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Eco-Friendly Memory Foam Mattress

Amerisleep Pricing


Twin $1799
Twin XL $1849
Full $1949
Queen $2099
King $2299
California King $2299

Other Specifications

Amerisleep is a US brand of mattress that has been serving people with their all-foam type of mattress since 2007. They have five types of mattresses and vary differently in terms of firmness and thickness.

The thickness ranges from 10 to 14 inches. Just like with other Amerisleep mattress reviews, this will talk about the bed’s firmness level, thickness, construction details, pricing, and performance quality based on testimonials and product testing.

“Liberty” mattress is the previous name of AS3, and it has been present in the market for many years. The construction is a layer of foams with memory foam as the comfort layer, followed by the transition and high-density foam for the support layer.

Overall, it has a 12-inch thickness and 5.5 out of 10 firmness scale, where it is considered as a medium in terms of feel.

AS3 hybrid was launched in 2019. It offers the same comfort as the all-foam version has, with the same transition layer, but the difference is that this hybrid model has pocketed coils for its support core. It also has 12″ thickness and 5.5 firmness on a 1-10 scale.

What makes both AS3 and the AS3 hybrid standout is the Celliant cover that is used to convert the body heat into infrared energy, which is transmitted back to the sleeper through their skin.

This process is considered to improve the oxygenation of the tissue, increase blood flow, and also to control body temperature.

Amerisleep Review Overview

Amerisleep was founded in 2007 to provide the people with the best mattress that is not only comfortable but one that is beneficial to health, made from environmentally sustainable and affordable materials.

This brand uses Celliant cover intending to assist recovery and therapeutic benefits in which the company is best known for. The company also utilizes environment-friendly processes such as Variable Pressure Foaming, wherein there is no emission of toxic pollutants in the air.

Furthermore, they make sure that any waste created is recycled.

Mattresses Produced

Amerisleep has five different mattresses named AS1 to AS5.

These mattresses are made from memory foam with respective former names: Former Americana for AS1, Former Revere for AS2, Former Liberty for AS3, Former Colonial for AS4, and Former Independence for AS5.

Materials Used

Although these beds have big similarities, these different models differ from the level of firmness.

  • Out of all five versions, AS1 is the firmest but also the thinnest. It consists of 2 layers, the memory foam and the support core is polyfoam.
  • Next in line for the firmness is the AS2. The three layers consist of extra breathable foam, the transition, and the support core, which is a polyfoam.
  • AS3 is similar to AS2; it offers comfortable memory foam, pressure relief to pressure points, a great balance of comfort and support.
  • The AS4 is designed to provide comfort to side sleepers with medium-soft beds. It has a Celliant cover that is used in all other mattresses but also has memory foam and high-density memory foam for the supporting layer.
  • While the AS5 is the softest of all the models but at the same time, it is the thickest. The comfort layer is the blending of polyfoam, and memory foam next is the Surface Modification Technology polyfoam. The base is the high-dense foam to support the entire weight of the upper layers.

Mattress Production

CertiPUR-US ® certified all the materials of Amerisleep mattresses. The company is known for its fast delivery around the US due to its convenient location as their factory is just located in Indiana.

Price Range

As the mattress is getting softer, the price for it also grows aggressively. Twin-sized AS1 was the least expensive to buy for $849, and the most expensive is the Split King size AS5 costing $3,498.


Amerisleep can be bought online from the Amazon store or the company’s official website. Their showrooms are in Texas, Arizona, and Colorado; there are 8 in total.

Shipping Availability

For all orders coming from 48 US States, the shipping is free and delivered through FedEx’s service. It can usually take up to 5 working days to receive the product.

Amerisleep has the best customer service. Cancellation of orders is for free, given that the product has not yet left the warehouse.

Amerisleep mattress is also available to order in Canada, Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, but you are requested to contact the company for additional information regarding the shipment policies. Expect for additional fees.

Brand Popularity

Amerisleep is popular because of the unique features they use for their bed cover, the Celliant fabric. It is FDA approved and has been considered a medical device.

It offers higher energy-boosting and slower time for recovery.

Celliant is known as a fabric for athletes, and some mattress manufacturers intelligently integrated it into their bed’s construction. This fabric absorbs the energy eliminated by the human body.

It is then converted into infrared energy. To enhance recovery and blood flow, this infrared energy is again sent back to the body.

