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We believe that one can’t truly feel the meaning of a comfortable sleep until they have the right mattress. That’s why how to pick a mattress is so important. DreamCloud mattress screams luxury with its designer construct, at an affordable price while Saatva maintains steady sales with its blend of high-quality cotton and polyesters.  So, which one is right for your needs? We’ll help you decide by comparing them in terms of construction, layering, firmness, and pricing. And to top it off, there’ll be a side by side comparison to determine the winner. So, keep reading!

DreamCloud Pricing

Twin $S/O
Twin XL $S/O
Full $999
Queen $1,199
King $1,299
California King $1,299

Other Specifications

DreamCloud Mattress: A Comprehensive Review


If tension caused by stress is a regular occurrence for you, then perhaps you can’t do better than DreamCloud mattress. You can relax at the end of a long day on a 15”, an eight-layered hybrid of memory foam, a cashmere blended cover, and hypoallergenic natural latex to create the ultimate luxurious feel.


DreamCloud’s eight-layered build ingeniously fuses layers of memory foam encased pocketed micro coil to assist proper spinal alignment. No matter what your sleeping posture maybe (even if you sleep-walk a marathon in the bed) the support alignment will never give in. A layer of hypoallergenic natural latex conforms and molds itself around any variety of weight it is exposed to. Much more durable than their synthetic counterparts, natural latex is not only more resilient, it also has a higher tensile strength. Combined with the micro-coils, it further enhances back support, contouring, and limits motion transfer.


The covering consists of a hand tufted, cashmere latex blend, promising a non-adhesive binding and compression of its eight layers. This, in turn, eliminates the possibility of sagging and provides good edge support. Perhaps the most unique feature of this mattress is the inclusion of the blended cashmere, since, as we all know, is extremely rare and very challenging to manufacture. Cashmere is also known to be thrice more cooling than foam or cotton, so coupled with the gel infused memory foam, you are guaranteed good temperature control.


Firmness is typically a personal choice, but if. you’re just looking for a comfortable and luxurious way to end your day, DreamCloud seems to be a great option. These mattresses strike a balance between contouring comfort and pushback support, ranking between a 5.5 – 7.5 on the firmness scale.

Feel, Motion Transfer, and Sinkage

The promise of a hand tufted, cashmere blend cover significantly minimizes the risk of future sinkage. The natural latex coupled with the micro-coils help absorb the vibrations from motion transfer and allow you to sleep undisturbed, even if you are sharing the bed.


DreamCloud mattress is available in 6 different sizes.

Saatva Mattress Pricing

Twin $599
Twin XL $699
Full $899
Queen $999
King $1,399
California King $1,399

Other Specifications

Saatva Mattress: A Comprehensive Review


What sets Saatva mattresses apart from the rest of its competition is their distinctive feature of implementing a ‘coil on coil’ construct. The lower coil provides a base and the individually wrapped top coil is artistically integrated with high quality memory foam to help provide support and relieve pressure from the lower back.


Saatva uses five layers of unique features to create an affordable yet comfortable mattress. While the individually wrapped coils contour and mould to your body shape, the foam edge will provide you with a better sense of comfort and durability, often widening the mattress surface.


The mattress comes with a euro pillow top for an added cushioning effect, and the organic cotton cover comes with an anti-microbial fabric, meaning no matter the location or the weather, it does not allow prolonged accumulation of any sort of bacterial growth. Hence, constant cleaning is not necessary.


Unlike DreamCloud, Saatva has customizable features, including firmness. The mattresses are offered in three different firmness levels:

Plush Soft

For those who like an embracing and prefer to sleep on their sides.

Luxury Firm

This is where the mattress finds the perfect balance between plush and too stiff. This level caters to customers who frequently change positions in their sleep or who have partners with different sleeping preferences. This level is ranked approximately 6.5 on the firmness scale.


Appeals to those who like to sleep on their backs and stomach. It provides a feeling of floating atop the mattress rather than sinking in. Saatva mattresses provide some additional customizable options regarding an adjustable base and extra frames. They even manufacture custom slim 11.5” mattresses in addition to their standard 14.5” to work with their adjustable base.

