Leesa Vs Casper: Which Mattress to Choose for Maximum Relaxation?

Leesa vs Casper Mattress

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Now that the online mattress business is booming, traditional stores have become a less popular alternative. Rather than wasting time driving from store to store in search of the perfect mattress, you can now have tons of choices available to you at a few clicks of a mouse. These choices can range in build, variety, and pricing to fit your budget and your needs.

Among the major mattress brands, Casper and Leesa happen to be two names that have gained tremendous popularity over the past few years. And while these premium quality hybrid mattresses might have many similarities, they also have some distinct differences that you should consider before finalizing your purchase.

Leesa Mattress Pricing

Twin $699
Twin XL $999
Full $1,299
Queen $940
King $1,070
California King $1,070

Other Specifications

Leesa: Detailed Review


Leesa is a hybrid foam mattress (they use multiple types of foam) that attempts to maximize comfort and minimize any negative qualities of the traditional mattress. A Leesa mattress is constructed using memory foam to optimize the overall sleeping experience of the customer.


This manufacturer uses three layers of foam for their mattresses, with the two most interesting being memory foam and Avena Foam, as mentioned above. The uppermost layer consists of 2 inches of Avena foam, which is known to provide excellent comfort and cooling effects for the sleeper. In addition, this makes it much more durable than any of its latex contemporaries, using more than 2 inches of the memory foam to relieve pressure and provide great body support. The final and bottom layer consists of a basic foam base, which is used as the foundation to support the other layers in the mattress.


Leesa is known for its seamless cover, which is both aesthetically pleasing and extremely functional. The stitches and buttons are barely noticeable, only visible on the corners of the mattress where they are necessary. The material is a smart blend of lycra and polyester, giving the cover durability, breathability, good moisture absorption, and stretching abilities. A Leesa mattress design consists of four bars that stretch across the mattress, giving the product an elegant but edgy look.


On the firmness scale, Leesa mattresses rank around 6 (with 10 being the firmest), and are considered to have medium strength firmness.

Feel, Motion Transfer, and Sinkage

When lying flat on the mattress, Leesa has sinkage of approximately 2.0 – 2.25 inches. As mentioned above, the mattress is of neutral firmness, providing the customer with good buoyancy while still allowing a secure feel.

The Leesa mattresses have minor motion transfer levels, meaning that if another person were to move, you would feel minimal intensity of transferred motion.


The price range of a Leesa mattress varies from $500 to about $1,000, depending on the size. However, this mattress company is said to frequently provide discount offers, allowing you to instantly save $100.

Casper Mattress Pricing

Twin $550
Twin XL $600
Full $800
Queen $950
King $1,150
California King $1,150

Other Specifications

Casper: Detailed Review


Mattresses by Casper, similar to Leesa, are designed using a hybrid configuration that ensures optimum comfort and support. But, unlike Leesa, Casper’s specialty is a responsive poly foam layer that provides zoned body support.


Casper mattresses are unique because they are characterized by four different foam layers. The top layer consists of responsive poly foam (1.5 inches), which simultaneously gives the mattress buoyancy and comfort. This is followed by 1.5 inches of memory foam to help contour the body properly. The third layer, which is the transitional layer, is comprised of a mixture of two types of poly foam that extend up to 3 inches. The final layer provides the foundation for the mattress and consists of 4 inches of heavy-duty poly foam as means of support.


Casper uses a blend of soft polyesters for their mattress covers. The design, white on the top and gray around the edges, is a bit traditional yet simple. The white fabric on the top gives a nice cooling effect and creates a breathable air flow throughout the mattress.

When looking at the cover individually, it might seem a bit thick, but it is still not as thick as a Leesa mattress. The added benefit of this cover is that by using the zipper, it is completely removable. This allows the user to easily separate it from the rest of the mattress and clean it.


In regards to firmness, Casper mattresses are very similar to Leesa mattresses. A Casper mattress scores approximately 6.5 – 7 on the firmness scale, because the level of comfort provided by the special foams enable a heavier sleeper to sink into the first two layers of the mattress.

Feel, Motion Transfer, and Sinkage

In the typical lying down position, a user might experience sinkage of 2.5 – 3.5 inches when using a Casper mattress. Casper’s sinkage gives you the feeling of being hugged, which is different from that of a Leesa mattress. The zoned support system within the mattress provides the customer with personalized sinkage.


Casper’s prices are very comparable to Leesa’s, ranging from about $550 – $1,150, depending on the size of the mattress. And, if you look carefully, you might be able to receive a small discount on your purchase.

