Dreamcloud vs Purple: A Head to Head Mattress Comparison

dreamcloud vs purple



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What Is DreamCloud Mattress?

DreamCloud Pricing

Twin $599
Twin XL $799
Full $799
Queen $1,199
King $1,299
California King $1,299

Other Specifications

DreamCloud is a luxury hybrid mattress that has been around for years and been putting people to sleep in style and comfort. The DreamCloud could be a perfect mattress that anyone could wish to have. It offers certain features that fit different types of sleepers.

Balance and comfort for back sleepers, good press relief for a side sleeper, and nice airflow through the mattress which is ideal for hot sleepers. It also has a white glove delivery service where the mattress is setup for you, practically for free.

It has been thriving to provide the most up-to-date type of mattress, thus it has changed its design for so many times.

The DreamCloud Mattress Is Good for:

If you are one of those who wake up at night soaked in wet, then it is the best fit for you. Because of its gel-infused foams that have strong airflow through the coils, the body heat is trapped giving the sleeper a good night’s sleep.

The outstanding balance of support and comfort is perfect for those who sleep on their back with its medium-firm mattress.

Its soft property best suits people who sleep on their side as it allows their body to sink in while easing the pressure on their shoulders and hips.

The DreamCloud Mattress Is Not a Good Fit for:

Since it is a medium-firm mattress, it might be too soft for those who sleep on their stomach. They might search for something firmer.

It is known for its average firmness hence, it is not a perfect match for sleepers who prefer something softer or firmer.

If you want your mattress to have a slow-moving feel like you slowly sink into the mattress, then it is not what you are looking for.

DreamCloud Mattress Construction

The top of the DreamCloud are layers of foam combined to make the top possess a pillow look and feel. The memory foam in the top layer looks luxurious and less slow-moving.

The construction has a support core of excellent pocketed coils that can hold a sleeper of any weight. It also features a balance of comfort and support.

Since the top cover is made to be breathable where the air is allowed to pass through the mattress, the sleeper will be able to sleep cool at night.

Moreover, the gel-infusion content of the memory foam will dissolve the heat the coils promote the airflow. The mattress is a long-term investment because it only contains tough materials that will last for years.


The mattress is 15’ tall.


Made of cashmere blend, quilted memory foam, soft and breathable

Layer under the cover

Gel-infused memory foam


Firm, high-density foam

Support Core

The support core is individually wrapped coils


Thin layer of base foam

DreamCloud Firmness And Feel

When it comes to firmness, at 1-10 scale the DreamCloud is on 6.5. The combination of comfort layers and supportive coils gives it the right thickness and firmness.

Sleeping on the DreamCloud gives the luxurious feel through its memory foam and at the same time it has an evident amount of bounce because of the cloud and quilted foam layers.

The DreamCloud is perfect when lying on your back, the top layer allows you to sink in and sleep comfortably.

For those who sleep on their side, the DreamCloud gives sufficient pressure relief even for heavyweight sleepers.

But it is not convenient for people who sleep on their stomachs, some sleepers complain of a strain on their lower back.

DreamCloud Motion Transfer

DreamCloud is ideal for couples as it can handle motion transfer which may lead to sleepless nights if ever one of the couples tend to move around at night. When going for mattress shopping, couples should look for something that would fit each other’s choices.

They should choose a mattress that features motion isolation where it allows one to move around without being a hassle to the other side, you can check it through putting a glass of water at the middle area of the mattress and press the other parts to try to see if the water is disturbed.

DreamCloud Edge Support

Edge support maximizes the great experience when sleeping on the DreamCloud. It will allow sleepers, especially couples to move around the bed without being conscious of the edge falling or even collapsing out of the mattress.

Medium-Weight Sleepers – 160 lbs

The weight and size of the sleeper should be one of the concerns when shopping for a mattress. You wouldn’t want to purchase something that can’t hold your bodyweight. However, the DreamCloud experience could be different for people of different weights.

What Makes The DreamCloud Stand Out?

The DreamCloud mattress offers a high-grade balance of comfort and support.

Ideal for back sleepers because it is a medium-firm mattress.

The pressure relief that a side sleeper could experience plus the plush feel of the comfort layer.

The cooling features are exceptional which is best for people who sleep hot.

