DreamCloud Mattress Review

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DreamCloud Pricing

Twin XL$899
California King$1399


  • Long trial period
  • Appropriate for most sleeping positions
  • Good edge support
  • Lifetime warranty


  • No removable cover to wash
  • Too firm for very light individuals
  • 15” height is too high for some bed frames

Dreamcloud Mattress Summary

The Dreamcloud mattress is remarkably comfortable for most sleepers which makes it a viable option for comfortable sleeping with a spouse.

Chances are you won’t easily wake each other even if both move a lot during the night. Thanks to the support and comfort there is less tension in the body than when sleeping on some other softer mattresses.

The mattress is made from a combination of materials which result in a soft but supportive feel. It’s also soft and luxurious to the touch. A removable topper would have been great though. What’s great is that you can test it for a whole year so you have time to gauge if it’s really the mattress for you.

DreamCloud Coupon Code and Price

We feel that the price of DreamCloud mattress is affordable especially when you take its quality into account. Its affordable price is mainly due to cost-cutting on middlemen, storefronts and distributors as they sell directly to the consumer.

Overall, we think that it offers an excellent value for people who want a durable and thick hybrid mattress. Here is a breakdown of the mattress in terms of MSRP:

  • Twin XL $899
  • Full $1,099
  • Queen $1,199
  • King / Cal King $1,399

DreamCloud mattress also offers discounts and coupons just like all the other mattress brands. The company will most likely take of up to $200 off the mattress purchase.

Simply put, you should be able to buy a queen size mattress for less than $1000 which is great when you take into account the high quality construction of mattress.

Do not forget to check the website of DreamCloud in order to find out whether this particular promotion is still there...

A DreamCloud Customer Review

dreamcloud mattress review with woman

Many people think their back pain is because of sports injuries. But is this always the case? You may wake each day with searing pain and think you’ll always have to live with it. It can leave people feeling tired and pessimistic about their days even before morning coffee. That’s what pain can do to you.

Have you considered the effect of sleeping conditions on your body? It’s actually possible to counter back pain just by getting the right mattress. Read on for some insight on the Dreamcloud mattress that could be the solution for you.

Dreamcloud Complaints and Compliments?

The Dreamcloud Mattress is a ‘mattress in a box’ bed which affords much support while still feeling soft and comfortable. It can create a healthy sleeping surface even for those struggling with back or other body pain.

The support it lends to these areas minimizes tension that leads to pain relief. In general it’s a quality bed suited to most types of sleepers’ preferences. This is thanks to the various layers it’s made of that provide a mix of firmness and comfort.


  • Long trial period
  • Appropriate for most sleeping positions
  • Good edge support
  • Lifetime warranty


  • No removable cover to wash
  • Too firm for very light individuals
  • 15” height is too high for some bed frames

Dreamcloud Sleep Mattress Review of Features & Benefits


In the Dreamcloud you get medium to medium firm support which is sufficient to maintain good posture while lying down. It also works for most sleeping positions:

  • Back sleepers will get support for the spine
  • Stomach sleepers won’t sink too far in and start feeling claustrophobic
  • Side sleepers are supported in the hip and shoulder area; note that this is the only group that sometimes experiences this mattress as too firm

Another type of support that’s vital is edge support. You don’t want to roll near the edge of the bed only to feel it sagging.

This minimizes the area you and your partner have to sleep comfortably. A lack of edge support can also lead to the mattress deteriorating faster over time. The Dreamcloud has good support throughout the entire surface.


It doesn’t work if a mattress provides your back, joints and muscles with support but it’s too firm. You won’t fall asleep easily because you’re looking for that cosy feeling of the mattress responding to your weight.

In the Dreamcloud a level of comfort is achieved by the different layers and the fact that a lot of memory foam is used. Comfort is also thanks to the soft surface created by the cashmere top. For many people this suffices and they don’t require an additionaltopper to sleep luxuriously.


A cross section of your Dreamcloud mattress will probably surprise you because of the many different layers you see. There are seven compared to the three layers you find in many other. These layers form the 15” high mattress:

  • 1: Gel infused memory foam
  • 2: Quilted memory foam
  • 3: Natural latex
  • 4: High density memory foam
  • 5: A highest density memory foam
  • 6: Pocketed steel micro coil technology
  • 7: Base layer of memory foam

This combination of fabrics and materials is what makes it possible that partners with different requirements and sleeping positions find one mattress sufficiently comfortable.

While the top layer keeps people from getting hot the other layers provide a mixture of softness and structure to support joints while also giving some bounce for comfy sleeping. And those separately pocketed coils help to minimize the motion transfer (more about this below).

Motion Transfer:

For couples minimal motion transfer has become a prerequisite feature. Because the coils are individually wrapped there is much less motion transfer with the

Dreamcloud than on most coil mattresses. How it works is that a coil can be compressed on its own. Because the coils weren’t created from one long wire as many old types were, moving one doesn’t affect all the others. 

