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Looking for the perfect mattress is something that is not very easy to do. It may be fun shopping for a bed frame, but finding the mattress that will be a good match for it is not the same because buying one also means getting something that you would want to last for a very, very long time and still feel comfortable over the years.

One mattress company that we will be taking a look at is Idle Sleep, which has been in the business for more than 20 years. Idle Sleep has different types of mattresses to suit every individual’s or a family’s needs. With several options to choose from, surely your bed will find its match in this company.

In this Idle Sleep mattress review, a thorough analysis of the Idle Hybrid will be revealed. This review will include all there is to know about its foams and springs and hopefully will give you an idea if this type of mattress will be able to provide your needs of giving you pressure relief and let you have a relaxing and comfortable sleep for a very long time. This product is also available in a Luxury Firm, but the review will focus on the Medium.

Though Idle Sleep has been in the business for over 20 years, they continue to invigorate their sustainability by going back to the tradition of manufacturing dual-sided construction, which can be rotated and flipped to prevent the sagging of the mattress over time.

Idle Hybrid Mattress Overview

This bed and mattress company called Idle Sleep is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and it manufactures double sided mattresses where each mattress comes in 2 similar comfort systems: one per side and another has a shared support center.

Currently, in the line- up of its selections, five models are available, and these are:

  • The Idle Sleep Double Sided Hybrid, which is a single- firmness type of mattress that is invertible and is made using comfortable layers of 3 different types of polyurethane foam, which are: transitional polyfoam, quilted polyfoam, and aerated polyfoam. The shared support core is made up of a pocketed coil layer that is 6″ in width. Its cover, on the other hand, consists of a synthetic fabric that is made of recycled polymers combined with Tencel lyocell called ThermoCool plus some other types of fibers. Idle Double-Sided Hybrid comes in 2 firmness settings which are: Medium Firm that is on the 6th level of the 1- 10 firmness scale; and Firm, which is on the 8th level.
  • The Idle Double-Sided Latex hybrid has a quilted poly foam top layer, and underneath is a 3″ non- aerated Talalay latex then followed by a 6″ pocketed coil support center. This mattress is covered in an organic- cotton material and has a 14″ profile. Idle Double Sided Latex Hybrid comes in 3 types of firmness settings which are: Medium Firm (on both sides) which is on the 6th level of the firmness scale, Firm (on both sides) which has the 8th level of firmness, and the other type is Medium on side and Firm on the other side.
  • The Idle Double-Sided All Foam is made up of quilted polyurethane foam along with gel-infused polyfoam on both sides and a shared support center using high- density polyfoam. Idle Double Sided All Foam’s cover is a ThermoCool fabric, and its mattress has a 14″ profile which comes in 2 settings: Medium Firm, on the 6th level of firmness; and Firm on the 8th level of firmness.
  • The Idle Double-Sided Dual Firmness consists of all memory foam that is made from different types of polyfoam, which are: standard and quilted polyfoam, followed by a layer of transitional polyfoam, then a high- density polyfoam support center. ThermoCool fabric is the material for its cover and has a 12″ profile. Its Firmness settings are Medium (5) on one side and Firm (7) on the other side.
  • The Idle Air is an airbed that is made with a complex feature consisting of comfortable layers of memory foam and latex. Its complex design allows it to be rotated or removed so the user can adjust the feel of the mattress. This airbed is also composed of a Euro- top cover, a textured polymer grid to offer edge support to the sleeper’s body, and lastly, a layer of transitional polyfoam. Its air chamber system is surrounded by a high-density polyfoam that can also be adjusted. Idle Air is available in 5 types: For the single chamber, Twin XL and Queen sizes are available; while for the double chambers with dual firmness settings, California King, standard King and Queen are available. The firmness, as well as the program memory of any of these types, maybe adjusted through a remote control that comes with this product.

Since there is not enough data to assess and confirm the users’ experiences for all types of Idle Sleep mattresses, this review will only focus on the Idle Double-Sided Hybrid. But as soon as the other models of Idle Sleep have been tested and evaluated, more info idle sleep will be added.

