Leesa vs Helix: An In-Depth Comparison Of Two Heavyweight Mattresses


Leesa Mattress

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There are plenty of things in life that we take for granted, intentionally or otherwise. And some of these things happen to be about matters that can cause a great deal of misery, or maybe just discomfort if we aren’t mindful. Choosing between Helix and Leesa, for example, might seem like an easy thing to do. But after long, hard hours of work, when you come home thinking only of your comfy bed, the wrong mattress might be all it takes to ruin the day. But after long, hard hours of work, when you come home thinking only of your comfy bed, the wrong mattress might be all it takes to ruin the day. What’s the solution?

Choose the best mattress for your needs, of course! We know it’s easier said than done, and that’s why we’ve come to help. In this Helix vs. Leesa Mattress Review, you’re going to learn everything there is to know about these products and be able to choose the one fit for your unique needs. Which one will knock the other out to claim the title of the king under the sheets? Guess we’ll find out.

Leesa Mattress Pricing

Twin $525
Twin XL $625
Full $790
Queen $940
King $1070
California King $1070

Other Specifications

Leesa: A Comprehensive Review


After all the customizable options that the Helix mattresses provides, considering Leesa might be simple, if not too simple. Leesa mattresses are all made the same. They are ten inches and three layers’ worth of foam. One of Leesa’s very unique features is the kind of foam it uses. It uses something called the Avena foam, and while it feels very similar to latex, it lasts way longer and is more durable.


As already mentioned, the Leesa mattresses comprise of 3 distinct layers. That’s one less than the Helix, but does it really fall short in not just quantity but quality too? The three layers, the top, middle and the bottom, are dedicated to different functions. The top one is two inches worth of Avena foam and is primarily focused on cooling and comfort. It gives you proper springiness, response and provides good support for the layer below that is made up of memory foam. The middle layer is meant to provide relief from pressure and support. It is two inches in height and is made up of memory foam. This combination of memory and Avena foam is pretty great because it caters to a wider and more varied populace. The layer at the bottom does what all base layers do. It gives foundation and shape to the entire structure. It is six inches in height and makes the mattress durable and provides deeper levels of compression for heavy sleepers.


The cover of Leesa mattresses combines Lycra and polyester to provide not only a very nice degree of cooling but also durability. The cover is seamless and goes all around the mattress, giving it a snug modern look. At the very foot of the mattress are four simplistic grey bars. They give the mattress its minimalistic yet aesthetically pleasing look.


When it comes to firmness, Leesa is a solid 6 out of 10. This hits the exact spot between not too soft yet not too firm either, making it extremely comfortable for a wide variety of customers.

Feel, Motion Transfer and Sinkage

The slightly convoluted foam gives you a feeling of soft comfort the moment you lie down. As more time passes, the feel of the memory foam kicks in, giving one much needed support, pressure relief and deep levels of compression. The use of both kinds of foam together gives the mattress a very good balance between support and comfort. Indeed, Leesa mattresses might be one of the most balanced ones of the entire lot. While it is not customizable to suit your specific needs, the firmness, layers, blend of materials and feel is designed to suit pretty much anyone.


The pricing of Leesa’s mattresses vary depending on the variety of sizes, but you could typically purchase this brand’s products within a price range of $525 to $1070.

Helix Mattress Pricing

Twin XL $540
Queen $750
King $900
California King $900

Other Specifications

Helix: A Comprehensive Review


First up is the Helix Sleep. This mattress is truly unlike any other as it places all its belief in the idea that one size never fits all. Everyone has different sleeping needs, positions, partners,and patterns. So, the Helix Sleep, with its customizable mattresses, does make you wonder if it has its foam in the right place. While each of these baddies is customized to your tastes and needs, every one of them is still ten inches of soft dreamy goodness. Moreover, each mattress has four distinct layers of micro coils and poly foam that makes up its height. The customer starts by taking a kind of quiz which determines their nap time needs. This quiz determines what kind of material should be used to provide the optimum levels of firmness, support, and comfort. All of the mattresses do use the same materials, but the arrangement and thickness of the layers are determined by the client’s needs.


As previously mentioned, the Helix Sleep comprises of four distinct layers, each one focuses on aspects that make this mattress what it is. The top layer is completely focused on comfort and cooling. It is made up of poly foam which is specifically geared towards comfort. It does feel a bit like latex foam but is bouncier and soft. It also controls body temperatures, keeping you warm and comfy throughout. Based on what you choose in your quiz, this layer’s firmness will vary. The second layer focuses on bounciness and pressure relief. It is made up of micro coils that provide you relief from pressure. Moreover, the coils lend a nice bouncy feel to the mattress. The third layer is all about support. It is made up of two inches worth of poly foam and is firmer than the first two layers. This gives support to the sleeper’s back and also acts as a barrier between the foundation layer at the bottom and the comfort ones on the top. Sometimes a mattress is customized to bring this layer closer to the top so it can provide one with extra firmness and support if you so need it. The fourth and final layer is the foundation one. It gives shape and strength to all the layers above with its four inches of high-density support foam.


