Endy Mattress Review

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Endy mattress Review

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Endy Mattress-Made in Canada

Good light side sleepers

101 Nights Trial

Endy Mattress Pricing

Twin $510
Twin XL $530
Full $585
Queen $640
King $717
California King $717

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The Endy has been noted as an elegant Canadian foamed mattress. It provides every person a quality sleep at an affordable price. With its three-layered construction, you will feel the soft and cool sleeping surface that will create a fresh and rejuvenated morning. The Endy always stand with their words ‘Love at First Night’ and every engineer aims t o bring comfort to their fellow countrymen through their all-foam mattresses. If you get the chance to read an Endy mattress review, you will learn more about the company’s goals and visions.

The Endy was founded by Mike Gettis and Rajen Ruparrell and they started their operation during the year 2015. The company headquarters can be found in Toronto, Canada. Through the years, Endy had been making its products in Canada and they established a direct-to-customer approach. With this, every customer of the company can get great savings because of the minimal delivery cost. With Endy, everyone in Canada can enjoy a free home delivery, ten years warranty, and a 100-day risk-free trial on their soft and comfortable mattress. This means that during the trial days, you can return your purchased product/s and get a full refund using a hassle-free process.

For someone who is looking for a quality Canadian product, Endy offers excellent mattresses for every family within the country.

Endy Mattress Canada Overview

What makes Endy one of the best when it comes to manufacturing mattresses is their promise to provide products that are specially made for their fellow Canadians. Every foam mattress was built to offer excellent comfort under the Canadian weather.

Since 2015, Endy has created thousands of mattresses and delivered them all around Canada. Up to this date, more than 100, 000 Canadian are sleeping quietly and comfortably on an Endy mattress. This is one of the company’s milestones that made them proud.

When Endy started its business, the company only offered foamed mattresses to the Canadian market. But after a few years, they have expanded their business and started to offer other products such as sheets, pillows, duvet and duvet cover, foam mattress protectors, and the most recent one which is the Endy bed frame.

The Endy continues to innovate and improve their products for the advantage of every Canadian who trusts their works.

What is an Endy Mattress Made of?

When we talk about Endy mattress, we are referring to an all-polyfoam bed. It has 3 layers which include a medium-density comfort part, a high-density transitional, and support layers. Endy bed also comes with a removable and machine-washable cover that is made from a stretch polyester material. This 10 inches thick mattress is a must for every home in Canada.

The cover of an Endy mattress was made from 97% polyester and 3% spandex. The fabric used offers soft and stretchy feels. Every Endy cover can be unzipped and removed from the mattress if cleaning is required. When the cover gets stained, the recommended way is to clean the spot using water and a mild detergent. You can also use a washing machine to remove the stain using warm water and allow it to air-dry.

This a 2-inch comfort layer and is made up of open-cell Endy foam with a medium-firm feel. Compared to memory foam, this is more responsive which gives every surface a light bounce. The material of this part aimed to provide contouring and pressure relief while keeping a neutral temperature.

This 3-inch transitional part can be found below the comfort part. It acts as a buffer for every sleeper and it prevents sinking too deep into the mattress and getting contact with the support core.

With Endy mattress, you must expect a 5-inch poly foam support part. Though the density of the support part is the same with the density of the transitional part (1.8 PCF), it was designed to become firmer and less susceptible to sagging. 

How Firm Is the Endy Mattress?

With the use of a firmness comfort scale, Endy bed has scored between 4.5 – 5. Let’s assume that 1 is like a marshmallow-soft, while 10 is firm as the brick, the mattress score will show that it is medium to medium-soft for the majority of the users.

Aside from experiencing the soft and cozy feeling, the cover also breathable which means it can allow the airflow to reach the sleeper. Anyone would sink slightly in the comfort of all-foam mattress and feel the lumbar supporting contour.

One of the best things about mattress Endy is the combination of soft and firm feeling that everyone will experience while using it. You can feel the softness due to the sinking capacity of the bed, but it can reshape easily as soon as you remove your body as you sleep. This is way better compared to classic one. With a new Endy foam, any sleeper can experience moving freely without getting confined in a moderate cradle. 