The model, Idle Sleep Double-Sided Hybrid, comes with several advantages as compared with the other models, such as its quantum edge-to-edge invertible design that allows it to have an extended lifespan because each side can be used in an equal distribution. Idle Sleep Double-Sided Hybrid is available in 2 settings of firmness, which are Medium Firm and Firm, and both come in a 14″ profile.

The Double-Sided Hybrid is perfect for people who sleep on their side or stomach, and also for the heavy ones as it has a good air circulation that comes from its coil and aerated foam layers that keep its temperature neutral. Its ThermoCool cover enhances the mattress for people who sleep hot.

Idle Sleep has a free shipping service to its clients in the adjacent US White Glove delivery, and which includes in-home assembly as well as old mattress removal, but the latter is to be made upon request and comes with an extra fee. Some great features of its service are that it comes with a 120-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty, protecting all the aspects of the mattress repair or replacement. Idle Sleep can be purchased for $1,224, which is considered below- average for the regular price of this type of bed. 

Learn more about this quantum edge-to-edge Idle Sleep Double-Sided Hybrid by reading further along as prices, specifications, other performance evaluations, as well as its overview on return, free shipping, and other policies regarding warranty will be mentioned. Similar product suggestions will also be included in the info idlesleep com.

What is the Idle Sleep Mattress Made of?

To have an Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid Mattress is something that would make you feel like you have missed out a lot on comfortable sleeping as its whole mattress is covered in all-natural organic cotton, which gives a balanced airflow to the entire mattress. Underneath is an inch of Idle Sleep Quilting Foam that is seamed into the top to add plushness and comfortability. Another component is a 3″ Talalay Latex that is infused with 100% pure and natural gel that provides edge support that is incomparable and also offers cell breathability.

How Firm is the Idle Sleep Mattress?

Idle mattress are always available in two types of firmness, and these are:

  • Luxury Firm
  • Medium

Between the two, the more popular option is the Medium firmness because it offers the right amount of balance between support and comfort. It is a good option as well for combination sleepers. These types of sleepers are those who tend to switch positions while they are sleeping, such as sleeping on the stomach, sleeping on the back, and then sleeping on the side.  

For those who prefer a firmer mattress, the Luxury Firm is recommended. This type of firmness is great for people who sleep on either their back or the stomach and is also a good option for the plus-sized as they usually find the softer types creating a dip while they sleep through the night.

Idle Mattress Benefits

What makes any latex bed amazing is that it is also very environment-friendly as it makes use of natural materials. Aside from using Talalay latex, it also uses organic cotton for its cover, and this type of latex is super comfortable because it is breathable as well as consistent. Talalay latex is also more preferred and is a higher version of Dunlop, its sister latex.

Latex is not only a buoyancy foam that allows you to shift positions easily, but it is naturally ventilated as well, making it highly suitable for the warm sleepers. The holes in it allow minimal heat retention, and those that are retained are released easily as well. Idle mattresses are highly breathable also because of its coil system and its organic cotton cover.

With all these being said, Idle Sleep Latex mattress is the most durable of any other foams used to produce mattresses then combined with the technology of its coil system. You will then get a mattress that is to last for a very long time while keeping what you feel like the first you got it. This simply proves great quality.

Not an Issue for Small/ Average Sized Sleepers

This bed seems to work for all types of sleepers because it provides a good balance between pressure relief and support that it is suitable as well for lighter-weight individuals because it is soft enough to make it very comfortable with them.

Those that weigh about 100 pounds do not find it easy to tell the difference between a comfortable mattress and a soft one as they do not sink at all. But with this one, light sleepers will surely know the difference and will simply love it.

Also Able to Handle Heavy People

This type of mattress is good for people with heavier weights as well, and since it uses coils rather than thick slabs of foam, the material lasts longer and is more durable.

This hybrid is also beneficial for those with heavyweight because it offers more support than the usual all-foam mattress, and because of its use of pocketed coils, it provides some bi-directional support and bounce.

