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Leesa Review

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Leesa was launched in the year 2014 and since then, it has gained prominence and popularity. This is one of the original bed-in-box companies which go with different sleeping positions. Leesa was designed with Universal Adaptive Feel™ and this premium foam mattress is suited for every size and sleeper type. Let’s get to know more about this product through this comprehensive Leesa mattress review.

Leesa Sleep is an early pioneer of the bed-in-a-box movement and it has been acknowledged as one of the most established companies in the game. Though some businesses have tried following their step, nothing can beat Leesa because of its top-notch work with delivering goods. The mattress meets the desire of the wide variety of middle sleepers, or commonly called as average sleepers.

When we talk about Leesa, we are talking to the company that can support and accommodate the sleeper’s needs at a very reasonable price. They have managed to offer their products to many customers and they are doing it efficiently. That’s one of the best things that you get from a company that is leading the market when it comes to online mattress-selling.

The people behind the company started building Leesa mattress to fix their sleeping issues. And today, they continue with solving sleepers’ problems and providing the best mattress for everyone.

Leesa Mattress Overview

Leesa was founded by David Wolfe and Jamie Diamonstein and the company’s headquarters can be found in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Before working with Leesa, Wolfe has worked as a strategy consultant from various industries while Diamonstein spent nearly 3 decades working as a mattress designer in a family-owned business.

Wolfe and Diamonstein worked together to design and manufacture a single mattress that can go with anybody sizes, shapes, and sleeping styles. While working together, they both realized that they can create a product that can keep the benefits of memory foam and remove the ‘sleep hot’ points. These two men achieved this goal by using an Avena foam. This is a known alternative to latex and it provides better durability and reduced compression over time.

Leesa’s flagship bed comes with three layers of foam – the LSA200™ cool foam layer, the memory foam layer, and the support core layer. Leesa also has 2 mattresses which are Leesa Hybrid and Leesa Legend. Both mattresses offer superior comfort and support – reasons why Leesa gained the trust and loyalty of many customers. The company has its share of mission that can bring social impact to the world – donating 1 foam mattress for every 10 sold mattresses – and the beneficiaries are non-profits organizations who are working for the welfare of the community.

When you are considering a new bed from Leesa, you are dealing with a company whose mission is to offer a better sleeping experience in the world. Since Leesa is the trendsetter when it comes to the revolution of mattress-in-a-box, they continue innovating their products to provide the best from one generation to another.

Is Leesa Mattress Good?

Any Leesa mattress can support most body types and every sleeping position. More than giving value to your money, you enjoy some perks such as free shipping and return. When you buy a Leesa bed, you get to help the community through the company’s mission. You don’t get the opportunity to experience better sleep at night alone because you are also helping others to experience the same luxury.

Leesa mattresses are recommended for:

Leesa offers a silent bed that is also great with motion transfer isolation using its all-foam construction. If you have a Leesa mattress at home, you get minimal sleep destruction which makes it excellent for couples and sensitive sleepers.

Pressure relief is one of the best things that Leesa can offer to its customers. The bed adjusts with the sleeper and it creates a body-hugging feel that helps in preventing the development of pressure points. A person who has chronic back pain or experiences back pain frequently will prefer Leesa mattress.

For those people who want the feeling of sleeping ‘in’ a bed while enjoying a minimal motion transfer, Leesa mattress is a great choice. With its softer comfort layer, any sleeper can feel the pleasure of the bed without the sagging experience. The majority of the lightweight and average weight sleepers, or those who weigh under 230 pounds, will agree to the support and comfort of the body-hugging feel like of Leesa.

Where to buy Leesa Mattress?

Buying your new mattress is pretty simple and straightforward. Check the company’s online store, pick and order the best bed that you want, and patiently wait for the product to be delivered right into your doorstep. Don’t be surprised if the mattress comes in a box, because that’s one of the best things about the company.

But we all know that getting the bed without getting the chance to try it is a hard decision. Despite reading the mattress review online, getting great opinions and feedback about the products, and how the company is helping the community, the process is still scary. Since buying a new bed is a big investment and you might be using it for 8 years or more, you need to get the one that will meet all your needs and wants for a mattress. 

These concerns have been considered by Leesa that’s why they offered two different ways so customers can try their mattresses. Sleepers can try any Leesa bed if they visit one of the Dream Gallery Locations or any of the Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Macy’s locations. Another way is enjoying the 100-nights risk-free trial so you can get the chance to try the mattress at home. 