Because there are so many different layers on top of the coils the movement that does occur is also buffered so there’s very little disturbance at night.

Warranty and Trial Period:

DreamCloud gives you a year to determine whether it’s the bed for you and you’re entitled to a full refund if you have enough reason not to love it as I do.

If a mattress keeps its form for so long it should serve you well in the long run too. It can help ensure you invest your money in the correct item.

There’s also a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects. This should give consumers peace of mind that it’s not only a comfortable mattress but a safe buy.


dreamcloud mattress review

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Dreamcloud Customer Reviews:

  • I would recommend DreamCloud over Sapira. – Q Starr
  • DreamCloud would be a good option if you don’t sleep on your side. – J Auer
  • Back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain. You name it and I had it before taking a flight to destination DreamCloud – Vanessa O.
  • The use of plush memory foam and cashmere gives the DreamCloud a luxurious feel at a price that’s pretty hard to balk at. – Logan Block, Sleepopolis 

Soft/Firm Rating of DreamCloud

ideal firmness of dreamcloud mattress

The mattress offers a firm feel like memory form but it doesn’t have that stuck in the mud feeling. On firmness scale, it rates about medium firm and when you use it, you will end up sleeping on top of the bed.

It is also important to mention here that the firmness/softness is entirely subjective and also depends on your BMI and your weight. Folks who are heavier are likely to experience a softer DreamCloud mattress whereas light weight individuals are likely to claim that it’s firmer. It does seem intuitive but also tends to be overlooked by most people.

It is also a highly responsive mattress as it has 8 inches pocketed coils. In simple terms, it means that you will have to make little effort in order to switch positions which also means more restful sleep.

DreamCloud mattress gets right back into shape as soon as the pressure is removed. It’s great for combo sleepers as rotating positions is incredibly easy with this mattress.

How is Dreamcloud Mattress for Back and Stomach Sleepers

It’s an excellent choice for stomach and back sleepers. When it comes to firmness, it’s a bit on the firmer side and provides ample support to the spine of stomach and back sleepers and allows them to remain in neutral alignment.

Remaining in neutral alignment while sleeping helps in preventing sourness, aches and back pain among other things as compared to remaining in arched or curved position.

It is an excellent choice for stomach and back sleepers as it is currently one of the best spring or hybrid mattresses for such sleepers. It can be described as a mattress where you can sleep on instead of sleeping in. This is also due to the fact that it’s great at regulating heat.

Is DreamCloud A Good Choice for Side Sleepers?

It’s not the perfect choice for side sleepers as most side sleepers will find it to be too firm until it is broken in. Having said that, it has been tested by one of our team members for several months and now it has been broken to the point where we are of the opinion that side sleepers are also likely to find it good.

It’s a luxurious, thick and durable mattress that can be bought online at a fair price. There are softer options available in the market for side sleepers but we don’t think that side sleepers should exclude this mattress.

As far as combo sleepers are concerned, this mattress should be fine as long as they don’t spend most of the time in the night sleeping on their side. In case you predominantly sleep on your back and switch to your side only every so often, it’s going to be fine.

This mattress has a responsive nature which does not take too much effort to roll between different sleeping positions. You won’t feel any resistance when you switch from sleeping on your back to your stomach.

Construction of DreamCloud

This mattress looks impressive due to its 15 inches tall profile which also happens to be exceptional for a mattress. It is made of 8 different layers that comprise of foam and wrap coil components that offer the sleeper comfortable pressure relief and also firm innerspring lift. Here is a breakdown of the different layers of this mattress.

Top Comfort Layer – This layer is 2 inches think and made off TrueTufted cashmere top cover that provides the luxurious aesthetic and comfort to the mattress. It is hand tufted which is typically only found in mattresses that cost at least 3 to 4 times more.

Cooling Layer – This layer is 0.5 inches thick and made off gel infused memory foam that offers cooling effect on the top layer of the mattress.

Comfort Layer – This layer is 1.75 inches think and is made of soft quilted memory foam that provides comfort and pressure relief.

Response Layer – This layer is 0.5 inches think and it is made of natural hypoallergenic latex that offers contour and bounce.

Support Layer – This layer is 0.25 inches thick and it is made of green plush supportive memory foam that offers additional body contouring.

Transition Layer – This layer is 0.5 inches thick and it is made of DreamPlush memory foam (high density) that provides a transitioning layer between the lower layer and the upper layers.

Support Layer – It is 8 inches thick and made of innerspring coils (made of high quality steel) that have five zone layers. This layer has varying stiffness and it depends on the zone which offers the support where it is most required.

Base Foundation Layer – This layer is 1.5 inches thick and it is made of high-density memory foam (soft) that provides deep compression support to the foundation layer.

