Ghostbed vs Leesa

Ghostbed vs Leesa


Leesa Mattress

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Ghostbed vs Leesa: A Comparison

Ghostbed Mattress Pricing

Twin $495
Twin XL $540
Full $775
Queen $795
King $975
California King $995

Other Specifications

Have you ever experienced sleeping soundly in a guesthouse while you stir and wake up several times in your bed? It might be due to the quality of the mattress that you are using.

Sleep is essential in keeping a person mentally and physically healthy. It is essential to have undisturbed sleep for a specific number of hours in every age group. To achieve this, it is equally important to pick the right type of mattress to use.

Thus, we came up with the two top picks and will be comparing their features – Ghostbed vs Leesa.

In this particular match, the veteran mattress maker, Leesa, and the recently high-performing brand, Ghostbed. These two have their merits and a growing fan-base as they bring excellent capabilities.

When pitting the Ghost vs. Leesa mattresses, we can check the quality of their latex, memory foam, and foundation layers. So let’s find out which of these brands is the better performer in giving you the best sleep each night.

GhostBed Mattress Features

Ghostbed Mattress


The GhostBed mattress is an industry leader in the mattress manufacturing market. It is an 11-inch sleeper that is composed of latex, memory, and support foam. Compared with other similar types, the GhostBed is slightly thicker at 11 inches. Ghostbed reviews provide more information about the mattress.

Cooling and Comfort Layer – the topmost layer of the GhostBed is made with a 1.5-inch of latex foam. It offers great response, bounce, cooling, and comfort. Latex foam works well with memory foam to provide users a well-balanced sleeping feel.

Support Layer – the middle layer is made from a 2-inch gel memory foam. It provides excellent support, relief, and body contouring. Layering it next to the latex foam helps prevent heat retention in the mattress. 

Foundation Layer – the bottom-most layer of the GhostBed is made with a 7.5-inch of support foam. It serves as the foundation base of the mattress supporting the top two layers. Additionally, it provides deeper compression support for heavier users.


There are several types of material used as a cover for the GhostBed. The top white fabric is made from 100 percent polyester material. The side grey panels are made from a blend of polyester and polypropylene.

The topmost white fabric is smooth, stretchy, and soft, while the inner grey panels are made from resilient material to serve as durable protection.

When it comes to aesthetic appeal, the GhostBed maintains a minimalist look that has become its standard cover design for their mattresses. Despite its simple design, the quality of the GhostBed cover is well-put-together.

Firmness, Feel, Support

The GhostBed tips the 6.5 out of 10 of firmness scale with ten as the most firm. Thus, this mattress carries out a medium to medium-firm level. Similar to the Leesa mattress, the GhostBed is also a suitable bed for various types of sleepers.

Upon initially laying down on the GhostBed, you will feel that it is slightly firmer than similar quality beds. However, after a few seconds of lying on it, you will feel that it becomes slightly softer.

GhostBed mattress utilizes a combination of materials to provide users a well-balanced bounce, response, and overall comfort. Even though it is an all-foam mattress, the top layer of latex provides users a firm bounce and excellent cooling features. Likewise, the memory foam gives much-needed pressure relief and support. This combination is a well-followed concept in most mattress makers, and by far, it is the most popular choice for most types of mattresses.

The mattress has the ability to contour to your body structure with the help of the gel memory foam placed after the top layer of latex. It easily adjusts to your weight and adapts to your body curves. Sleepers will appreciate the memory foam contour as well as the bounce and response at the top.

Additionally, the GhostBed has a great 7.5-inch support foam layer as its base. It offers an 11-inch profile that can support all types of sleepers, including those who weigh up to 400 pounds. Light sleepers will also appreciate how this mattress can relieve pressure points and maintain a consistent spinal alignment in any sleeping position.

All in all, GhostBed is an affordable option that offers exclusive features. It cools, supports, comforts, and bounces as nicely as other more expensive mattresses. Thus users consider it one of the best value mattresses today.

Other Details

  • 20-year warranty
  • Free shipping within the US, ships within 24 hours in a compressed box
  • 101 Nights Trial Period

Is GhostBed Good for Side Sleepers?

Although GhostBed comes close in second to the Leesa mattress, it is also highly recommended for all types of sleepers. It includes people who are most comfortable sleeping on their side. 

It provides a medium and firm feel with a firmness level tipping at 6.5 out of 10 in the scale. Initially, it will feel slightly firmer than a promise, but after lying in it for a few more seconds, you’d feel the medium-firm level it is known to have. This feature is ideal for side sleepers because it provides excellent support and keeps the spine aligned no matter what position you sleep in.

The gel memory foam that goes in the middle portion of the mattress provides a contoured feel. Although it has a latex foam layer on top, you cannot deny that it gives the classic memory foam hug. 

GhostBed mattress makers also offer a matching foundation box spring for customers who want a well-made all wood foundation for their mattress. More so, the GhostBed is offered at a 20-year warranty. The best offer among these types of products. They also have an extended trial period, which is 101 nights.