Idle hybrid has a 14″ profile, so it is a thicker mattress as compared to the regular 10″ mattress that is regularly purchased from the usual bed- in- a- box companies. These then are the reasons why heavier people would be more comfortable in this mattress than with any other. As mentioned earlier, it is flippable, making its useful life last a very long time.


This type of bed is composed of both coils and foam, and Idle Sleep’s interior coil support layer on each side is both contouring and responsive.


One of the important features that this bed has developed is its cooling system in each layer of the mattress.

To start with, its cover uses a material that has special fibers that adjust to the sleeper’s body heat. Then its quilted top also aids with airflow, while the second layer of the foams was specially produced to allow the air to keep flowing. The middle part of the mattress consists of coils, which maximizes airflow as well.


This bed type is available in two types of firmness, which are Luxury Firm and Medium. Those who mostly sleep on their stomach and back are more suitable to have the Medium firmness, while sleepers whose sleeping positions are stomach and back would be better to use the Luxury Firm as it could offer more support for their body.

Edge Support

In terms of its fabrication, this bed works very well when couples use the whole mattress and utilize the mattress edge support for sleeping on. However, when it came to an individual adult who only sat on the edge like to say to wear his or her shoes, the result was not as effective as when the mattress’ edge was used for sleeping.

Motion Transfer

One of the setbacks of this bed type is when you are getting both the coils and the foam, you also get each of its good sides as well as the not so good ones. In this case, it does not absorb motion too well such that when couples sleep on the same mattress and one needs to get up, the other person sleeping will also feel the movement, and their sleep may be disrupted as well. This is because of the coils which do not address this concern as much as they all-foam type of mattress.


Idle Sleep has its rights reserved for Idle hybrid’s unique features which include:

  • Its being a hybrid is a combination of foams and coils, making it more durable and last for a very long time.
  • Hybrids are perfect for those who have always liked using innerspring mattress but would like some foam-like feeling as this would create body impressions that would make it comfortable for them to sleep on.
  • Because it is double sided, each side has comfortable layers of foams that are supported with coils in the middle.
  • The idle hybrid comes in two levels of firmness, which are Medium and Luxury Firm.
  • This type of mattress works very well for those who sleep on their side, back, and stomach as it provides support and cushioning.
  • Luxury Firm is a great option for people with heavier built as it offers more support for the body.
  • It has a quilted top layer that is double-barreled and comes with a cooling foam underneath a fabric that adjusts to the sleeper’s body temperature making it very comfortable for the sleeper.
  • It has a motion transfer effect because it is highly responsive as sleepers shift their position.
  • Its support system also keeps the sleeper’s spine in place.
  • Because of its materials, this mattress will not soften or become stiff at room temperature, unlike the memory foam.
  • Since it is flippable, this mattress’s lifespan is extended for a long time without losing its original quality.
  • It is manufactured in the USA and has a white glove delivery service. Perhaps its white glove delivery is also what sets it apart from the others. 


Before making the final decision, consumers would naturally compare similar products, rights reserved, and would check all the important aspects of a bed. Such as the price, composition, firmness, etc. Part of this review is to evaluate other competitors as well as Layla and Purple and match against Idle Sleep.

Idle Double-Sided Hybrid protects its right reserved for its unique features that include: having a design that is flippable and using combined technology of utilizing both foams and coils into its mattresses. Being able to flip your mattress makes it even more durable and can last for a very long time. It also offers the preservation of the materials used as well as reduces sagging in the surface. This mattress comes in two levels of firmness, and these are Medium Firm (6) and Firm (8). Both are great for those who sleep on their stomach and back and are highly suitable for those with an average of 130 pounds weight as well as for the heavier ones.

Apart from its dual firmness and double sided technology, it also has very good temperature control, has great cooling features, and has strong edge support.

Idle Sleep vs. Layla

As we already know, Idle Sleep’s double sided and flippable features make the product very durable, and its having dual firmness options make it great for consumers to choose their pick.  

Layla’s mattresses, on the other hand, make use of cool and copper-infused technology. It also has a flippable design but its purpose is for a much firmer and softer feel. Layla’s mattresses are available in 2 versions, which are all-foam and hybrid.