Benefits of Endy Mattress

Here are some of the tops benefits of mattress Endy that you would love to know before you bring yourself to sleep tonight:

  1. The Endy comfort layer can distribute your body’s pressure points which can reduce turning and tossing. With this, you can feel more relaxed as you rest your body at night.
  2. The mattresses reduce the motion transfer between you and your partner so you can have an undisturbed rest and sleep at night. This will also allow you to rejuvenate deeply.
  3. The Endy comfort foams can support the body’s unique needs faster and better than the other foamed mattresses in the market. You can sleep without any trouble, rest your body and mind longer, and face a new day full of power.
  4. The mattresses’ design comes with a foam that holds and releases heat faster than any traditional memory foams. It creates a cooler environment for you and your partner as you sleep, giving you the interrupted and restorative rest that you would wish to have.
  5. The Endy comfort foams help with pressure relief using the open cell structure and the limited temperature sensitivity. 
  6. The Endy proprietary foams can allow the air to pass through and move between cells through its open-air cell structure.
  7. The mattresses were designed and tested inside a Canadian lab to guarantee a high-quality product that can last for years and stand the test of time.

Features of Endy Mattress

The following features of the Endy mattress will convince you why you need this bed in your house.

  1. Every mattress was engineered with a 3-layer design that is excellent for comfort and support.
  2. The reactive gel-infused Endy foam that can be found in the top layer can quickly respond to your body movements so the feeling of getting stuck can be prevented.
  3. You can avail the 100% free shipping and enjoy the 100 nights risk-free trial of Endy mattress. You also get a 10-year warranty.
  4. The company guarantees that only the top-quality North American materials were used to create every mattress inside their Canadian factory.
  5. The Endy foams are not temperature sensitive which is common to many traditional memory foams. You can enjoy the feel and medium firmness all-year-round and every Canadian season.
  6. The Endy mattress can be shipped directly to your door as soon as possible so you can enjoy a great sleep anytime.


Douglas Mattress

The  Douglas mattress was introduced by a Canadian bed-in-a-box company, GoodMorning.com, last 2017. This product is only available in Canada and was made as a single-firmness mattress. The mattress design uses an eight-year worth of customer feedback and engineering data. Though Douglas was designed as a value-packed Canadian mattress, GoodMorning.com offers the same quality of customer service with the rest of their growing catalog. The company is also known as a provider of industry-leading sleep trial and warranty.

The Douglas mattress also has three layers of foams which are the following:

  • 2-inch of ecoLight cooling gel foam – this is the first part of Douglas mattress and the main function of this part is to prevent the heat from getting trapped in the mattress. The cooling gel can give you a restful sleep throughout the night. Just like memory foams, this ecoLight foam is durable, responsive, and comfortable. But it has an added feature which is a low carbon footprint. 
  • 2-inch of Elastex foam – this is the second layer of the Douglas mattress and it was designed to provide support and spring. This is the reason why many mattresses found in the Canadian market are using latex.
  • 6-inch Motion Isolation Support Foam – this is the third and last layer of Douglas mattress and this thick layer can reduce the transfer of motion transfer between the sleepers. Another thing that this layer does is enhancing the edge support of the mattress.


The Brunswick mattress was also introduced by GoodMorning.com during the year 2018. This is a classic spring mattress that was designed for modern Canadians. The mattress builds, design, and comfort are refreshingly familiar and simple while adding some of the best innovations when it comes to the modern mattress making such as zoned pocketed springs and hemp-based fabric. You can buy this spring-foam hybrid online and your order will be delivered into your doorstep in a compressed box.

Unlike the Douglas mattress, the Brunswick mattress has 5 layers and comes with a few transition materials. Each layer found in the Brunswick mattress was designed carefully to provide an excellent level of support and comfort.

  • 0.25-inch of Holofibre fill – this is the first layer of Brunswick mattress. This is a lightweight and fluffy material that will fill the cover’s tufting and provide the Brunswick mattress an initial softness and distinct shape. 
  • 0.75-inch of Super-Soft Gel Foam – this is the second layer of the mattress and this foam is known because of its softness which contributes to the comfort you feel as you lie your body on the mattress.
  • 1-inch of Cooling Gel Memory Foam – this third layer is working with the surrounding Endy foam so you can feel the comfort and the heat regulation.
  • 1-inch of High-density Zoned Eco-Foam – this layer is responsible for providing body contouring and pressure relief in the knees, hips, elbows, shoulders, and neck. 
  • 8-inch of Multi-tempered Pocketed Springs with a 3-inch Foam Encasement Perimeter – this layer comes with individually wrapped springs and it contributes to the medium firmness of the mattress. It also helps with the level of support and the overall integrity of Brunswick. 

Douglas mattress vs Endy Mattress

What's similar?

Maybe you have asked about this one since we are talking about mattress reviews of Douglas mattress and Endy mattress. These two mattresses have common important features. Let’s look at these similarities and shared features before we discuss their unique features.


