even lighter parts of your body will sink into the mattress quite comfortably, creating a smooth feel when you sleep on the bed.

While most of the mattresses that hug your body tend to retain heat, the mattress’ cooling features and breathable cover will help keep you from getting hot as you sleep.

As with a majority of memory mattresses, there’s not much of a bounce with Nectar.

While the memory foam hugs you a bit more and responds slowly, you still won’t experience that feeling like you are trapped.

This is especially important if you’re a person who values ease of repositioning or rotates between sleeping positions a lot during the night.

All in all, this mattress’ cradling pressure relief and balance of firmness in the foams should suit a range of sleeping needs and preferences.

People who tend to sleep on their backs will appreciate Nectar mattress’ support contouring in the lumbar region while the high-density base foam, which helps keep their spine aligned.

For people who prefer sleeping on their sides, Nectar mattress provides uniform pressure relief. The strain side sleepers tend to experience due to exerting weight on a smaller surface area will be comfortably dispersed by the mattress.

People who sleep on their stomachs will appreciate how the mattress cradles their hips without dipping too deep. This is something that often causes back pain in stomach sleepers who don’t have enough support.

However, stomach sleepers who are quite heavy should consider looking for a firmer option outside of Nectar if they want sufficient support.

What Type of Sleeper are You?

Your sleeping position determines what you require from your mattress.

  • A side sleeper must have enough support and softness to cushion joints and limit pain.
  • A back sleeper’s body needs good back support 
  • A stomach you don’t want to sink into the mattress; it will feel quite suffocating.

Motion Transfer

If there is one area that memory foam shines, it is in motion transfer as the material isn’t very bouncy and absorbs movement very well.

This can prove to be beneficial for couples that sleep light and would love to move around the bed without disconcerting their partners.

Nectar especially excels in the area of motion transfer – and this is to be expected from the materials used to construct it.

Edge Support

Edge support is another thing that you might need to consider if you share your bed with a person who tends to hog space.

Edge support while sitting or lying on the edge of a mattress is essential to some individuals but not to everyone.

‘Bed in a box’ mattresses generally do not have edge support as a strong suit, which is why it is quite surprising how Nectar seems unfazed by you or your partner sleeping on the edges.

Sleeping on the side feels supportive – you will not feel like you are about to roll out of the mattress.

However, it is worth noting that there will be some compression when you sit on the mattress’ edge as weight is concentrated on a smaller surface.

Nectar Mattress Review: Final Thoughts

Nectar Mattress is a great option for people looking for a high-quality bed in a box mattress but are looking to spend less than $1000.

The only caveat is that you must like the feel of memory foam or else you would be better off with a spring mattress.

There are not many mattresses that provide the same comfort and quality as Nectar, so it is worth checking out and taking advantage of the 365 Night Trial Period.


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