DreamCloud Mattress Cover “TrueTufted” – The cashmere cover is soft, breathable and tufted into other layers to avoid bunching.

As far as the manufacturing of this mattress is concerned, it can be considered as artisanal. The artisan stitchers use authentic double tufts to hand anchor a EuroTop to the dense foam base and they give a stitch that has lasting durability and unmatched craftsmanship. 

In case you are not aware, you should know that double tufting is a unique process where the mattress layers are affixed from top to bottom in order to provide a unique experience that offers both firm and soft feel.

Aside from its first-rate composition, the cover looks explicit due to its plush hand tufting and golden hue.

Does DreamCloud Need a Box Spring?

This mattress is designed to work on any solid surface. You can lay it down on box spring or foundation or platform slats or your floor. The company also offers an adjustable base these days.

This mattress will work on adjustable base but in case you want to bend it in order for it to sit straight up, keep in mind that it’s a little thick to work with. However, it will bend on top point in case you only want partial elevation.

Comfort and Feel

As far as the comfort and feel is concerned, it feels true to its name as it is made up of different layers of premium bedding materials that combine together to offer a serene and weightless sleep.

The pocketed coil base doesn’t make any noise and it is so quiet that you won’t even think it’s there but you will definitely get all the benefits it offers when you lay down on this mattress. These springs offer a support base for the top memory foam layers and provide better pressure relief as compared to mattresses made purely of memory foam.

There are five different zones of coils throughout the mattress which simply means that the particular part of the mattress responds at a particular time without warping and bending the entire surface. You will feel this effect the moment you sit on it as the mattress will take in your weight comfortably without making everything roll towards you in a giant sinkhole that is the case with other mattresses.

As far as the firmness is concerned, it is advertised by the company as 6.5 on the firmness scale which is described by them as this sweet spot between too firm and too soft. This rating also matches with the overall view of online reviewers and they often praise the ability of this mattress to hug you while being firm enough to offer excellent muscle and back support.

The first thing most people notice about this mattress is its tufted surface that looks like a network of little clouds. These clouds are made out of a super soft and highly breathable cashmere and you will still feel its presence even after using a mattress protector.

You can use this mattress without any base or with any kind of base. It can be used on a slated bed, adjustable bed as well as on the floor.

Overall, the DreamCloud mattress offers a level of comfort that matches its premium price and luxury reputation.

Motion Reduction

As far as motion reduction is concerned, it depends on the individual weight but DreamCloud offers excellent overall stability while still remaining responsive at the surface level.

The foam layers in the mattress are 9.5 inches think with two additional inches of cashmere on the top. The key element in reducing shrinkage and motion is the sheer amount of friction and grip created by these foam layers.

These new hybrid mattresses offer the motion isolation often associated with memory foam mattresses while at the same time combining it with the strength and structural bounces of a spring mattress.

This mattress is a pleasure to move around and you will be comfortable whether you are working, sleeping, sitting or just propped up on the elbow watching TV. The mattress offers excellent support for a couple without any partner disruption. For folks who like to keep their dog on the bed, the movement of your pet won’t distract you.

Overall, this mattress works well when it comes to combating the disruption caused by natural movements.

Edge Support

It’s nice to have a good mattress but are you sure that you’re getting the whole mattress? A high edge support rating means quality.

After all, you’re not going to buy a set of curtains that provide cover only for the center of the window and you also wouldn’t want to buy a mattress that only functions properly in the middle.

Keeping that in mind, the DreamCloud team has decided to offer extra foam support around the edges. On the other hand, the tightly bound nature of different foam layers supported by springy coil means that you are able to use the entire bed comfortably. 

One of the most common problems with common mattresses is that the edges give away after prolonged use. On the other hand, hybrid mattresses prevent this by combining the respective strengths of foam and coils.

The DreamCloud mattress lives up to its luxury reputation when it comes to edge support. You won’t feel rolling of the edge or being hemmed in due to weak edges when you lay down on this mattress.

Set up and Delivery

As far as the delivery is concerned, DreamCloud is completely free. It comes in compressed and it is packed into a cardboard box when it is delivered to the doorstep. It will take around 8 to 10 business days to reach you from the time you order though you can also get it sooner depending on the location.

We recommend to bring the box to the room where you want it before opening the box. Once you have it in the desired room, use scissors to cut it up and be careful that scissors stay away from the fabric while cutting. Once the plastic has been cut, your mattress will start expanding. It will take around 24 hours to fully expand but you can definitely sleep on it before then.

The company also offers a White Glove delivery service for an additional fee of $170. It is stated on their website that the mattress will be hand delivered to you and they will also set it up for you in the desired room. They will also take care of all the packaging material and also get rid of the old mattress in case you don’t want to.

This shows excellent commitment to customer service.