Leesa Mattress Pricing

Twin $525
Twin XL $625
Full $790
Queen $940
King $1,070
California King $1,070

Other Specifications

Leesa Mattress Features

leesa firmness and feel


In terms of construction features, the 10-inch Leesa mattress consists of three layers of foam. The top layer is Avena foam, which is somewhat similar to latex but lasts longer.

Cooling and Comfort Layer – the top layer of Leesa is a 2-inch layer of Avena foam. Similar to latex, it provides plenty of bounce, comfort, and great response for a mattress. This top foam layer and the middle memory foam works well together to provide an adaptive feel that is just right for most sleepers.

Support and Pressure Relief Layer – the middle layer of this mattress is made from 2-inch thick memory foam. It works to provide support as well as pressure relief for the sleeper.

Foundation Layer – the bottom layer of the Leesa mattress is a 6-inch support foam. It serves as the foundation for the mattress. Likewise, this layer provides compression support for heavy users.


The fabric that covers these three layers of foam is from a combination of Lycra and Polyester. These two fabric blends together for a breathable cover with adequate elasticity. The cover is also made from a single piece of fabric; thus, it fits snugly and tight around the mattress. The Leesa mattress is also well-known for its unique and simplistic design. The mattress sports an all-grey scheme accented with four while stripes at the foot of the mattress. It is an excellent addition to your minimalistic home decor.

Firmness, Feel, Support

When tipped at the firmness scale, the Leesa firmness scores a 6 out of 10, which means that it is of medium firmness only. The maker of Leesa aims to provide a “universal comfort” feel to meet the needs of various types of sleepers.

The first thing that you will notice when you first lie down on the Leesa mattress is its comfort, softness, and cooling features. This is attributed to the Avena foam top layer. Avena tops latex foams in terms of durability and lifespan, though these two are very similar in most ways. With the right combination of foam construction, the Leesa mattress ensures a well-balanced level of hug and sinkage without you feeling like you are stuck or overly-enveloped in the bed.

The top layer quickly responds to pressure to avoid that trapped feeling that other mattress has. When you use the Leesa, you can easily move around during the night as you sleep and rest.

Additionally, the overall support of the Leesa mattress is excellent for all types of sleepers. You can sleep soundly whether you are on the side, stomach, or back. There is equally firm support as you move from one position to the next.

From its great cooling features to its extended durability, solid support, and pressure relief, the Leesa mattress is indeed a well-rounded product. One of its most attractive features is its affordable price. In terms of sheer value and performance, this industry forerunner in mattress making is definitely hard to beat!

Other features of the Leesa Mattress are:

  • Ten years warranty
  • Comes in compressed packaging and free shipping is available in the US and Canada
  • Comes with 100 nights Trial Period
  • Leesa donates one mattress for every ten mattresses they sell through their 1-10 Program

GhostBed vs Leesa Comparison

Let’s take a closer look at how Leesa or GhostBed fares for various types of sleepers. Both products are very similar in terms of material combinations, firmness levels, and price range. But both mattresses also have their fair share of a fan base that think their choice is the best one. 

For many, the Leesa mattress takes the crown after several months of using it. While for others, the GhostBed has a slight edge over the Leesa because of its thicker composition. These two products belong at the top-tier mattresses and are considered as two of the best mattresses for 2020.

Leesa Mattress vs Ghostbed: Which One To Get?

The Leesa Mattress is highly-recommended for sleepers who want a medium feel and firmness in their bed. It falls at 6 out of 10 on the firmness level. It has the perfect combination of Avena and memory foam to balance out its response, bounce, and pressure relief. The Avena foam at the top layer of the Leesa gives it a nice bounce without overdoing it. It creates a nice feel for sleeping and other activities.

Additionally, the Avena foam and its thin cover make this mattress breathable and cooler than others. There is no trapped feeling, nor would sleepers feel that they are stuck in the mattress. Likewise, sleepers do not have to worry about heat build up around the body.

One of the best things that Leesa mattresses offer is their 1 to 10 Promotion. The company lives up with their corporate social responsibility and ensures that shelters and other homeless people can get one mattress for every ten that they are able to sell. This program has already given more than 5,000 mattresses after 18 months of operation.


When the GhostBed mattress and the Leesa are both great players in the mattress industry, but when pitted against each other, the differences lie in how well they feel or how they suit your sleeping style.

The Leesa mattress remains to be a “safe pick” for those who are after a universally comfortable mattress. On the other hand, those who prefer the extra bounce will find the GhostBed mattress to be an ideal choice. But if you are a light sleeper and you constantly toss a lot when you sleep, the Leesa will be easier to move around on.  

We hope that these specifications on the GhostBed vs Leesa mattress have provided useful information to help you on your journey to purchasing the best mattress for your needs. Depending on how you and your partner sleep, one of these two mattresses will surely be a suitable option. They are similar in many ways, but the construction is still different.


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