Feel, Motion Transfer, and Sinkage

This is perhaps where the unique nature of the “coil on coil” system shines the most. Any sort of movement atop a Saatva mattress is very well isolated, even down to the very source of that movement. The individual foam wrapped top coils are kept isolated from each other, which helps eliminate any sort of vibration that may occur. Because of this technology, this mattress is especially appealing to light sleepers, or those with a fidgety partner. Additionally, the ingenious use of the lower tempered steel coils as a base increases the durability of the mattress and prevents future sagging. The foam encased edge also helps prevent sinking.


Although offered at six different variations, the prices for the 14.5” and the 11.5” mattresses remain the same. The prices shown below are exclusive of any adjustable base or frames.

A Side by Side Comparison

Both DreamCloud and Saatva mattresses provide a unique sense of comfort and relaxation that even an insomniac would have a hard time refusing. But, if you are still undecided about which mattress to purchase, look no further than the below side by side comparison.

Okay, so you’ve read the reviews but you still don’t feel 100% confident in your choice yet. Don’t worry, this happens! And that’s why we are here with a side by side comparison of these mattresses and their distinctive features. Check out the chart below:



Foam Layers

  • Gel infused memory foam.
  • Soft quilted memory foam.
  • Natural latex.
  • Supporting memory foam. 
  • Soft memory foam.
  • Foam encased micro coils.
  • High-density soft memory foam
  • Memory foam.
  • Foam encased edge support.
  • Individually foam-wrapped comfort coils.
  • Tempered steel lower coil.


  • 15”
  • 11.50” and 14.50”


  • True-tufted cashmere polyester blend cover.
  • Organic cotton cover and Euro pillow top.


  • 6.5 out of 10
  • Customizable level of firmness


  • Very good
  • Excellent

Motion Transfer

  • Minimal
  • Almost none

Country of Manufacturing

  • China
  • United States of America

No. of Sizes

  • 6
  • 6

Price Range

  • $999 – $1,299
  • $599 – $1,399


  • Lifetime
  • 15 years

Trial Period

  • 365 nights
  • 120 nights


  • Compressed in a bag
  • Compressed in a bag


  • Free – takes 2 to 5 business days.
  • Free – takes 1 to 5 business days. White glove service is also available

Refunds and Returns

  • Available. Pickup and disposal are free
  • Available. Pickup and disposal are free

Final Verdict

Because DreamCloud mattresses have a memory foam base and Saatva mattresses have a unique “coil on coil” system, each brand caters to a slightly different audience. So, which one should you pick? DreamCloud could be your mattress of choice if:

You are Looking for Cooling and Breathability

The cashmere blend cover and the micro-coils provide  higher cooling effects and mattress ventilation.

You Prefer to Sleep on Your Side

The intricately arranged memory foam layers will give you a nice sense of cushioning while perfectly contouring your body. It is ideal for any customer who prefers to sleep on their side.

You are Looking for an Extended Trial and Warranty Period

DreamCloud gives a365 night trial period and a lifetime warranty.

Saatva would be optimal for you if:

You have a Spinal Condition

 Each Saatva mattress comes with a chiropractic seal of approval. The high-quality memory foam and the coil base reduces excess tension and relieves pressure from the lower back.

You are a Light Sleeper and/or Share a Bed

The isolated, individual foam wrapped coils reduce any type of movement vibrations. This is especially beneficial for light sleepers.

You are Unsure of your Desired Firmness and Mattress Height

The various degrees of firmness, from plush to sturdy, the option to add a base or frame and customize the mattress height allow this brand to cater to a wider audience.

Which one to Choose?

Both Saatva and DreamCloud mattresses have their own expertise in catering to different customer desires. For a plush, luxury comfort, the integrated memory foam layers in DreamCloud is the ideal choice.

Saatva mattresses, on the other hand, boast an efficiency in excellent back support and lower back stress relief.

However, it all comes down to personal preference and what you think would suit you best.

We hope you enjoyed reading our guide, and that you now have some idea of which mattress to choose. Till next time!

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