What is the Leesa Mattress made of?

Leesa has a height of 10″ and it comes with three different foam layers which help in achieving a firm and supportive structure.

Right here, we will breakdown the different layers of the mattress and we will know what they do in creating an excellent bed.


The material used to create the cover of every mattress is a thick polyester blend. With this material, you can enjoy a soft touch and cozy feel of a mattress cover.

Comfort Layer

The original comfort layer of Leesa mattress comes with a bouncy and latex-like alternative. But with the updated version, it is made of a 100% LSA 200 foam. The updated material used to make a comfort layer may be bouncy and responsive like the original foam, but it has a denser feeling. With its placement, the sleeper will not only experience a lifted feeling at the top of the structure. He also gets the chance to enjoy a nice cooling throughout the mattress.

Transition Layer

This layer comes with a 2″ memory foam. With the transition layer, you will feel that the response is much slower compared to the LSA 200 foam. This is because the sleeper must feel some sinkage and body contouring.

Foundation Layer

The base of the mattress construction is a thick layer of high-density polyfoam that comes with an edge support. The foundation layer acts as the support of the softer foams, giving the bed its stability and shape.

How Firm is the Leesa Mattress?

One of the top things that you’ll notice if you have tried the mattress is your sinking body because of the LSA 200 and memory foam top layers. Another thing that you will experience is the pleasant pressure relief as you lay your lower back. But your movement will never be limited since you can keep on moving freely above a bed with secured edge support.

Using a scale of 1 to 10, as 1 is the softest and 10 as the most firmness, the mattress gets a 6.5 rating. This means that with Leesa, you get a medium-firm bed because of the softness of the tops layers and the firmness of the support layer.

If you are a back sleeper, you will feel supported as you sleep at night. The tops layers of foam can go with the shape of your body while your hips can sink in the right amount.

The mattresses can also guarantee comfort for side sleepers while minimizing the discomfort of motion transfer. Their body can sink into the mattress just a bit while feeling minimal pressure on their hips and shoulders. But for stomach sleepers, they will need more edge support because of their sleeping style.

The mattress can offer a pressure relief foam while avoiding the chance of getting stuck.

Leesa Firmness for Different Models

Since the company had started offering some of the most excellent mattresses in the market, they have constructed three models – one all-foam and two hybrid mattresses. Let’s talk more about their features so you can decide and choose the best bed for you and your family.

The Original Mattress is composed of 2 premium components. They are the three layers of foam and a quality mattress cover. Like other bed-in-a-box mattresses available in the market, mattress Leesa comes with a 10″ height. But what makes Leesa better than the average memory foam mattress is it’s 20% lighter than its competitors. And the top-most advantage of mattress is the material used for its construction which is the high-quality memory foam. This material can fit any body shape and provide an edge support to any weight category.

The Hybrid Mattress comes with memory foam and innerspring elements. This means that this hybrid can offer you two of the best things about mattresses – the excellent stability and the high adaptiveness to the body’s shape and movements. The Leesa Hybrid was previously known as a Sapira luxury hybrid mattress.

The hybrid construction is also part of the Legend Mattress. But aside from the mattress’ pocket coils system and edge support, micro-pocket springs were also added. This is the main difference between the Leesa Hybrid and the Leesa Legend mattresses.

When we talk about the firmness feel of a bed, it is not always the same with every person. Since firmness levels are subjective, your opinion may be different from the opinion of the other sleepers. To achieve an unbiased mattress review of Leesa, we asked for the help and support of panel reviewers and this is what we got.

The mattress comes with an average firmness level since it gained a rating of 6 out of 10 where 10 is the most firm. Since Leesa offers the medium-firm feel, it is perfect for the average sleepers.

According to the review, the Leesa Hybrid mattress got a score of 7-7.5 out of 10. Maybe the reason behind this is the bouncing feeling offered by the coil system. This makes this model a fairly firm mattress. 

On the other hand, most Leesa mattress reviews found in Reddit says that Leesa Hybrid is not recommended for side sleepers, but it’s undeniably great for those stomach sleepers and back sleepers.

For those side sleepers who are looking for a Leesa mattress, the Leesa Legend mattress is the best option for you because it can give an excellent level of pressure relief and minimal motion transfer.

