Mason Culligan


Hey there, my name is Mason and I am the head of sleep for Mattress Battle. Having starting my own IT company 10 years ago, and working in an office for 15 years - I neglected sleep for many years in an attempt to get ahead in this rat race of life.

When I turned 35 a few years ago, I noticed that my body doesn’t feel like it did 15 years ago. My energy levels were low, I couldn't start the day without having at least 2 cups of coffee, yet I couldn't fall asleep without having something to drink.

I was out of shape, exhausted and not very happy with myself. After listening to a few podcasts, I realized that I have been putting a HUGE strain on my body due to lack of sleep.

Sleep wasn't really something I put a lot of thought into before, so I didn't care if I only slept for 4-5 hours per night.

But after reading a TON of books (love Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker) and going through every medical article I could get my hands on, I realized what a tremendous disservice I did to my body by not getting a full night's sleep. That is what inspired me to start Mattress Battle and share my new found love of getting a good night’s rest.

Email: mason@mattressbattle.com

Mailing address: 3530 Mulberry Avenue Little Rock, AR 72210