Idle vs. Purple

As for the Purple mattresses, they utilize smart grid technology as their cooling feature, and part of its purpose is to offer pressure relief for point and joint pains. Purple mattresses appear to be less firm mattress when compared to other memory foams, and its firmness level is Medium.

While Idle Sleep uses hybrid technology and has dual firmness options as well as cooling features that allow the mattress to adapt to the sleeper’s body heat, another amazing feature is its flippable design for more product durability and longer lifespan.

FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Idle Sleep Mattresses Made?

All Idle Sleep foams are US certified and are natural.

  • It is environment-friendly bed as they do not use materials that deplete the ozone
  • Their products are not made of PBDEs, TCEP or TDCPP flame retardants
  • They do not use heavy metals like lead, mercury, and others as such
  • They do not use formaldehyde
  • They do not use phthalates that are not regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • They only produce low (like 0.5 parts per million or less) volatile organic compound emissions for indoor air quality.

Are Hybrid Mattresses Flippable?

Latex Hybrid mattresses have the same amount of layers as the double sided, but this type of mattress makes use of all- organic and natural cotton for its cover. It also utilizes the quilting foam layer, but with this one, it sits on the 100% Talalay latex, which provides bounce and breathability. At its center is a quantum edge-to-edge pocketed coils that make it more durable and offer more support for the body.

With its flippable design, both sides have Talalay latex foam and quilting foam.

What is a Hybrid Bed?

A hybrid mattress is made up of a combination of 2 or more support systems and generally comes with an innerspring system along with several comfortable layers of either latex or memory foam. One of the great things about this type of bed is that it gets the best features of having both foam and coils, so the sleeper gets some pressure relief through the memory foam, but still maintains the feel of sleeping on a mattress with innerspring.

Hybrids offer several types of comfort levels that vary. Consumers can choose the level of firmness of the bed that suits them best, such as from soft plush to very firm, and prices also come in different values so the buyer can pick something that is within his or her budget range.  

Since there are so many options in terms of specifications for a hybrid, any type of sleeper will certainly be able to find something where he or she will be comfortable in. Hybrids are also usually one-sided, allowing them to be used with adjustable bases.

If you do not want any fuss and are simply looking for convenience, hybrid bed can also be bought in a box. A hybrid bed usually lasts about ten years on average, but of course, its durability is affected by several different factors. Some of these include the quality of the mattress’s foundation, how the sleeper is taking care of the mattress, the quality of the materials used, how the user is using the mattress, and how often, etc.

A hybrid bed usually does not need a box spring because the components, as well as the other materials needed to provide comfort, all come with the product. However, it is still best to review your warranty of the bed and see if the manufacturer would need you to have one. Same with memory foam mattresses, it may take a while to break in a hybrid bed before you can fully appreciate its ultimate comfort level.

How Much Does an Idle Sleep Mattress Cost?

After all the information provided about some types of Idle Sleep mattresses, perhaps at this point, you have an idea whether this bed is a good fit for you. If you think that this is the perfect mattress for you, check for more information on sizes and pricing of their bed, but also here are some of that information to help you decide.

The following list of prices is based on standard pricing, and you can make some savings if you use the promo code: SLEEPOPOLIS.

Twin $929
Twin XL $959
Full $1,399
Queen $1,599
King $1,899
California King $1,899

Idle Sleep Mattress Review Conclusion

Since all the features of Idle Sleep Mattress have been identified and discussed, here then are some of its main pros and cons to give you a summary of the product. We also considered other Idle Hybrid Mattress reviews to give you a better picture:


Idle Sleep mattresses have so many great features. One of them is its bounce, which is a good match for those who are searching for support through a solid buoyancy foam. Another is its cooling feature, which is perfect for those who sleep hot. This feature also enables the mattress to adapt to the sleeper’s body heat, making it very comfortable for the user. But perhaps, the best thing about this product is that it provides pressure relief without feeling like you are stuck in the bed.


One of the setbacks of this product is its motion transfer, which results from the intense bounce coming from the foam and the coils. And another downside is that it does not create very good body impressions.

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