What Are The Different Mattress Models?

Amerisleep has five available types of mattresses that differ in price, the materials they are made of, and firmness. The different models are AS1, AS2, AS3, As4, and As5.

From AS1 to AS5, the level of thickness becomes softer, and the layer becomes thicker, and the softer it has become, the more expensive it gets.

The three models AS2, AS3, and AS5, are available in hybrid versions. These models of mattresses use pocketed coils for the support core or the foundation layer. More about the other types of mattresses can be found on the brand’s website.

Even though they have differences, they all belong to memory foam mattresses. Because these beds use memory foam as top layers to initiate memory foam feels. It is known for its conforming behavior; it contours the body as you lay down and start to nestle into the bed.

When it comes to Amerisleep, it features a dense memory foam feel, the same with the Nectar mattress. The moment you lay down, you will find the bed firm at first, but when you start to sink into the foam, you could feel it also starts to wrap your body.

With Amerisleep beds, there isn’t much resistance, so it will be easy to change positions.

Amerisleep AS1

If you want a firmer bed, AS1 is the best option. It is also an ideal bed for stomach and back sleepers, or even for heavy individuals. Because it has a firmer top layer, sinking is not a problem as it offers the right amount of support, creates pressure relief and cushion.

AS1 is a 10-inch thick mattress with two layers of solid and contouring foam. The first layer is a proprietary foam that gives the benefits of memory foam, removing the bad property such as it sleeps hot. It is breathable due to the open cell structure and environment-friendly.

It also comes at an affordable price, sleeps cooler, and provides a good amount of resistance around the ages. With the unique Celiant cover, it’s a bed that you could feel rejuvenated more than ever.


AS1 Mattress – Comfort

As comfort is the most important part of a mattress, this bed offers the right amount of firmness, especially for back and stomach sleepers. There is no “sinking” feeling but just the right amount of support while still providing great pressure relief.

It is likely different from the traditional memory foam as it gets back to its original shape faster, allowing the sleeper to switch positions easily.

Amerisleep AS1 Mattress- Sleeping Cool

Another important feature of Amerisleep is the sleeping cool. It uses a special material to work on the temperature of the body, keeping it cool while some firmness to make it even cooler.

Due to the no sink feature, you sleep on the mattress and not in it. Thus a good amount of airflow is around you.

At the same time, its responsive feature contributes to the sleep cool property of the mattress. The top layer has an open-cell structure, so there is more space between the particles that permit a good amount of airflow.

It also wicks heat away from the body, making it even cooler and more comfortable.

Amerisleep AS1 Mattress – Value

The Amerisleep AS1 mattress is the best option when it comes to firmness at the right price. Of all the options, AS1 is the most affordable at $1199 for a queen size.

It comes with a free shipping deal, a 100-night sleep trial, a warranty for 20 years and great customer service. With Amerisleep, you are guaranteed, you made a worthwhile investment with a quality product, the US made, and eco-friendly.


Motion isolation

Although this mattress is firm, it has great motion isolation, just like a memory foam would have. Both the high-density support and the 2-inch memory foam mattress both prevent motion transfer and provide a stable surface for the bed.

Resistance support around the edges

AS1 is also the best model for this category. The combination of a thin comfort layer and firm support base provides better support for edge sleeping or even for sitting at the edge than most memory foam offers.

You need not bother the edge-fall issues, a common one for 100% foam mattresses anymore.


The company’s manufacturing process has been known to create durable foams with the eco-friendly property. There is no proof yet for longevity since the bed is new.


When it comes to firmness, AS1 is the model that best excels at it. This best suits sleepers who like the memory foam feel but don’t like the sinking feeling, such as being engulfed by the mattress.

Its features are the best choice for back and stomach sleepers to maintain the proper alignment of their spine, and at the same time, the lumbar support is maintained.


Amerisleep has made valuable ways to make sure that their mattress can manage heat retention of traditional memory foam. The top layer has an open-cell structure, and a breathable cover specialized in providing airflow and in wicking heat away from the body.

A lot of Amerisleep mattress reviews emphasize this special feature; thus, it is working great.

Off Gassing

Some consumer reviews mentioned a foul odor, but others don’t. Even though the company prides its bed to be made of environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, it was not mentioned if it is OEKO-TEX certified.