Leesa Mattress Benefits

Since Leesa mattresses have been considered as one of the best mattresses in the market today, you might wish to know the different benefits of this brand.

Every mattress was designed to deliver an amazing night’s sleep for everyone, regardless of their body shape and sleeping styles. Whether you are a back sleeper, side sleeper, front sleeper, or a combo sleeper, you will feel that the mattress conforms with your body and sleeping position so it can provide you the most excellent comfort, edge support, and pressure relief for a great sleep each night.

No one would ever wish to wake up with a sweaty tangle of sheets, right? A Leesa mattress can make sure that this will never happen to you. Because of the 5cm top layer of premium Avena® foam, Leesa provides minimal retention of body heat and an innovative airflow system to achieve a cooler sleep at night. Together with the central memory foam layer, the mattress delivers all the contouring benefits and pressure relief of memory foam while eliminating the ‘sleep hot’ feeling.

Because the mattress’ central layer comes with a 5cm of premium memory foam, every back, side, or stomach sleeper can enjoy an amazing pressure relief and body contouring.

Every mattress comes with incredible motion isolation and produces minimal noise. You don’t have to worry about sleeping with a restless partner or pet because nothing can disrupt your great night’s sleep.

Every sleeper would want a mattress that can support their sleeping needs for a decade or more. And this is made possible because of Leesa mattresses. The company behind this excellent product uses premium quality foams and performed various testing to guarantee a mattress that can provide amazing nights for many years.

When you are supporting Leesa, you don’t enjoy their products alone. You are joining a great mission which is donating one mattress (for every ten sold mattress) to non-profit organizations around the world. Since 2014, Leesa has recorded a 30, 000 mattresses donated to various organizations and donations for different charities which are working to support the homeless Manchester, London, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Sunderland, Exeter, and Cardiff.

Leesa Mattress Features

This time, we will talk about the different features of a mattress. This will give you a big help in determining what kind of mattress model you should go to.

As soon as you get your box of mattress., you are receiving a beautifully designed mattress with three premium foam layers responsible for cooling, pressure-relieving, and body contouring. Because of the updated high-quality foam on the top layer, you were given the chance to experience a better rest and pressure relief. With the universal adaptive feel of a mattress and an excellent edge support, you can expect a body-hugging feel regardless of your body type and sleeping style.

Since there is a microcell structure found in the high-quality foam, a better airflow will be established – resulting in a perfect amount of bounce and hug. You can enjoy a cooler sleep and better support and comfort that you need.

The company behind Leesa mattresses knows well that one night is not enough to fall in love with their products. So to create a hassle-free purchase with free shipping offer, every mattress comes with 100 nights free in-home trial together with a hassle-free full refund policy.

Expect an iconic 4-stripe cover when you purchase any mattress. The company made sure that they only offer the best which lead to the creation of a highly breathable cover. 


In this part, we will compare the Leesa mattress with its top two competitors. 

Leesa Mattress vs Brunswick Mattress


With a Brunswick mattress, you get to enjoy a medium-firm feel that comes with an incredibly soft, plush pillow-top. The firmness rating of this brand was based on the evaluations done before the official release of the product. A Brunswick mattress was designed to offer good comfort and support for every sleep position.

While Leesa’s original mattress comes with a 6 inches base layer and it adds durability, structure, and strength to support sleepers of all sizes, removing the too firm feeling.


The Brunswick mattress comes with multiple cooling features: the hemp-based cover provides the moisture-wicking properties; the cooling gel memory foam provides the heat-dissipating qualities; the lightweight pocketed springs which circulate the air during changing positions. 

On the other hand, Leesa mattress was designed and engineered using the three premium foams for body contouring, cooling, and core support for pressure relief.


The Brunswick mattress has utilized reinforced pocketed springs. This means that no matter what the position of the sleeper, he can get the assurance that his body and back are supported properly.

With Leesa mattress, the 2″ foam layer can deliver a pressure relief and body contouring that any sleeper type would want from memory foam.

Leesa Mattress vs Novosbed

Everyone will agree that Leesa and Novosbed offer high-quality mattresses that are both very accommodating. But right here, you will know the reasons why you choose Leesa over Novosbed and vice versa.


Novosbed – every Novosbed mattress comes with three layers of foam and it has a prototypical memory foam feel. This means that when you lay on the tops of the mattress, your body can sink a little and the first 2 layers of the mattress will begin to conform and mold to your body. Novosbed has firmness. You may have the Soft, Medium, or Firm Novosbed, depending on your needs. 