The DreamCloud hybrid mattress is fantastically thrilling for people who sleep on their back, side, or even the hot sleepers. However, for people who sleep on their stomachs or those who want something firmer or softer should find something else.

You can check more of the reviews of DreamCloud mattress for you to see how they are giving sleepers comfort and luxury. The brand offers free shipping and returns, a sleep trial period for 365 nights, and a warranty for a lifetime. It also offers financing.

What is a Purple Mattress?

Purple Pricing

Twin $699
Twin XL $899
Queen $999
King 1,299
California King 1,299

Other Specifications

Purple mattress has a special construction with firmness options that is a good fit for different types of sleepers. It features a distinct grid that will make people choose it to be their source of relaxation and comfort.

Whenever you are trying to purchase something, and if you search online, you’ll find something that would help you decide which brand you should choose. Aside from Casper which is one of the popular mattress brands, purple mattress review is the next to get a lot of searches.

The Purple Is A Good Option For

It offers the right quantity of comfort and support that people who sleep on their backs could enjoy. The grid should fall below the hips and butt while supporting the remaining parts of the body.

For heavy sleepers, with the firmness of the mattress, the pressure on their shoulders and hips will be relieved when they are lying on their side because the gel grid will produce a cushioning effect.

The Purple Grid can offer even support people who sleep on their stomach.

Even it costs a bit more than the usual memory foam, the strong hyper-elastic polymer, and other materials would make the mattress last longer.

The grid has a good amount of airflow making it temperature-neutral that suits people who sleep hot.

The Purple Might Not Be A Good Fit For

People who are not heavy might not allow gel grids to create a cushioning effect that will relieve the pressure on the shoulders and hips of a side sleeper.

The grid construction might not suit other people’s tastes. It gives a squishy, firm and unusual feel.

Even the Purple grid was made with the purpose to collapse, it is not the best fit for those who want to feel like sleeping ‘in’ the mattress but will rather sleep on top.

Construction Overview

Purple grid is the core of the mattress, only a few mattresses have this type of comfort layer. The grid is intended to assist and provide comfort. It creates a flat sleeping spot but when a certain area collapses when pressure is applied.

The mattress will sag under the hips for back sleepers, under the shoulders, and ships for sleepers while relieving pressure and no collapse will be noticed for stomach sleepers.

What differs the grid from other memory foams is that when pressure is applied, the surface will be flat or fall in.

Temperature regulation is another feature that sets the Purple grid apart from other memory foams. The gel grid feature has nearly 2500 air channels that allow airflow creating a temperature-neutral mattress.

The grid is a durable material thus, Purple mattress is a worthwhile investment with a 10-year warranty.


The mattress is 9.5’ tall.


SoftFlex surrounds the Purple mattress. It is stretchy, fine, and has good airflow.

First Layer

The mattress has a 2” of grid built of hyper-elastic polymer.

Support Layer

Outside the Purple grid is a 3” thick foam intended to support the mattress.

Transition Layer

Next to that is a layer of foam transition supported by a firmer.


Purple mattress has various firmness options, and the size and weight of the sleeper are what decides the firmness of the mattress. It usually is very firm for light sleepers, wherein the Grid doesn’t collapse, or it is very soft for heavier sleepers as Grid is fully activated.

Having all these considerations, the Purple has a 7/10 firmness which is firmer than the average but this may vary depending on the person’s physical attributes and choice.

According to some reviews, back sleeping allows the Grid to sag below the hips and butt while the other parts of the mattress are not affected by the pressure from the weight.

For people who sleep on their side, it is not ideal for light sleepers because the Grid cannot be activated thus he may feel pressure on his shoulder and hips.

But for stomach sleepers, it is the best choice as aside from you wouldn’t want to sink in when you are on stomach sleeping, you will likely have back pain.

The Purple Grid exhibits a squishy gel feel and a firm effect as well. It also provides an airy pillow effect which is a rare feature for other mattresses.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer or motion isolation is a major concern for couples when choosing a mattress. The Purple features isolation of other person’s movements so there’s no possibility of getting disturbed if ever your partner tends to move around at night.

One of the most effective tests to do when checking for the motion isolation feature of the mattress is by placing a glass of water at the one side of the mattress while pressing on the other side and watching if the water is destroyed.