In this category, AS1 scores a higher rating than the traditional memory foam. Due to its firm property, it is more responsive than other foams. There is no problem in changing positions or moving around.

Also, the sinkage and bounce are minimal, and motion transfer prevention is excellent, but the stuck feeling is not noticeable at all.

Amerisleep AS2

This model is 2nd to the firmest of all models. It is the common choice for back and stomach sleepers. As2 is made of 3 layers of foam and a thermo-active softcover.

The material used is made of 13 minerals that work for the cooling system to maintain a neutral temperature throughout the night. It also provides a good amount of resistance around the ages and an excellent bed for motion isolation.

Amerisleep uses environment-friendly materials for healthier living. It can be easily recycled for the reason that the base layer is made out of plants. It is also slow-responding, and you don’t nestle immediately when you lay down.


Amerisleep AS2 Mattress – Comfort

The Amerisleep AS2 is a medium-firm bed and is also the best option for stomach and back sleepers but can also accommodate the side sleepers.

This helps those people who sleep on their stomachs from bowing their backs, and it gives proper sinking support to the back sleepers.

This bed also does a wonderful job of providing great features, including the changing of position easily. It can hold its shape up to 60 seconds before contouring to your body, giving you a chance to move around freely.

It also provides support to your body points that need it. It possesses an anti-sag technology keeping your bed comfortable and firm in the future. This mattress also sleeps cool and can adapt to any season.

Amerisleep AS2 Mattress – Sleeping Cool

The company prides itself on providing the most innovative and comfortable mattress that can keep a neutral temperature throughout the night. Each mattress is made out of different methods and materials to keep it cool while sleeping.

This is the best choice for sleepers who can’t bear to sleep warm during the night and for warm seasons that may affect their sleep pattern.

Traditional memory foam mattress usually runs hot, and AS2 made means to keep it neutral. The top layer is made of open-cell structure that allows a good amount of airflow to promote cooling.

The material also transfers the heat away from the body, and the firmness can also add to the cooling effect as the person sleeps on the mattress and not in it.

Amerisleep AS2 Mattress – Value

One of the most important parts of getting a bed is to find something that is worth your money. First is to consider the size, if it meets your needs but you should know that the bigger the size, there is an increase in the price.

All mattress sizes are subject to shipping and delivery policies: a sleep trial, free delivery, and warranty.

The available sizes are the twin for $999, twin XL for $1049, full size for $1149, and queen size $1299. It is $1599 for a normal king size and California king. While the split size is for $1898.

The Amerisleep beds are more expensive than some other brands, but the construction and the materials used are worth it. They also sometimes offer coupons for discounts.


Motion isolation

The AS2 is an ideal bed for those who want a motion isolation feature wherein the movement on the other side of the mattress is not transferred to the other areas of the bed.

Edge support

AS2 also offers a good amount of resistance around the ages wherein if the weight is applied to the edge, it does not sink significantly, but this mattress offers the best support to the core and center of the mattress.


AS2 can last up to 10 to 12 years, and above-average lifespan of the mattress compared to memory foam mattresses.


From 1-10 scale, ten as the firmest, AS2 sores 6 or 6.5, which means it is a medium-firm mattress.

Medium-firm mattress suits different sleeping positions but the best option for back and stomach sleepers because it also offers a good amount of pressure relief without the mattress cocooning the body.


AS2 is made of two layers, the comfort layer, which is large and made of open-cell structure to promote airflow for a cool and dry sleep, and the high-dense support layer.

The foam layers cover made of spandex, polyester, and Celliant-blended fabric.

Off Gassing

AS2 sometimes has a little smell, while for some, there’s none. The process of making this mattress is done using filters to remove the chemical that may pollute the air. Also, this method is done inside a chamber.

Similar to the AS3 model, the AS2 mattress has little to no smell after being unpackaged. The mattress manufacturing method used to make the foams is done inside a chamber, and its filters draw out chemicals, so they don’t pollute the air.

AS2 sometimes has a little smell, while for some, there’s none. The process of making this mattress is done using filters to remove the chemical that may pollute the air. Also, this method is done inside a chamber.

Similar to the AS3 model, the AS2 mattress has little to no smell after being unpackaged. The mattress manufacturing method used to make the foams is done inside a chamber, and its filters draw out chemicals, so they don’t pollute the air.