Off-Gassing DreamCloud Mattress

Once the mattress is open and it starts expanding, there will be a slight new mattress smell. It is typically referred to as off-gassing but I find it a slightly misleading term as every single mattress brand is going to have that smell. In fact, organic and natural mattresses often have a stronger smell even when these are associated with no gassing.

A new mattress smell is completely normal and you can rest assured that they will always be some smell regardless of the brand. Compare it to a new shoe or a new car smell. In most cases, the smell will be very faint or entirely gone in around 12 to 36 hours.

I recommend use of a mattress protector. Once the matters airs out, the protector should be applied below the sheets and there should hardly be any smell remaining by that time.

It is recommended to stand the mattress up to allow it to air better for maximum effect but keep in mind that the new smell is a part of the overall process of buying a new mattress.

Having said that, it is also important to mention here that the hybrid and compartmentalized design of this DreamCloud mattress results in less off-gassing as compared to the modern and typical memory foam mattresses. 

Alternatives to Dreamcloud Mattress

As stated at the start mattress shopping is not one size fits all. Some comparisons with other market-leading mattresses can show you where the Dreamcloud excels. You may also find your ideal option in other mattresses if you have particular requirements.

Dreamcloud Mattress vs Saatva

The first difference between Dreamcloud vs Saatva is that the latter has the innerspring feel many people grew up with. Some individuals love the soft foamy texture of the Dreamcloud of course.

The one thing Saatva manufacturers did right was designing it in two different heights so it’s easier to match this brand with bed frames.

While both do well in terms of edge support and score average in motion transfer it’s hard to beat the Dreamcloud return policy. Saatva only allows 120 days to test out the mattress. It’s good by industry standards but still not enough in this comparison.


  • Saatva and Dreamcloud offer great support and motion transfer
  • Saatva has more design options
  • Dreamcloud’s return policy is very good

Dreamcloud vs Leesa

We should also compare Dreamcloud to another foam mattress. What’s better than the famous Leesa mattresses? Both Dreamcloud and Leesa score well in terms of support, edge support and temperature control.

You’ll love the Leesa more if you’re shopping on a budget because it’s more affordable. It’s also a favorite of side sleepers. However, Dreamcloud can work if you need mattress support for a heavier individual as it doesn’t sink in as easily. This makes it much better than Leesa for stomach sleepers.

Once again Dreamcloud beats Leesa’s return policy of 100 nights.


  •  Both of them are excellent to provide support.
  • Leesa has a lower price tag
  • Dreamcloud works for stomach sleepers and Leesa is great for side sleepers
  • Dreamcloud has an excellent return policy
dreamcloud mattress review

Things to Consider Before Buying a Dreamcloud Mattress

Here’s the one thing you can’t do: Purchase a certain mattress simply because someone else said it works well for them. Mattresses must be matched to your particular preferences otherwise your body will suffer every night. So before you start shopping you must compile your priority list by considering these features about you and the mattress.

What Type of Sleeper are You?

Your sleeping position determines what you require from your mattress. A side sleeper must have enough support and softness to cushion joints and limit pain. A back sleeper’s body needs back support and when you’re on your stomach you don’t want to sink into the mattress; it will feel quite suffocating.

Understand the Different Types of Mattresses

Your sleeping habits will play a huge role in determining which type of bed you pick. However, your personal preferences will also play a role. Firstly you need to pick what your mattress must be made of:

  • Memory foam: This molds to your body and is hypoallergenic but not everyone likes sinking into their mattresses.
  • Latex: These are very breathable but also extremely heavy. They’re also harder than some other types.
  • Open spring: This is usually an affordable option but you’re bound to feel your partner turn at night.
  • Pocket spring: Each spring is individually pocketed so there’s less movement to disturb someone else. Watch out because they’re not always good for allergy sufferers depending on what they’re stuffed with.

Of course, brands also mix these substances to create different types of mattresses and you’ll have to pick an ideal level for you:

  • Soft
  • Medium soft
  • Medium
  • Medium firm
  • Firm

Next up you also need to think of how important breathability is. If you feel hot easily you need a mattress that channels heat away from your body. If you and your partner don’t have the same requirements there is some good news: Modern brands can make hybrid mattresses to accommodate two people’s wishes.

Where are DreamCloud Mattress Made?

Dreamcloud Mattress is an American company and they manufacture and assemble their mattresses in China. This is how they are able to keep their costs low compared to other manfacturers.

Dreamcloud Mattress Review: Final Thoughts

Dreamcloud Mattress is a good option for someone experiencing back pain. Because of the many different layers it’s compatible with a wide spectrum of people’s sleeping habits. I It’s also popular for its extensive return policy.

It’s just unfortunate it’s so thick and heavy, making it difficult to move and match to certain frames. Mattresses like this can counter back pain or even prevent them from developing. It’s worth a try.


dreamcloud mattress review

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