Edge Support

This mattress can be costly thus paying attention to its features will make sure that you are investing in something worthwhile. The Purple has edge support that ensures the sleeper to not fall off or they can freely sleep toward the edge.

What Makes The Purple Stand Out?

This mattress can be costly thus paying attention to its features will make sure that you are investing in something worthwhile. The Purple has edge support that ensures the sleeper to not fall off or they can freely sleep toward the edge.

What Makes The Purple Stand Out?


Among all mattresses, the Purple is one of the most distinct. It’s supportive and comfortable features are beyond excellent. Overall, it is a worthwhile experiment you could ever spend your money to.

The brand offers free shipping and returns, a sleep trial for 100 nights, financing, and a 10-year warranty.


Is the Purple any good?

The Purple is a durable mattress and a great fit for any type of sleeper. It provides a balance of comfort and support that will work with people who sleep on their back, side, and stomach.

How much is a Purple?

In the Purple Line, the most affordable is the Original Purple mattress. It starts from a price of$599 for a Twin size up to $1498 for the split King size. The Purple hybrid costs more than the original while the 3’ and 4’ models of the Purple Hybrid Premier cost $4998 for the split King and the most expensive of all.

What does the Purple mattress feel like?

The gel grid feature of the New Purple mattress is cradling the body, and the squishy firm feels adds an extra satisfying feel when you lie down although you have to get a little getting used to because it feels a little wobbly at first.

Can you flip the Purple mattress?

The Purple mattress is not flippable at all. The top layer is the grid and support foam is at the bottom.

How long does Purple last?

The materials are very durable, unlike other memory foams, it doesn’t sag and it can last for 7-10 years.

Dreamcloud vs Purple Mattress

DreamCloud and Purple are two of the most popular mattresses available online. The DreamCloud features one deluxe spring option. Below are their differences to help you decide what is best for you.

Key Similarities

Key Differences

Construction Differences/Notes

Motion Transfer Differences

Pick DreamCloud If …

Pick Purple If …


Even though the two mattresses are likely similar, they offer different features that appeal to different types of sleepers. This review will help them decide on which mattress will suit their preference.

Dreamcloud Mattress vs Purple 2

DreamCloud and Purple are both favorite options for mattresses. In this comparison, the main characteristics of both mattresses are given emphasis. DreamCloud is known for its coil mattress and New Purple for its state-of-the-art material that other mattresses don’t have.

Price Difference

Purple has affordable options but the Hybrid mattresses are more expensive than the CreamCloud.


All of the mattresses are different from each other when it comes to the feel it gives.


DreamCloud is composed of a memory foam mattress, the pocketed coils are 8’ and a pillow top. Purple is different from all other mattresses.


DreamCloud has only one but Purple has Original and 3 hybrid mattresses.

Shipping and Returns

Both offer an excellent condition when it comes to the shipping & returns.

DreamCloud and Purple — Comparing Prices

Aside from the Original Purple mattress, the DreamCloud is cheaper than the Purple Hybrid models. DreamCloud when sold in retails, costs $1,300 and Purple costs from $1,600-$3,000.

DreamCloud often runs deals and offers discounts and the price is down to $1,100. Thus, making the price comparison to $1,100 for DreamCloud and $1,600 for Purple.

However, price comparison is not always fair because both mattresses are different in components, materials and features. However, it is good to be aware of their prices at least.

So, Which Bed Should You Choose?

Even though both brands have their own advantages, it is still difficult to choose one from both. Thus, here’s more of the major characteristics of both mattresses.

What is your budget? If you are looking for a hybrid mattress for around $1,000-$1,200, you can pick DreamCloud.
Do you want a mattress with a pillow top?
Do you sleep hot? Purple mattresses can regulate temperature.
If you are likely to change your mind, DreamCloud offers a full-year test.

At the end of the day, the decision is all yours. Keep in mind you can always visit DreamCloud’s website and Purple.com to see their current deals. Perhaps that will help you make your mind up.

Dreamcloud Mattress vs Purple 3

The purple mattress is undeniably one of the known names when it comes to mattresses. With its state-of-the-art materials and good advertisements, its name was able to reach many households.

While DreamCloud might not be as famous as Purple but it is one of the famous names among households and also one of the reliable brands in the industry.