  • All-Foam Mattress – the Douglas and Endy both have 3 different layers that have their respective functions. To provide shape and stability, both mattresses are using HD polyfoam found in the base. The nearest layer from the sleepers is helping the mattress to sleep cool. 
  • Initial feel – the Douglas and Endy can make you feel like a cloudy soft landing during your first contact with the bed. They both come with memory foams and this functions as a contour your body. Both mattresses can give you pressure relief with your sensitive areas in the body.
  • Price range – the retail price for both Douglas and Endy may be quite similar which is between $600 to $800. You can also watch out for some sales so you can save a few dollars from the products’ regular price. 

What's the difference?

Since these mattresses were manufactured by different companies, it’s very common to see the difference between Douglas and the Endy. To provide more detailed information about the two mattresses, here’s a quick overview of the construction of each bed:


  • Cover – the cover was made from an all-natural Tencel blend and it’s completely breathable and soft.
  • Comfort – while moving below the cover, the gel memory foam of Douglas offers a comfortable layer. Any sleeper can enjoy the sink comfortably without getting the feel of overheating.
  • Transition – this can be found below the gel foam memory and still feels so, but a little sturdier. An alternative to latex that provides mobility and support at the same time. With this transition layer, you can feel a cooler bed. 
  • Base – the 6 inches HD polyfoam provides framing to Douglas and it is preventing sleepers from sinking too far into the transition layers and comfort.

For those who are looking for a softer mattress while they sleep, the Douglas mattress is a great choice. It can provide pressure relief to side sleepers since Douglas can shape itself according to the sleeper’s body.


  • Cover – Endy cover comes with a flexible poly knit mix which inspiration drives from the stretchy nature of athletic clothing.
  • Comfort Layer – the next layer which is the open-cell memory foam provides a great mix of pressure relief and support. The memory foam’s open-cell modification prevents the mattress from getting overheat.
  • Transition – to keep sleepers from sinking too far while laying in the mattress, Endy has a slightly firmer polyfoam layer which is found beneath the memory foam. You can enjoy the full-body support that goes together with the comforting relief of the memory foam layer.
  • Base – the HD polyfoam that can be found at the base of the mattress is where Endy’s core foundation is.

For many sleepers who have experienced the comfort and support of mattress Endy, they enjoy the balance of support and pressure relief every day. Although Endy may feel slightly firmer compared to a Douglas mattress, it is not a bed that will jams up the shoulders and hips immediately. 

Douglas mattress and Endy mattress are both medium-firm and its best for sleepers who weigh between 130 to 230 pounds. But in terms of pressure relief because of its memory foam layer, Douglas mattress outperforms the Endy mattress. With Douglas, any sleeper can feel the closer hug of the new Endy foam and promotes pressure relief. You can also sleep better since the Douglas memory foams can absorb more motion and reduce the motion transfer between sleepers. 

While Douglas mattress is a little cheaper when it comes to the cost compared to Endy mattress, they are both high-value beds. Those customers who want a body-conforming feel with their memory foam would go for a Douglas mattress. But for those who want to enjoy the balance of responsiveness and conforming, they prefer an Endy mattress.

After determining the similarities and differences between Douglas mattress and Endy mattress, we can say that Douglas is best for side sleepers. The product’s surprising features will be loved by every couple as well – the good edge support and motion isolation.

On the other hand, because of the slightly firmer profile of an Endy mattress, a strict back sleeper will prefer the product. For those combo sleepers (side sleepers, stomach sleepers, back sleepers), they’ll love to experience the balance between pressure relief and support that Endy can give in any position.

Endy VS Brunswick

The Brunswick Spring Mattress is another product from GoodMorning.com and it is considered to be a hybrid model because of its materials. This mattress is made from the Euro-top cover with a comfort layer of memory foam, poly fibers, and polyfoam. To give the mattress excellent edge support, the support core comes with an 8-inch pocketed coils that are encased in high-density foams.

Endy and Brunswick offer a medium-firm feel that is best for sleepers who weigh between 130 to 230 pounds. But Brunswick has a strong airflow because of its coil layer. With this, you can guarantee that coolness and comfort are maintained. On the other hand, though Endy provides a warmer sleep compared to Brunswick, it can offer more pressure relief and better motion isolation due to its all-foam design.

When it comes to the cost, Endy Mattress and Brunswick Spring Mattress have similar price-points and both products can be shipped to any customers in Canada for free. If you are thinking about responsiveness and balance of conforming for your all-foam bed, you should go for Endy. While those who are hot sleepers and looking for stronger edge support, the Brunswick Spring Mattress is the most recommended type.

These two successful mattress brands in Canada share many similarities. Sleep Country which owns Endy and GoodMorning.com which owns Douglas and Brunswick are all established. They also offer free shipping and free returns for every homeowner in Canada. With these special offers, customers are free to experience the luxury of the mattress inside the comfort of their homes.

