Ghostbed Vs Purple – An In-Depth Comparison

Ghostbed vs Purple Mattress


Purple Mattress

Better Cooling

Greater Buoyancy

Choosing a mattress that you will sleep on for many years to come is not easy. Thus, most people narrow down their choices to their top two picks. For this purpose, we’re pitting two mattress giants – Ghostbed and Purple to find out whether you should choose one over the other. Our Ghostbed Vs Purple reviews will give you the best for your bucks!

Although Ghostbed is a new-comer in the industry and Purple comes from a well-established maker, the odds are pretty much closer than you think. Depending on what you’re looking for, these two mattresses have a lot to offer.

Allow us to take you through the specs of each contender and know more about the construction, support, and firmness level. Read on to know more about our Purple Mattress vs. Ghost Bed review.

Ghostbed Pricing

Twin $495
Twin XL $600
Full $845
Queen $895
King $1,075
California King $1,095

Other Specifications

Ghostbed Review

GhostBed is made by a veteran mattress company, Nature’s Sleep. It is an all-foam mattress construction that includes memory foam, polyfoam, and latex foam. It has two models – the original and luxe versions. This review will focus on the Original and the features that make it stand out.

Some of the qualities that reviewers will notice first with the GhostBed is that it is firmer than the average high-quality mattresses. It has a 1.5 inches top layer of aerated latex foam. It is what gives this mattress that spongier feeling. You’ll also appreciate its good airflow and the bounce that comes from the latex foam.

The GhostBed will perfectly work for you if you are -

Stomach or back sleeper

It gives nice support because it is firmer than the usual mattresses. Whether you sleep on your stomach or back, you will feel the overall support of this mattress.

Looking for a Durable Value for Money Product

Ghostbed guarantees high-quality materials and construction, thus it is a good value purchase. You can have a good mattress that will last for years at a very competitive price.

If You are A Hot Sleeper

This mattress has holes in the top latex layer. It helps keep the airflow and makes the foam more breathable. This open-celled latex layer, followed by the cooling gel memory foam, will ensure that you remain cool as you sleep in this mattress.

Construction and Materials

Ghostbed mattresses are delivered in a box and ready to use. It has a total of 11 inches combination of latex and gel memory foam layers, which makes it an appealing choice for a majority of sleepers.

The following layers compose this mattress.

Cooling and Comforting Top Layer

The top layer is 1.5-inch aerated latex foam. It instantly responds when you lay down and gives the mattress a good degree of bounciness. This layer also creates a comfortable and cooling surface.

Support Middle Layer

The next layer is a 2-inch gel memory foam, which provides effective pressure and support relief. It is not as responsive as the top layer and works as the core support layer. The cooling memory foam gel also helps dissipate heat and in cooling.

Bottom Foundation Layer

The bottom layer is a 7.5 inches high-density support foam. It provides a sturdy foundation for the top two foam layers.

Ghostbed construction uses a soft and thin 100-percent polyester cover that is uniquely stretchy with a plush dimpled pattern. You will feel these dimples through your sheets and will give you a massaging feel. This cover also helps cool the mattress and improve airflow.

Firmness and Support

On the firmness scale, where ten is the firmest, the Ghostbed offers a universal feel and firmness. The mattress has effectively combined latex and gel memory foam to provide adequate responsiveness and sufficient edge support for all sleeping positions.

The latex foam provides good push-back and prevents sleepers from sinking deep into the foam. On the other hand, the core foam in the middle adapts to the body weight and contours.

The GhostBed is uniquely constructed, and it is felt to be on the firmer side for most users. It can also support heavier sleepers so they will not sink to the foundation despite their heavyweight.

Additionally, heavy sleepers will be comfortable sleeping on their side without feeling pressure points. The firmness works well for those who switch sleeping positions from the back, side, or stomach.

Comfort Level

When choosing a bed, we all would like to have a comfortable one. The Ghostbed features a soft and comfortable exterior. Once you lie down, you’d appreciate the feel of the latex and gel foam layer combination. It feels well-balanced for all types of sleepers. With the top latex layer, you will not feel enveloped or hug, a quality that is common with a memory foam top layer. More so, the cover gives you a comfortable feel through the sheets. As you continue to use this mattress, it adapts well to your body shape.

Hot Sleepers

The GhostBed is well known for doing a great job in keeping their mattress an ideal choice for hot sleepers. It features a thin breathable cover, a 1.5 inches top aerated latex foam layer followed by a 2-inch cooling gel memory foam. These two layers effectively prevent heat buildup so you won’t have that sweaty and sticky feeling that is typical with memory foam mattresses. So you remain fresh and cool while you sleep soundly throughout the night.