The AS2 mattress has a responsive property where sleepers can move freely and shift positions but don’t have a lot of bounces. Hence, this bed is conducive to this area.

Amerisleep AS3

Among all five models, the Amerisleep AS3 is considered the most versatile. It is a combination of high-standard mattresses to produce the right amount of pressure relief, pillows like support and lumbar alignment.

It is great for couples, individuals who sleep in different positions, and those who like their bed between too soft and firm. Producing a comfortable and healthful bed for everyone.

AS3 is a 12-inch thick bed with three layers of foam. The top layer is a new generation memory foam, which is more responsive, made of the open-cell structure, and offers a great amount of pressure relief. It creates a lightweight feeling that leads the body to sleep.

Overall, it is supported by a thick layer and a durable base to create a long-lasting foundation and support. These combinations of materials produce an ideal and comfortable bed, with motion isolation and neutral temperature for a cooler sleep.


Amerisleep AS3 Mattress – Comfort

The AS3 is considered as the most popular model. It is known for its medium feel when it comes to firmness and intended to provide an undisturbed sleep for couples and those who sleep in different positions.

This bed is responsive and has a great pressure relief but doesn’t give a stuck feeling. The combination of the special Affinity Transition layer produces a great blend of comfort and support.

While the base layers provide a strong and a withstanding feel as just what a solid foundation should.

Amerisleep AS3 Mattress – Sleeping Cool

Aside from comfort and support, a mattress should sleep cool. AS3 uses special materials that work on your body to have a cool sleep at night. The various layers keep your bed temperature neutral throughout the night.

The top layer is not only that you could move freely, but it has an open-cell structure that has enough space for adequate air to flow. This is to produce better heat absorption and little heat retention.

The transition has an amazing design ideal for great weight distribution and has channels for the heat to release and to create breathability.

Amerisleep AS3 Mattress – Value

The Amerisleep AS3 is not only great because of the comfort it brings but because of its guaranteed quality and price too. The price starts at $1099 up to $2098 for the split king. The common size is the Queen, and it costs $999.

It also comes with a warranty of 20 years with free delivery and a 100 night trial period. But they also offer coupons for a discount.

This Amerisleep mattress is made of innovative materials, thick and comfortable, giving its customers the best value of their money. The durable and eco-friendly property is what sets it apart from its competitors.


Motion isolation

AS3 performs well in isolating movements where sleepers can move or get out of bed without disturbing their partner’s sleep due to the no transfer movement feature.

It has layers of mattress that absorb movement and enable the bodyweight to nestle into the mattress then return to its original shape faster than the average response time.

Edge support

The AS3 is by far able to do well in this area, you can sit at the edge of the bed, and it can hold your weight but not for too long. If you apply weight at the very edge of the mattress, it becomes weak and sinks, AS3 provides the best support in the core and center of the bed.


AS3 can last from 10 to 12 years, which is longer than the lifespan of other mattresses.


AS3 is a medium-firm mattress for the scoring of 5 out of 10 in terms of firmness. It is recommended for people who have multiple sleeping positions due to its firmer support hold and a good amount of pressure relief.


In terms of temperature, the brand allocated special materials intended in providing the sleeper a cooling sleep. The open-cell structure of the top layer offers a great amount of airflow through its channels that can release heat.

Moreover, its cover is made of spandex, polyester, and the unique Celliant fabric, these materials made this bed even more conducive for sleeping cool and dry throughout the night.

Off Gassing

Right after unboxing, you may notice some odor, but it is very fair and does not last. This mattress has undergone some process done in a chamber to draw out chemicals using filters.

It is CertiPUR-US certified and allocates plant-based materials instead of some chemicals that are common in memory foam mattresses.


Due to the dense top layer, AS3 only has minimal bounce making it a conducive bed in this category. Also, because it has a faster response, it is easy to move around or shift sleeping positions and also suits any type of body weight.

Amerisleep AS4

AS4 is recommended for those who like a plusher feel. It has a medium-soft feel created from layers of foam that are responsive, offer good support, and can make the sleeper feel like sleeping on the cloud.

It is a 12″ thick bed with pressure reliever and cooler for a comfortable sleep at night.