For the cover, the Helix sleeper mattresses use pure polyester. It is designed to give it a modern look, with its white checkered pattern and contrasting bright blue sides. For the sides, the manufacturers use a more durable material so that the mattress preserves its shape and is unaffected by time and use. Unlike most other mattresses in the market, the cover is ultra-thin. This helps the mattress breathe and keeps you cool and comfortable.


Now this is a bit hard to answer. Since every mattress is customized according to the user’s needs, the firmness varies. By reviewing the information gathered during the quiz, the makers manufacture mattresses that are uniquely your own and are designed accordingly. All the information provided during the quiz is usually grouped into four types,i.e., support, elasticity, feel and temperature control. While the support section is determined by your height, weight, and position, elasticity keeps in mind exactly how much it should curve and hug different parts of your body. The feel part is, of course, concerned with how soft or firm you need the mattress to feel while the temperature controls keep in mind your body temperature and pressure, etc. when you are asleep. According to all of this information, a Helix mattress is sometimes as soft as 3 on a scale of 10 and sometimes as firm as a 9 or anywhere in between, for that matter.

Feel, Motion Transfer and Sinkage

Again, since the Helix mattresses are customized according to your needs, the feel of it varies accordingly too. That said, there are certain aspects that all or most of the Helix mattresses share. Some of these have been listed below: 

  • Reception: Or responsiveness. Whatever you call this, the Helix mattresses are great at it. All the poly foam layers come together to provide quick, almost instantaneous response. 
  • Temperature control: When the manufacturers were choosing a combination of poly foam and micro coils over memory foam, they had temperature control in mind. The entire thing breathes easily and does not retain heat, keeping you cool throughout. 
  • Curvature: Your choices during the quiz might determine how much your mattress sinks, but these do have one general style of contouring. It is more balanced and less dramatic than the memory foam’s cuddly reaction to your body. 
  • Springiness: While these don’t have the same level of bounce as the ones that have coils in them, they are still pretty bouncy. Depending on your choices during the quiz, the springiness usually ranges from medium to pretty high.


Helix mattresses come in six different sizes, ranging between $600 to $1,195.

A Side by Side Comparison

To help you decide, here are the major characteristics of both the mattresses:



Foam Layers

  • A blend of two inches of Avena foam and two inches of memory foam followed by 6 inches of support foam
  • 2’’ of poly foam, 2.4’’ of microcoils, 2’’ polyfoam 4’’ support foam


  • 10”
  • 10”


  • A blend of polyester and lycra, durable, seamless, four grey bars at the bottom
  • 100% polyester, white checkered stitches with more durable bright blue sides


  • A solid 6
  • Varies between 3 to 10


  • Very good
  • Very good

Motion Transfer

  • Very minimal
  • Very minimal

Country of Manufacturing

  • United States of America
  • United States of America

No. of Sizes

  • 6
  • 4

Price Range

  • $600-$1195
  • $525-$1070


  • 10 years
  • 10 years

Trial Period

  • 100 days
  • 100 days


  • Free delivery anywhere in Canada and the US
  • Free within Canada and the US

Refunds and Returns

  • 100% refund if within the trial period
  • 100% refund if within the trial period

Verdict: Which one should you buy?

This one is not very tough to decide because, while Leesa does keep universal comfort in mind, the Helix is specifically designed for you and does an excellent job at it. Either way, it is you who should decide what is more important. Here are some pointers to help you all the same:

If you are a Couple

Go for Leesa. The Helix serves one master and serves it well. But unless you and your partner have the same body weight, shape and needs, at least one of you will be reaping more rewards than the other.

If you are Ready to Spend some Extra Cash

The Helix mattresses are a bit more expensive than the Leesa ones. And why shouldn’t they be? They are custom designed according to your needs and comfort. So, in case you have some extra cash to spend, you should go for the Helix.

If you have Specific Medical Needs

The Helix will be made keeping your body in mind so if you have something like spondylitis or chronic back pain, this is the one you should opt for.

Final Thoughts

In the end, we leave it up to you to make the final call. As we mentioned before, both mattresses are fabulous in their own way and bring plenty to the table (or should we say bed?). Leesa should be great for couples while Helix is a “one person mattress.” Leesa puts a lot of focus on comfort while Helix brings therapeutic values that should help people having chronic back pain, spondylitis, etc. For the price of these mattresses, you can guarantee yourself to never miss a good night’s sleep. Ever!