In this review, the DreamCloud and the Purple are compared head to head (1v1). Each product layer will be discussed to identify your preference. Categories to be discussed will be cooling, pricing, and sleeping positions.



Construction Comparison

This time, we will be checking out the materials used in each layer. Both the DreamCloud and Purple are Hybrid mattresses that are made of various materials.

DreamCloud Construction

The DreamCloud construction is thick at 15” and offers a cushioning feel. It is composed of 8 layers of eight different excellent materials.

Euro Top Cover (Cashmere Blend)

What makes the DreamCloud have a luxurious feel is the Euro-Top cover that is mostly found in high-end hotels. The cashmere blend inside the padding is what gives a soft, gentle and comforting feel.

Cooling Gel Memory Foam

The usual memory foam is famous to get warm at night but for DreamCloud, it has a cooling feature, a cooling gel that absorbs the body heat from the sleeper.

Plush Memory Foam

This memory foam is made from a medium-firm slab of quilted memory foam mattress. It was used to create luxury products.


One of the most allocated natural materials in mattress design is latex. It is known to provide a bounce and response to the product in the above layer.

It also has an internal cooling layer inside due to the latex having a ventilation that allows air to flow freely.

Dream Plush Memory Foam

This layer is intended as a support layer. It’s a transition layer from the harder layers below to the softer layers above.

Super Dense Super Soft Memory Foam

This layer exhibits firmness the same as the above but firmer. It offers support and softens the gradient between the coiled layer below and the foam layers above.

Best Rest Coils

These coils are wrapped individually and are compressed when someone is lying down on them. These coils are evenly distributed to specific regions with different levels of firmness. Because of this feature, it creates it into the best product for people who sleep on their sides.

High-Density Memory Foam

This high-density memory foam is durable and makes a stable base for the above layers.

The Purple

This Hybrid product is somehow similar to DreamColoud that uses memory foams.

Hyper-Elastic Polymer

Purple has developed this amazing material called Hyper-Elastic Polymer. It was made to recreate the contouring benefits the same with the memory foam. But memory foam still works better than the Purple.

This material was made to collapse when it is pressed down and it is firmer than the usual memory foam which doesn’t sag, the reason why it can last for years.

Comfort Foam

This layer is not that significant. It is a comfort layer that is made from normal to medium-firm comfort foam. Aside from the purpose of getting the gradient softer, it also creates a luxury feel.

High-Density Support Foam

The support foam of the Purple mattress is made of tough materials to support the base perfectly.

Firmness Comparison

The DreamCloud mattress is a medium-firm product (or as they like to call it “luxury firm”) and is around 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The Purple is a 6.5 out of 10 too.

Both these brands know what they’re doing, and this isn’t a coincidence. 6 to 7 on the firmness scale is the most popular range, and unless you’ve got a taste for a super soft or a super firm mattress – you’re going to enjoy sleeping on it.

Price Comparison

Compared to DreamCloud, the Purple is more expensive. The difference is not that huge at about $100 but it is still worth knowing.

Here’s the complete price list of both products:

Dream Cloud Prices

Twin $599
Twin XL $799
Full $799
Queen $1,199
King $1,299
California King $1,299

Purple Prices

Twin $699
Twin XL $899
Queen $999
King $1,299
California King $1,299

Which Bed Sleeps Cooler?

When talking about the cool sleeping surface, DreamCloud has made its name to be an excellent choice for this feature. The gel memory foam is the top layer of the DreamCloud with a high-quality thermal regulator. The latex layer that is found in the middle of the mattress has an excellent ventilation to absorb the heat.

However, the cooling gel memory foam of the Purple mattress combined with its ventilation feature will ultimately create one of the coolest mattresses of all time.


Both the DreamCloud Mattress and the Purple Mattress have different constructions. The Purple Mattress contains hyperelastic polymer material, the DreamCloud Mattress is made of a memory foam and a latex. Both mattresses intend to provide different types of sleepers with comfortable and sounding sleep. While thinking over which fits your needs and choice, try to get better sleep as it is one of the basic needs of good health.

In order not to go wrong with your choice, you better try the sleep trials that they offer. Once it has gotten into your preference, you can also check out other people’s experience with the product through reading the Dreamcloud vs Purple reviews or testimonials.