Leesa – the mattress also comes with three foam layers. You will find a layer of memory foam in the middle, while on the top layer is the company’s proprietary LSA200 foam. Because the memory foam layer is found in the middle, you may not feel it at all. The top layer of Leesa mattress may not give you a body-hug feel or it will not follow with your body, unlike the traditional foam.

Firmness Options

While Leesa mattress offers a single option when it comes to firmness (medium), Novosbed comes with multiple firmness profiles. Novosbed has the Soft, Medium, and Firm version of their mattress.


For some sleepers, this may be a minor point, but you may appreciate this one while using a mattress. Novosbed comes with a machine washable cover while Leesa mattress doesn’t. With Novosbed, you can remove the cover when it gets dirty and cleans it using your washing machine. This is one of the unique features of Novosbed because the most cover of the bed-in-a-box mattresses must be spot clean and not machine washable.

FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Leesa mattress last?

When you choose to buy a Leesa mattress, you get a full replacement limited warranty for 10 years! But if you are planning to leave the U.S, U.K., or Canada, your 10-years warranty and the 100 nights free sleep trial will be voided by the company. The warranty will cover defects like visible indentation that appears deeper than1 1″ and it is not an outcome of an improper base or physical flaws.

The typical softening of the foam is not covered by the warranty as well. This result happens naturally because of breaking in the mattress and it will not affect Leesa’s functions or firmness. It is not the company’s responsibility when the cause of damage is due to personal infliction such as cut, stains, or tears. When you happen to buy a Leesa mattress from a reseller or an unauthorized retailer, the company cannot grant you the product warranty. If you want to get a Leesa bed, you can get it directly from Amazon, Pottery, or West Elm.

Can Leesa last more than 10 years? We all know that most mattresses can last longer if we give extra care to them. If you will follow the important recommendations of the company such as using a mattress protector to avoid spills and regular quarterly cleaning, you can enjoy the comfort of a mattress for more than a decade.

Who makes the Leesa mattress?

Leesa has started its journey from the shores of Virginia Beach and since the year 2015, Leesa Sleep had been dedicated to creating American-made mattresses. Leesa, as one of the pioneers of the bed-in-a-box movement, has established a successful and trustworthy company in the mattress game. There are many reasons why this brand has been preferred by many sleepers and the company sees a bigger future for their business.

The founding team behind the success of Leesa had used their design talent, e-commerce expertise, and the deep and strong knowledge of developing mattresses. The team’s goal is to come up with a mattress that can provide a better sleeping experience, a simple buying process, deliver great value to every door, and bring a little difference in the world through their mission. No wonder why they created a product that is way better than its counterpart mattress. 

What does a Leesa Mattress cost?

Since Leesa is using the online business model, you can enjoy a quality mattress at a surprisingly low price. Aside from this, your mattress can also be delivered right into your doorstep for free, so you can eliminate numerous costs. When you choose to go with a Leesa mattress, you are getting a great value for your money.

Now, if you are ready to purchase your new mattress, here is a straightforward guide for Leesa mattress price:

  • Twin – $599
  • Twin XL – $699
  • Full – $999
  • Queen – $1099
  • King – $1299
  • California King – $1299

Keep in mind that when you purchase any Leesa mattress, you are helping a homeless person in gaining their much-needed mattress because Leesa donates one mattress for every 10 mattress sales that they have.

Leesa Mattress Comparison

If you are considering the other Leesa models, here is a comparison of their prices.


Leesa Original

Leesa Hybrid 

Leesa Legend





















Cal King




Leesa Bed Reviews Conclusion

Now that you have all the knowledge that you need to know about a Leesa mattress, you can say that this product is a great value and it’s better than most of its competitors. The updated Leesa model is a great upgrade from its original, especially if you are a side sleeper. You will feel a better pressure relief than what the original mattress can give you. For back sleepers, this mattress can meet their needs for a comfortable bed. But stomach sleepers, it’s recommended that they find a firmer and more supportive mattress.

To end this Leesa mattress review, we can say that the company’s mattress and service has always been the first class. The design and attention to detail proved that the company did a real upgrade with sleeping experience. You will even have a better sleep at night knowing that you are also helping homeless people by supporting a company that stands with a great mission.

Leesa Mattress