AS4 is a combination of 3 layers of foam with the top layer a Bio-PUR foam, an open-cell structure designed to keep the sleeper cool, and a proprietary Affinity layer in the middle. It provides extra pressure to certain pressure points like neck and shoulders.

The base layer and support core is the Bio-Core foam. The transition and support layer is what gives the sleeper a sleeping sound throughout the night and in the years to come.

Amerisleep prides itself on having AS4 that is eco-friendly, utilizing plant-based instead of petroleum-based materials that are common in some other mattresses. Only its manufacturing method has exceeded the Clean Air Act.

If it still doesn’t work for you, a 100-night sleep trial is provided by the company.


Amerisleep AS4 Mattress – Comfort

This mattress is best known for its medium-feel associated with plush and support blended. So when you are laying on your bed, you get the best comfort. It also accommodates sleepers who sleep in multiple positions and suits those who want their bed to be extra soft.

AS4 is also a pressure reliever with the top-notch response time. This unique mattress has a faster response time but with minimal bounce, conforms faster, and less “stuck” feeling.

It also has an affinity layer that allows you to feel like floating while the Bio-core, which is the foundation layer, enables you to get the right support that you need, the dense and firmness.

Amerisleep AS4 Mattress – Sleeping Cool

The memory foam used to sleep hot, but with AS4, you are offered a cooler sleep. Because of its innovative technology, AS4 offers a temperature neutral bed, letting you sleep cooler than you expected.

All the layers possess a quality of keeping you cool. The cover uses Celliant fabric that turns body heat into infrared, while the top layer is an open-cell structure that provides adequate airflow and removes heat away from the body to keep you cool and comfortable.

While the Bio-Core foam is made with a “no-sag” feature because the less you sink into the bed, there will be enough airflow around you. However, the core support will make you sink less while a plush is assessed for a medium-soft feel.

Amerisleep AS4 Mattress – Value

Your bed is a long term investment that you have to think about its quality and lifespan. With Amerisleep, you can guarantee that you are getting the right value for your money. AS4 price ranges from $1399 to 1899 for a king-size, $1699 for Queen size.

Remember that you are paying for a quality mattress that can last more than ten years. They do offer coupons too, so make sure to avail one.

Moreover, it offers free shipping, a 100 night trial period, and a warranty of 20 years. The company also uses eco-friendly material; thus, it adds up to the great value you are getting.


Motion isolation

The Amerisleep AS4 consists of a high-quality foam that absorbs the motion. The transition layer is 1″ solid layer, which has not enough spring to affect sleeping.

Edge support

Since there is additional memory foam added to the comfort layer, you can expect that the edge will collapse when sitting on. Still, the 7-inch high-density foam can manage the base layer to support in case of edge sleeping.


When it comes to longevity, there is not enough data yet, but Amerisleep uses a process in their manufacturing that guarantees a long-lasting sleeping surface.

Customer reviews show that people are satisfied with the quality, particularly the sagging, which is no indication overall.


Amerisleep mattress AS4 belongs to the medium-soft spectrum of Amerisleep models. This bed can also accommodate side sleepers, but when you experience soreness while sleeping, you may consider AS5, which is way softer.


Amerisleep mattress AS4 has been designed to prevent sleeping hot at night. The open-cell memory foam and the cover have cooling features to maintain a neutral temperature while sleeping.

Off Gassing

So far, there are no complaints about odor. This is due to the special manufacturing process that these mattresses had gone through.


Due to the absence of hybrid features, Amerisleep mattress AS4 doesn’t perform well in this area, and the contouring that creates a plush sleeping feel makes it difficult to move quickly.

Even though it provides great comfort, in terms of sex, this model is not the best choice for some based on reviews.

Amerisleep AS5

Among all the Amerisleep mattresses, AS5 is the softest mattress. It is a 14-inch thick that uses different excellent contouring foam layers that can make you feel that you are sleeping on a cloud.

This bed supports well those who sleep on their side and back who love to nestle into the mattress while they sleep. It also uses pressure relief technology to help you have a good sleep. It also has a good response time so you can change positions easily.


Amerisleep AS5 Mattress – Comfort

This Amerisleep mattress was made to provide comfort to those who sleep in multiple positions. It is the softest model that can make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.

It isn’t the best choice for those who sleep on their stomach or back, but it is a perfect bed for those who sleep on their side who love a sinking feeling and looking for pressure relief on their shoulders and hips.