Sinkage and Motion Transfer

The top latex layer and the dense support layers give Ghostbed minimal sinkage. It means that you will not sink deeply or feel enveloped by the mattress. Its firmness also makes for a minimal motion transfer. Thus, it is ideal for users with partners and co-sleepers. The mattress does a wonderful job at isolating movements when one shifts position or is getting in or out of bed.

Off-Gassing and Smells

In most cases, new products come with noticeable odor when you unbox them. Surprisingly, the Ghostbed does not have these off-gassing odors that are typical with memory foam mattresses. If there were any smells, it was due to the packaging, and soon it dissipated within hours.

Customer Service Guarantee

When you order a Ghostbed, you gain several advantages in terms of their excellent customer services and offers such as:

  • 101 Night Sleep Trial Period
  • Free and Fast Shipping
  • American Made Mattress
  • No questions asked 100% return
  • 20 years warranty


One of the top reasons why Ghostbed vs. Purple mattress is so appealing is because it is reasonably priced for its excellently delivered quality. Their Queen sized mattress is only at $750, so it’s so hard to beat!

Purple Pricing

Twin XL $540
Queen $750
King $900
California King $900

Other Specifications

Purple Mattress Review

Purple is recognized as one of the most popular bedding companies in the world. They are known for their innovative design, thanks to their original purple mattress. They utilize a patented material known as the Hyper-elastic Polymer. It is unlike any other material in the mattress industry. It is not a type of memory foam or any other type of foam. Sounds intriguing? In this overview, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Purple mattress review, its construction, firmness and comfort level, and more.

The Purple Mattress will be a good fit for people who are -

Back sleepers

Purple provides the right amount of comfort and support for back sleepers. The patented Purple grid collapses to adjust to the hips and butt while supporting the rest of the body effectively.

Heavy side sleepers

Purple may feel too firm for lighter side sleepers, but those on the heavier side will appreciate the pressure relief that this mattress offers. The grid will create a cradling effect as it collapses under heavier weight to provide pressure relief for the shoulders and hips.

Stomach Sleepers

Purple provides adequate support for most stomach sleepers.

Hot Sleepers

Sleeping hot is not a problem with Purple mattress. The grid leaves an excellent airflow; thus, your bed will be temperature neutral all the time.

Interested in long-term investments – this mattress costs more than other mattresses of the same quality and size. But its patented material makes it a longer-lasting investment.

Purple Mattress Construction

Purple can be considered a hybrid mattress due to its unique material and construction. Primarily, it has 2-inch of their patented open-cell hyper-elastic polymer material as the top layer. It is the main selling point of their mattresses. It is one of the thinnest beds at only 9.5 inches thick.

The Purple mattress is composed of the following layers:

Comfort and Cooling Layers

The top 2-inch layer is made of Purple’s patented hyper-elastic polymer material that guarantees cooling, support, and comfort.

Middle Support Layer

The middle layer is a 3.5-inch polyurethane foam that provides adequate transitional support.

Foundation Layer

The bottom layer is made of denser 4-inch polyurethane foam that serves as the foundation of the mattress.

The Purple mattress uses a soft and breathable combination of Lycra, Viscose, and Polyester for its cover. It is thin enough for good airflow and mattress ventilation. The Lycra fabric mix is a stretchy material that wicks away moisture and keeps temperature regulated.

Firmness and Support

Similar to the Ghostbed, Purple mattress is a type of mattress that offers a “universal comfort feel.” It appeals to most types of sleepers and tips at 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. It is slightly less firm, but it still suits the stomach or back sleepers.

This bed-in-a-box is 9.5 inches tall and arrives in a box. It has three layers covered with SoftFlex material, which Purple claims to complement the unique feel of the grid.

First Layer

Purple mattress features its unique 2-inch hyper-elastic polymer grid as its top layer. It is a pressure-easing layer that provides comfort and protection on the following layers. It is highly durable and has a structure that allows the release and of pressure across the grid. It equalizes and evenly distributes weight.

Second Layer

The next layer is 3.25-inch medium-soft polyurethane foam. This layer acts as a comfort layer for a smooth transition from the top to the bottom layer.

Base Layer

The bottom layer is a 4-inch polyurethane foam that has medium-firm support. It provides shape and durability to the mattress.

Comfort Levels

Purple mattress claims to be soft where you want it and firm where needed. It is quite admirable in its supportive and unique mattress material. It provides much-needed pressure relief where it is needed. More so, it has a soft and removable cover that you can safely clean when needed.

Hot Sleeping

If you sleep hot, you’d love sleeping on the Purple mattress. Its unique open-cell technology top comfort layer makes for a significantly cooler sleeping experience. It is the company’s patented design, and no other mattress company can top up this material. The Purple grid allows better airflow and works well with the breathable cover to avoid heat retention. What you get is a cool and pleasant bed to sleep on. And just like the Ghostbed, you won’t experience stickiness or sweating because of the comfortable and cooling technology of the top hyper-elastic polymer layer.