Every brand has its advantages that you must know. With Endy, you can enjoy a mattress that has been engineered and offered to an established market for more than four years. Sleep Country, the parent company of Endy, has been a partner of many social media influencers and it had drawn advertising strengths since it started the business. You can choose to go to an Endy local reseller or visit an Endy store so you can try the mattress. You can skip the worry of how to clean a filthy cover because you can easily remove it from the bed and clean it using your washing machine at home.

While Brunswick is offered in the market at a slightly lower price. You can enjoy a longer warranty and a sleep trial. The bounce rating and edge support of Brunswick are proven to be higher than an Endy mattress and these are two of the top considerations of those heavy sleepers who need more support with their new bed. Another advantage of Brunswick hybrid bed from Endy mattress is the zoned lower back support that can be found in the center of the bed.

Whether you choose Endy of Sleep Country or Douglas/Brunswick of GoodMorning.com, you are supporting a great Canadian manufacturer.

FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions

Right here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Endy mattress. 

Do Endy Mattresses need a Boxspring?

An Endy mattress will go with most bed frames. But for a better recommendation, you must use this mattress on a traditional-box spring or you can directly put the mattress in a slatted base of your chosen frame.

If you are wondering why the answer is simple. A slatted base and box spring can provide enough support while making sure that the mattress can breathe well. This is an important factor when it comes to distributing the body heat away from the sleeper. The mattress will also offer wicking moisture so you can maintain a cool and dry feeling throughout the night.

For those who want a firmer feel with their new bed, a box spring must go with your Endy mattress. With a box spring, you can experience a more supported sleep.

Is Endy mattress hot?

Since the Endy mattress does not absorb the body heat, it can maintain a cool feeling throughout the night. You will never feel the outside temperature and the firmness of the mattress will remain whether it’s 110 degrees out or you need to stay in bed and watch Netflix all day because of the flu.

Every Endy mattress was made to provide a soft and cool bed throughout the night.

Is Endy mattress good for side sleepers?

From different Endy mattress reviews, the Endy mattress is best for those light side sleepers, stomach sleepers, back sleepers, and a combination of these two. But for those who are side sleepers, they should consider a softer bed so you can sleep better at night. For those combo sleepers (side sleepers, stomach sleepers, back sleepers), Endy mattress is perfectly fine.

What is an Endy mattress made of?

Endy mattress comes with three proprietary foam layers and they all have their purpose in reducing back and hips pressure to guarantee optimal comfort.

The base of the mattress is a 5″ high-density foam which acts as the main support of the bed. It distributes the weight evenly throughout the bed.

The second part is a 3″ transition foam and its purpose is to provide responsiveness with every mattress. With this layer, you will not sink too much as you lay your body in an Endy mattress. There is a resistance firmness below that will ensure the support with your body. 

The top layer is a 2″ of proprietary Endy comfort foam which comes with open-cell technology. This technology contributes to several functions such as cooling and air circulation. Another function is it acts as an “individual shock absorbers”. This is a term used by the company and this means that every sleeper’s body has specific support and cushioning. When under pressure, the cells get compressed and they refill air if you move or change position. Because of this function, absorbing motion transfer is enabled and you and your partner can move around at night without disturbing each other. 

One of the goals of Endy mattress is to offer the different benefits of traditional memory foam, but skipping all of its failings. Without the temperature sensitivity of foam, you experience a light hugging sensation and contouring comfort layer. Regardless of the season or temperature, you get the same amount of support with the top layer foam. 

How Much Does an Endy Mattress Cost?

There is a special offer with the Endy mattress price. The queen size of an Endy mattress is currently offered on a sale with a price of $850 CAD. This is one of the great deals that you will find among the competing mattress because most of them were offered at the same price or even more, but in a USD currency. You get to enjoy Endy’s free shipping to every Canadian province. Though they may not be able to ship to every location of the territories, they do their best to bring Endy mattress right into your doorstep. 


One of the best things that you would love from an Endy mattress is the fact that it was designed and crafted in Canada. Sleep Country, the mother company of Endy, made sure that every material used to create an Endy mattress is the best. The company’s positive reputation can give you the guarantee that Endy mattress is one of the best options when it comes to a comfort foam. It can go head to head with those popular competitors in the US – but at a lower cost.

When you choose to go with an Endy mattress, you will enjoy various offers such as a 10-year warranty, a 100-night sleep trial, and free shipping and return. Financing was made available by the company and you can add other Endy accessories during your purchase. To assess your needs and preferences, you can check the Endy mattress review multiple times. This will ensure that you know every detail about an Endy mattress and you can decide whether this is the right product for you and your family.

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