But maybe a choice for back sleepers who want to be cradled by the mattress.

Amerisleep mattress is perfect for average-sized sleepers but may not be a good option for a heavyweight individual. It does not also perform well in terms of providing resistance around the edges due to the cocoon feature of the mattress.

It doesn’t offer a better airflow to keep you from burning hot at night.

Amerisleep AS5 Mattress – Sleeping Cool

The same with firmer options, Amerisleep AS5 also uses the same technology to keep the sleepers from burning hot while sleeping. The Celliant fabric helps remove the heat away from the body.

It is also breathable that keeps that heat trapped, the same function the polyester has.

The top layer is an extra breathable mattress that helps air flow pass through the mattress. The open-cell design enables the mattress to breathe rather than keeping the hot air inside.

AS5 is 5x better at cooling than the other models, and it is what this version is known for. The no-sag base is what makes the layer “too soft” but still strong enough to support all the layers.

Amerisleep AS5 Mattress – Value

Amerisleep mattress AS5 is a little more expensive than other types of mattresses at $1000 or over for all sizes. But no matter what the price is, the quality and comfort justify why it is pricey, making it a valuable investment.

The Amerisleep mattress AS5 twin size costs from $1799, and the twin XL has a price of $1849. The Full size for $1949 with Queen at $2099, King at $2299, and the California King is at $2299, while the Split King is worth $3498.

But all sizes include free shipping, a sleep trial, and a 20-year warranty, so you are assured that you are getting your money’s worth.


Motion isolation

AS5 is not exempted from excelling in this area, just like the other Amerisleep mattresses are. The additional comfort layers and the dense support base prevents motion transfer allowing the sleeper to sleep deeply and soundly.

Edge support

It doesn’t work well in this area due to the 7″ layer above the core so that you may expect sinkage at the side or the edge of the bed.


The reliability and longevity of these Amerisleep mattresses are not yet validated due to the reason that they are still new in the market. But Amerisleep uses a special manufacturing process that guarantees a durable bed that can last for a long time.


AS5 may have lived up to what the company promotes that it has “ultimate softness” because there is little to no mattress reviews saying that it is too soft or too firm.


Just like with the other versions, Amerisleep has made effective steps to design this bed to be sleeping cool. The open-cell structure specializes in a breathable cover that provides an ample amount of airflow and transfers heat away from the body.

Off Gassing

Amerisleep mattress review says that there is a little to no off-gassing in the first few days, but apart from it, AS5 is odor-free.


The AS5 version of Amerisleep mattresses may have a little bounce even if a responsive mattress is added, but because of the 5″ plush foam mattress on top it, the bounce became noticeable.

Even though the transition layer can handle the support and extra movement, the sinkage may cause an issue.

FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Amerisleep mattresses made?

Amerisleep mattresses are made in the USA. The manufacturing company uses a special eco-friendly VPF process.

Is Amerisleep Better Than Tempurpedic?

Both Tempurpedic and Amerisleep mattresses use memory foam. However, Amerisleep returns to its original shape faster than Tempurpedic because the latter is softer. This gives Amerisleep more bounce, but at the same time keeps its shape better.

How Long Does Amerisleep Mattress Last?

Amerisleep mattresses last from five to ten years. However, it has a 20 year combined warranty.

Who Owns Amerisleep?

Amerisleep is a U.S. company based in Scottsdale, AZ.

Where can I buy Amerisleep mattresses?

Amerisleep mattresses can be bought online or from the company’s official website, especially for those buying outside the US. You can also purchase them directly from their stores located in Texas, Arizona, Oregon, and Colorado.

There are 12 stores in total, and most of them are based in Texas.

How long will it take to test the Amerisleep mattress?

The brand recommends at least 30 nights to test the new mattress as this is how long the body takes to adjust to the new sleeping surface.

Amerisleep Mattresses Warranty

All the Amerisleep mattresses come with a 20-year warranty. In the first ten years, you can replace it without cost.

Amerisleep Mattress Review Conclusion

Amerisleep mattresses display the best properties a memory foam mattress should have. They are built based on what people loved about memory foams.

These are great contour, adequate sinkage, great pressure relief, and sturdy support. But the company added more features like breathability, responsiveness, and cooling, that overall create a more comfortable bed that everyone will love.

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