Sinkage and Motion Transfer

Purple’s top layer gives it a gel-like feel that is unique. However, though it provides some sort of support, it is not as firm as other types of beds in the range. Heavier sleepers will feel that they are sinking into the next layers and may experience that rolling off the edge feel. For lighter sleepers, they may appreciate the unique shifting, conforming, and folding feel of the grid as they become accustomed to it. However, due to the elasticity of its top layer, it has a certain bounciness and responsiveness to it.

Smell and Off-Gassing

Purple mattress is delivered in a box and ready to use. You will not notice any smell from it upon opening its box because it is made from unique foam construction.

Customer Services Offers

The Purple mattress also has several great offers, and these are:

  • Free shipping service
  • 100 nights sleep trial period
  • 10 Years Warranty


The Purple Mattress cost about $999 for its Queen-sized bed. It is pricier than the Ghostbed, but it is a reasonable offer, especially for those who want a unique, cool, and comfortable sleeping experience.

Ghost bed vs Purple Mattress: Which Mattress Is the One for You?

The GhostBed and Purple mattresses are two of the leading bed-in-a-box products that offer a unique, cooling, and comfortable sleeping experience. These two have their similarities and differences. If you are overwhelmed by their features, allow us to simplify your selection to the basics.

You Should Opt for the Ghostbed if you like -

To Sleep Cool

Ghostbed has a gel-infused memory foam comfort layer and an aerated latex foam in its construction. You are guaranteed to have a cool and comfortable sleep surface as the combined layers help prevent heat. It’s thin and softcover also enhances the airflow through the mattress and helps keep it cool.

A Universal Feel

The Ghostbed falls at the 7 out of 10 firmness level, which is the universal feel. It is designed to appeal to all types of sleepers, whether they are side, back, or stomach sleepers. It provides comfort and support for multiple sleeping positions.

Bounce and Pressure Relief

With the combination of soft, comfortable latex layer and the memory foam, the Ghostbed has adequate pressure relief in specific areas. At the same time, it has a nice degree of responsiveness and bounciness.

Supportive mattress

This 11-inch thick mattress provides excellent support for all types of sleepers and sleeping positions. It uses the right combination of latex foam, memory foam, and support layers to ensure that even the heavier ones will have a great sleeping experience. Additionally, it also has reinforced edge support.

You should pick out the Purple Mattress if you are into -

Sleeping Cool

Like the Ghostbed, Purple mattress is made to provide a cool and comfortable sleeping experience. What makes Purple different is that it uses an open-cell technology using its patented hyper-elastic polymer layer. This layer, along with its breathable cover, allows better airflow and prevents heat retention. Thus, you have a cool and pleasant sleeping experience.

Bouncy and Responsive mattress

Purple’s unique hyper-elastic polymer layer quickly responds to pressure and gives it an extra bounciness. You can easily change your position as you sleep. But it may cause some motion transfer, which is not a pro-point for some. Likewise, heavier sleepers may not appreciate Purple’s level of bounciness.

Is the Purple Mattress Really Worth It?

Purple Mattress’s biggest selling feature is the Purple grid layer. This hyper-elastic polymer material is incorporated into all of the company’s mattresses. What we reviewed today is the original Purple mattress with medium-firmness level. It is most comfortable for stomach and back sleepers. On the other hand, it does not have good feedback from heavier side-sleepers. Though the grid provides good pressure relief, it can sink in heavier sleepers to its following layers. Additionally, newer versions of the Purple mattress have reinforced edge support. Now those who sleep close to the edge will feel secure that they will not fall out.

Purple’s polymer grid layer also enhances its airflow and breathability. Thus you have a cooler and comfortable sleeping experience. All in all, its price range of $999 is a good value for those looking for a unique, cool, and comfortable mattress.

Purple Mattress Vs. Ghost bed: Which One Should You Buy?

Ghostbed and Purple mattress has similarities and differences. Hot sleepers and those who find typical memory foam mattresses to be warm, Purple mattresses is a tempting option. Its hyper-elastic polymer layer is one-of-a-kind.

Purple mattresses promise great works for dispersing heat when compared with memory foam that is used with Ghostbed. However, Ghostbed is still an excellent choice if you are okay with the cooling properties of its gel memory foam layer.

In terms of prices, Purple is more expensive than Ghostbed. It accounts for the unique technology and material that they use for its construction. But still, Ghostbed beats them with a longer warranty period of up to 20 years while Purple on has ten years.

Hope our Ghostbed vs. Purple comparison helps you decide on the best mattress for your situation. So what are you waiting for? Check them out now!