Leesa vs Casper: A Side by Side Comparison

Okay, so you’ve read the reviews but you still don’t feel 100% confident in your choice yet. Don’t worry, this happens! And that’s why we are here with a side by side comparison of these mattresses and their distinctive features. Check out the chart below:



Foam Layers

  • 2.0” Avena foam for comfort and relaxation, 2.0” memory foam for support, and 6.0” support foam for the foundation
  • 1.5” Responsive poly foam for comfort and relaxation, 1.5” memory foam for support, 3.0” poly foam blend, and 4.0” heavy duty poly support foam for the foundation


  • 10”
  • 10”


  • Lycra-poly blend, 4-bar design, thick, nearly seamless (seams only on the corners)
  • Soft polyester blend, plain white on top, gray on sides, thick, removable (through zipper), easily washable.


  • 6 out of 10
  • 6.5 – 7 out of 10


  • Very good
  • Very good

Motion Transfer

  • Very minimal
  • Very minimal

Country of Manufacturing

  • United States of America
  • United States of America

No. of Sizes

  • 6
  • 6

Price Range

  • $525 – $1,070
  • $550 – $1,150


  • 10 years
  • 10 years

Trial Period

  • 100 days
  • 101 nights

Trial Period

  • Compressed in a box
  • Compressed in a box


  • Free – takes 1 to 5 days
  • Free to US and Canada – takes 1 to 5 days

Refunds and Returns

  • Available. Pickup and disposal are free
  • Available. Pickup and disposal are free


  • Yes
  • Yes

The Final Verdict: Which Mattress is Best for You – Leesa or Casper?

So, now that we’ve mentioned all the specifications, similarities, and differences between these two big online mattress manufacturers, we hope you are able to decide which mattress is best for you.

Both mattresses have many similarities, including that both are hybrid mattresses, have similar firmness levels, and are in the same price range. Since these two mattress provide such similar experiences, we believe that you should rely on your gut feeling and inclinations to determine which mattress would be best of you. If you’re still undecided, we have some additional pointers below.

You should chose the Leesa mattress if you fit into any of these categories:

Back Sleeper

Leesa is known for its spine alignment technology to prevent their users from waking up with severe pain in the morning. If you are a back sleeper, this could be the best option for you.

You want a Mattress with an Excellent Cooling System

If you move a lot in your sleep (twisting, turning, or changing sleeping positions), Leesa mattresses are designed to adjust your body perfectly to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Balanced Feeling of the Foams

Leesa balances its special foam layers perfectly to provide excellent comfort and support while you are sleeping. It also gives you the balanced foam feel, due to its perfect blend of buoyancy and stress relief levels.

You prefer Softer Mattresses

While Casper and Leesa are very similar in regards to sturdiness, Leesa is known to be a little softer. So, if you are the soft mattresses type, Leesa would be the better choice for you.

You Value Company Donations

Yes, you read it right! Leesa is probably the first among the online mattress firms to start an incredible giving program. Leesa donates one mattress to those in need for every ten mattresses that they sell. They also have an alliance with Arbor, an organization that promises to plant one tree in return for the sale of one mattress.

And last, but not least, Leesa also partners with the Make a Wish Foundation and occasionally donates a part of their earnings towards those who are sick or underprivileged.

However, if these qualities aren’t desirable for you, you should opt for Casper if you enjoy the following reasons:

Zoned for Support

Recently, Casper released mattresses with updated technology to create special zoned support through the addition of another interior layer. As a result, different parts of your body are targeted in various ways to enable excellent tension relief to all parts of your body, from head to toe. So, using a Casper mattress, you can experience completely pain-free sleep.

Perfect Foam Alignment

Even though this is a checklist characteristic for Leesa as well, here, the balance in the foam layers works together in a different way to give your body the ultimate support, resulting in a great sleeping experience.

Breathability and Heat Reduction

The proprietary foam, which is present in the comfort layer of the mattress, dissipates the amount of heat within the memory foam, giving you excellent breathability and letting you sleep at a comfortable temperature.

You want Something Firmer

Casper is a little firmer than Leesa, hitting a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale. So, if you prefer to lay on something a bit sturdier while sleeping, this is the mattress for you.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Leesa mattresses have excellent motion transfer and a better balance, especially for those who enjoy sleeping on their sides. This could be a great choice if you have a particularly fidgety partner.

However, Casper mattresses are both bouncer and firmer, which works well if you prefer sleeping on your back.

In conclusion, we can only suggest that you pick the mattress that feels right for you – trust your gut instinct (and all the information provided here) to make the right decision!